Geometric figures to decorate the wall

shelves geometrical shapes decorate blue wall ideas

In our article today we have some very original images with ideas for shelves to decorate the wall in shapes of geometric figures. Designing and decorating using a geometric figure or more is a highly developed trend. It was a matter of time now the triangles square hexagons are a decor Precious for the wall and very used.

Geometric figures for wall shelves

shelves geometric shape white circles wall ideas

The geometric shelves are the perfect modern touch for elegant modern and creative interiors. You can not go wrong with a geometric shape on the wall. Although this phenomenon is not new, it continues to develop to create unexpected and decorative forms. As you will see below some of the best pieces with which you can decorate the wall.

Very original geometric figures to decorate the wall

shelves geometrical shapes white brown wood ideas

We show you many useful tips on how to decorate the different rooms of the house with shelves with geometric shapes. This furniture will allow you to customize the living spaces according to your tastes. In the living room you can put them near the TV on a clear white wall it is very important that they adapt to the style and design of the room. Even colors can make a perfect contrast effect so choose well and decorate your living room.

Very original shelf for the house wall

shelves geometric shapes original deer head ideas

For the bedroom we advise you to put them above the headboard as they will serve as decoration this is the place where the stares are first stopped. They are very useful for spaces with irregular walls. Get inspired by our images and create a creative composition with geometric design.

Vibrant colors for wall shelves

shelves geometrical shapes vibrant colors eye-catching ideas

Triangles inside an elaborate triangle of metal that has a series of compartments in which you can leave your things or squares inside a square of elegantly varnished wood for living rooms or sophisticated bedrooms all to choose from. We have not forgotten the children for their rooms we have shelves of vibrant colors with shapes of geometric figures to put toys.

Ideas for very elegant geometric shelves

shelves geometrical shapes square wood wall ideas

Geometric shelves to place decorative elements

shelves geometric shapes wall decorative vases ideas

Shelves with geometric shapes of black and yellow color

shelves geometric shapes wall black yellow ideas

Small triangular shelving

shelves geometric shapes small triangles ideas

Shelves of round shape for the wall

geometry shelves dorma circular white black ideas

Lovely wooden shelves for the wall

shelves wood geometric shape decorate wall ideas

Shelves of different figures for the house wall

geometric figures decorate beautiful wall modern ideas

Circle hanging on the wall with very nice shelves

geometric figures shelves circle wood hanging wall ideas

geometric figures shelves different sizes wall ideas

geometric figures shelves shape round hand made ideas

geometric figures shelves shapes colors different ideas

geometric figures shelves shape black triangle ideas

geometrical figures shelves shape steel circle ideas

shelves decorate wall house pear wood ideas

geometric figures shelves wood different shapes ideas

geometric figures shelves original wall ideas

geometric figures shelves red wall room child ideas

geometric figures shelves triangle small wood ideas

geometric figures shelves triangles entrance house ideas

bedroom wall shelves wood useful cute ideas

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