Gardens fire pit and comfort, 50 fantastic ideas.

gardens fire pit wood windows lights

Gardens fire pit and relax, an irresistible combination in any season of the year. A fire pit in the garden is a beautiful detail. It becomes a highlight in any design for every patio. It creates a warm and cozy atmosphere and is excellent for barbecues and parties around it. Unfortunately there is not always room for one, so it must be the first aspect to be taken into account.

Fire pit gardens, metal variant

gardens fire pit heated metal steps

You have to take into account the proximity to other homes because of the annoyance of smoke. The location will be everything if we intend to create a fire pit. The optimal dimensions to ensure greater comfort we must also know them. The minimum depth should be in the 40 centimeters, the diameter around the meter or meter and a half.

Fire pit gardens, in modern courtyard

gardens fire pit golden plants umbrella

We recommend using natural stones its effect is unique. All an enhancement of the natural that will go in absolute harmony with your yard or patio in general. If you lean more towards the modern a metal bowl can be the solution. In this case you should devote much more time to your attention. Especially in the aspect on the periodic extraction of ashes or the residues left by the wood.

Storage under seats

gardens fire pit firewood patio concrete

In addition we should not miss a protective cover for the cold months in which we do not give continued use. In general, the aesthetic part will depend on your personal taste. After each use regardless of the selected variant, attention should be paid to cleaning it. Make sure that the fire has always been completely extinguished for safety reasons.

Design with low level seats

gardens fire pit laths wood patio

If you decorate this area with planters in pots avoid locating species of long branches near the fire. More about fire pit gardens and other possibilities in our gallery. We leave you a collection of ideas that may be useful to define your patio. Enjoy them and find the draft that may be of your interest.

Idea with bricks in geometric shape

gardens pit fire pots statue work

Combination of cement and wood

gardens fire pit concrete wood cement

Cozy space with sofa

gardens fire pit modern patio gravel

Circular modern design

gardens fire pit night design red

Cool space with furniture

gardens fire pit night yard patio

Idea with trunk simulation

gardens fire pit cushions red steps

Steel design with rustic furniture

gardens fire pit outdoor plants steel

Well with rock base

gardens fire pit plants lights rocks

Large outdoor furniture in flower beds

gardens fire pit plants plants landscape plants

Ambient colorful with cushions

gardens fire pit yellow palm tree plants

With wooden pergola

gardens fire pit plants pergola wood

Next to infinity pool

gardens fire pit plants modern pool

Design with flat rocks

gardens fire pit terrace plants cushions

Combination of rocks in well and seats

gardens fire pit natural rocks trees

Practical and cozy creation

gardens fire pit armchairs house decoration

high table chairs metal patio

yellow charm patio design cushions

cool environment playground gray recreation

large patio decorated furniture style

attractive path green plants wood

blue wide outdoor sofa cushions

warm space cushions under rocks

camp cottage recreation modern recreation

grass patio flowers luxury style

clear wood broad green bonfire

flower cushions floral rattan motifs

diy rocks playground design trail

furniture space forge cushions chairs

space furniture forge cover metal

family bonfire space design patio

classic garden design lawn style

gardens fire cushions exterior house

wood cement concrete cactus sphere

wood decoration green furniture umbrella

modern furniture outdoor drinking glasses

modern rocks style lawn

modern umbrella style style cushions

night smoke modern design warm

pool lamp red plants umbrella

beach palm trees house night sea

modern armchairs decorative herbs terrace

simple concrete broad wood house

surf board fence wall gravel

stools wood red soil barrels

variant bambu mulch decoration color

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