Gardens sculptures of different styles for unique environments

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In the gardens sculptures are a great detail to improve the decoration of the exterior of the house. Regardless of the dimensions of our garden, one of these proposals will make it look different. The options in terms of sculptures are many. There is a wide range to choose from, ranging from the classic to the combination of materials such as corten steel or stone. If you prefer a modern image you will also find in our gallery some interesting proposal for your garden. So we are going to guide you in the selection of this beautiful detail for any space.

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The key to the sculptures gardens and their selection is to maintain a harmony according to the style of the patio. The main objective is to fill the exterior with beauty so you have to bet on the balance. A sculpture with a contemporary image should not be seen as something alien to the landscape. It must to a greater extent mix fluidly with the style and maintain its originality.

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It is often difficult to find the most appropriate to maintain an interesting and artistic design. That is why we have made a selection of some of the most relevant shown in the Chelsea floral exhibition. Along with some designs that likewise stand out for their shapes and materials. We are sure that you will fall in love with some to be the jewel of your garden.

Gardens sculptures and the best proposals

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At first glance the styles of these sculptures are all different. However there is a detail that stands out and is common in all. It's about originality, a fundamental aspect if we want the sculptures to be a kind of backdrop that adds visual appeal. In all this objective you can take advantage of the optical illusions, lighting and perspective.

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In general, the decoration on the outside can be reinforced by adding more plants or sculptures. If we want to give a dramatic effect some well-distributed sculptures will be a good idea. This is an original idea by David Harber, a modern design that has the shape of a bitten apple.

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For the gardens sculptures like those of David Harber are true masterpieces. Equally interesting is this sundial with an unmistakable artistic appearance. The entire stainless steel structure improves its appearance and makes it brighter. It is a model that we perfectly recommend for a garden with a minimalist design.

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When it comes to a classic image this example is undoubtedly a nod to the great classics. In spite of being a contemporary sculpture, the image of the kneeling man carrying the globe leads us to legends of antiquity. It is a surprising image that will not fail to surprise those who visit us.

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The location of the sculptures in the garden is another aspect to improve its impact. Ponds or pools are always an effective way to do it. Regardless of the style, the sculpture in these environments will give you this dynamic and modern image. For this design, the wrought iron in the three spheres creates a harmonious whole with a great balance of its forms.

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Another perfect solution in the sculptures and design gardens is the corten steel. Here we show you this beauty with structure in this material with jagged shapes and irregular appearance. The rusty appearance on the surface of this material gives it a certain romantic charm. It could be said that to some extent retro but very authentic.

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In addition to the effect of modern sculptures, one can not stop thinking about other details. The furniture comfortable designed for the garden. In addition to a good selection of plants that fill it with exoticism are a great combination for a charming and at the same time functional garden. If you prefer a renewed and fresh space, start with these details.


We show you Coluna one of David Harber's modern sculptures. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most inspiring creations. With organic shapes this metal structure with disks spaced between them is a great visual impact. It can serve as inspiration for the design of any modern garden. Especially for those who prefer an artistic and different image.


Other relevant facilities is composed of several bright materials. It is ideal when it comes to gardens sculptures and spaces full of character. It will be of great help to improve and orient the garden towards a contemporary style. The use of materials with a decorative effect is one of its great potentialities.

Gardens sculptures based on different accents


A while ago we mentioned the ponds and pools to enhance the effect of the sculptures. This environment goes beyond with a great sense of originality. In addition to the combination of plants and flowers, a mosaic is added. Its multi-colored effect makes it the center of attention in this patio. It is a beautiful variety full of exoticism and modernity.


When we talk about sculptures gardens and originality this is another outstanding project. It will be of great help to give a greater ornamental effect to the whole patio. The interesting thing is that this sculpture thanks to its image is very versatile. You decide where to place it if in the garden or in another area, we guarantee that it will be gleaming regardless of the site.


Another of the original projects exhibited in the floral exhibition of Chelsea is this. Designed from a metal tube is amazing all its finish. To give it a greater artistic effect it has been combined with succulents and many flowers that fill the colorful project. It is an ideal work for small gardens or when it is a larger one.


