Glass and wood roof with pyramidal shape a unique design by SAOTA

pyramidal wood glass ceiling

This contemporary family house has a glass and wood ceiling with a unique pyramid shape and the upper floor, which is exposed to the maximum. In addition to other details that we will see that make it a different and bright space. Located on a hill in one of the most beautiful regions of Cape Town, South Africa, this extraordinary home It is one of the most recent and incredible projects carried out by the SAOTA architects.

Glass and wood roof with pyramidal shape

glass ceiling exterior effects

It's a family home unlike any you've seen thanks to the glass roof and inverted pyramid wood. This design allowed the architects to frame the upper floor of the house in glass, creating a window with great views around the volume. The building is organized on three floors.

modern entrance glass ceiling

The lower level contains a guest room, a cinema room, a gym and the garage. The one in the center houses the bedrooms and work spaces. On the other hand, in the design, the one at the top contains most of the social areas. This includes an open-plan kitchen, a dining room and a living room.

glass ceiling pivoting doors

What is very interesting is the fact that the upper floor is not the only one that has a close relationship with the exterior. This is a booming trend that can be seen in many homes around the world. Each level is, in fact, connected to its own set of gardens and patio spaces.

glass ceiling outdoor areas

Visually the divisions are blurred and life in the outer zones extends to the interior and vice versa. In order to allow the focus to remain in the views and the connection between the house and its surroundings, the color palette remains simple. The palette of materials and finishes used in everything is reduced to a few natural, especially wood.


The living spaces grouped on the upper floor enjoy panoramic views of the city and the wonderful landscape that surrounds the house in contrast to its glass ceiling. There is a great swimming pool with a terrace and the back of the house is completely open to the surroundings. Establishing a fluid and very natural connection with nature.

Glass and wood ceiling outside views


The landscaping is elegant and exuberant, it feels very natural and the sliding doors open the house to the garden. A stone wall conceals the lower floors of the street making them private. The entrance door is made of metal and with a pivoting design that integrates perfectly with the modern space.


The windows that frame the upper floor allow natural light and views of the sky and nearby mountains within the modern house. Each area feels open but at the same time intimate and welcoming, there are skylights and windows. The living space created by SAOTA It materialized with chairs and a table, skylights and a large glazing that fills the house with light.


The kitchen is made with light wood and stone furniture. There is even a secret courtyard that refreshes spaces and makes them more welcoming. A functional and sophisticated home office occupies a section of the middle floor and presents an entire wall of shelves with storage spaces.


Each of the three levels is connected to its own set of garden and patio spaces. The bathrooms are as elegant as the rest of the house, with white marble walls and glass enclosures in perfect harmony and practicality.



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