Similar to the previous one in a certain way is this other perfect work for the sculptures gardens and any style. Both can be said to share the same creative spirit. For the other variant the inspiration comes from the mechanism of a clock. What gives it a truly unique appearance in relation to the steel elements that also make it together with the flowers of colors.


The sculptures are just as beautiful when they are thought to combine them as a floral composition. This other variant with contemporary effect is able to enhance the beauty of any place. Its own form of open flower and finished in copper is already something wonderful. In the center the great sphere does not stop remembering a pearl. The perfect jewel for a pleasant and modern luxury garden.


A giant apple is one of the striking samples. If you are looking for a personal touch in all the outdoor decoration. In this photo it is not a common fruit, rather something very different. This apple is inspired by urban art with a special colorful design for a modern garden. There will be no way to not stand out above the rest of the elements.


If within all these proposals there is one that has combined originality with art, it is this other. A combination of the functional with the artistic based on a wrought iron furniture that completes the sculptural effect. The butterfly shape and the green tones give it a romantic accent and can be said to be poetic.


Another effect at the same time poetic can be seen in this sculpture in the shape of a dress. It is a design in green onyx that takes the materials to another level. It is the material itself and the carving that makes you enjoy its wonderful texture. With a piece of this type, any corner will become the center of attention of the patio.


Gardens sculptures and the way they mix with water elements of the courtyard is magnificent. This vegetable model resembles a large tree. Its inspiration is evident in the nature that goes from its design to the way it can be integrated in different spaces. Its color accents make it the main protagonist of this pond.


The boats in the gardens sculptures and various designs are often retaken. As a complement to this small river-like design, one is used. It is perfect for traditional gardens and in addition to its charming image is very practical. With just a few adjustments it is the most stable support we have seen for the pots. It can be personalized in many ways for its handmade beauty. With a little time and some DIY projects we will obtain great results.


We continue with compositions near ponds or pools. This time the inspiration comes not from nature but from classical dance. This dancer for gardens sculptures and designs is a reference. It shines all its splendor in the center of the ponds and the best thing of all is that it can be complemented with other details. Other smaller sculptures or plants are some of our suggestions.


If these are sculptures and originality, these three are a great example of originality. Its impact is undoubtedly very cheerful. Something that is always good if we propose to refresh the image of our garden. For this springtime environment with perfect and personalization is also possible. The wood finish is the best solution for a natural image and it is harmonious.


With some talent and patience you can create your very personal sculpture. However, you will need a bit of talent. This other variant of DIY wood is a good start. The themes to inspire you can be many. Nature, dance, music and everything that comes to mind should be based on the decoration of the garden.


In the gardens, sculptures based on the animal kingdom have always been fashionable. They are a perfect solution to decorate and improve many environments. Who knows can even be inspired by a pet. Butterflies, fish and even this iguana will change the way we see our garden. So go thinking about your favorite animal and create a space in your yard for him.


It can be a bird like this in the middle of a green garden. The image of birds of prey is extremely impressive. A similar to the one in the photo can be seen well in any garden regardless of style. We recommend it for a modern space and you decide in which area of ​​the patio to place it. Here the stone base is of great visual beauty thanks to its pleasant texture.


Using the stone, the design of the upper image is equally elegant. Unlike being based on the shapes of some animal, an abstract design was chosen. It is not of great height but maintains a unique personality and its curved shapes add a visually pleasing dynamism. A simple and effective way to decorate a forgotten corner of the patio.


In the middle of this path we hide with this sphere that gives off light from within. Surrounded by columns it is impossible not to notice all the classic appearance of this beautiful set. Its base looks like a spice of soil extension that rises to keep the sphere in the air.


Variant for a modern space that recreates again the dancers and the world of dance. The sculpture is perfect at this end of the patio next to the pool. In elegant forms and in beautiful dark tonality this idea is a great plus for the aesthetics of this modern house and the decoration of its exterior. Providing a different accent and very good taste.


Two different solutions located in environments that similarly differ in style. In the case of the left for a modern garden. Embellished by the abstract finish of the sculpture. While this female figure refers to the classic and traditional in the design of the gardens. As a backdrop a wooden wall is the perfect connection with nature.


If beauty, resistance and contemporary style are treated few materials convey this feeling as the steel cut . His seemingly worn image from an orange to a rusty brown are very special. Other solutions based on color details and other materials follow in the images below.









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