Glass bottles to create amazing DIY projects

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Glass bottles, especially wine bottles, have great potential. With them it will be possible to create countless DIY projects. Projects that not only look good in homes but also in spaces such as restaurants, cafes and bars.

Glass bottles elegantly decorated

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Many projects with glass bottles are easy and best of all are their incredible results. For any project we can take advantage of the characteristics of glass bottles in different ways. Mainly those of wine can have several tonalities, forms, sizes and styles. In general, there are basic forms that bear some similarity to each other. However there are some with special forms that we can take advantage of.

Glass bottles to decorate the kitchen with a warm effect

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It really is a pity to dismiss them for their beautiful appearance. So these DIY projects are the best of the options to give them a second life. Decorations with glass bottles can adapt to any style and season. Halloween, Christmas and even weddings can be decorated with these objects. This gives us a saving of time and money in the search for sophisticated decorations.

A different way to plant the succulents and give life to the outside of the house

glass bottles patios decorations plants

As you can see in the photos the glass bottles can be beautiful centerpieces or decorate walls. You can even transform the mantel near the fireplace with simple projects. The easiest of the solutions can be the painting to decorate the wine bottles. Especially when we rely on colors of the season. The orange can be to complement the decoration on Halloween or the white if it is Christmas.

The perfect complement to the autumn decorations with natural details

glass bottles wrapped ropes autumn

In the case of weddings, a bottle wrapped in white lace and some flowers is an excellent detail. As a vase they look great if we add a selection of wildflowers to the lace. Like the lace, the glass bottles can be decorated with colored ribbons. If this is the case, a beautiful rainbow effect is possible with the right combination of colors. In DIY projects with glass bottles decoupage has been gaining space.

Interesting option to show our family photos with different bottles

glass bottles photographs images trails

Especially in the variants used as vases in living rooms and dining rooms. When we add soft or golden colors to these bottles, many times it is enough. A change of color will automatically have an effect on the decoration. We can not ignore one of the most recurrent projects that are the supports for candles. A craft that besides being beautiful can be ideal for any party. Mainly when we make them outdoors in the garden.

Lamp with different colors accents applying the bottles in several levels

incredible glass bottles effects concepts skill

Like the table centers, wine bottles as a candle holder can decorate the tables. The decoupage technique mentioned above can help us to better define the image and aesthetics of each of the wine bottles we select. In practice it consists of a technique by which it is stuck paper decorated on surfaces. There is specific paper for this technician although in the same way it can be done with decorated napkins.

Used as candlesticks a layer of paint will be ideal to look elegant

glass bottles used candles effects

There are other crafts that use this practice on wood, but in the case of glass it is also possible. To highlight the elements of decorated paper, it is best to choose to paint the bottles in light colors. The white color will be equally perfect to highlight any detail. Various types of ropes can be used to line glass bottles. You can choose to use a specific color and combine several tones to make our project more attractive.

Two concepts with perfect bottles to change the image of terraces and gardens

Exterior options beautiful decorative flowers

It is another of the simple ideas for which we will need glue in the same way so that the rope stays stable in the wine bottle. If you prefer a striking decoration it is a good idea to frame the bottles. It may sound impossible but it is real in practice it can be achieved. If we have some unused wooden frames at home, they will be perfect. In the frames hooks must be fixed to which we will adjust the bottles with ropes.

Different variant of vertical planter with glass bottle decorated with ropes

Open special lines open lines

There are bottles that can even have plants that will make our composition look better. If you have the happiness of living near the sea for the terraces, the bottles with nets look great. The small nets on the bottles give it a certain seafaring look. We can place them on a tray and put them as centers of table. The bottles can be complemented with conches, stones and also candles. Enjoy these variants that we propose today. Both for the gardens and the interior of the house any of these options can be useful.

Different ideas with options for candle holders decorated with stones

special candle holders empty candles

Drinking troughs and bird feeders with bottles and dishes of various designs in the base

bird feeders concept design branches

Wooden wall and bottles with great decorative and aesthetic effect, assorted bottles

Complement walls cool armchairs doors

Idea for cozy bedrooms or living rooms, floral effects and soft light with bottles

Creative special lamp painted flowers

You can create attractive centerpieces to decorate in any celebration

ropes vases materials celebrations

Do not hesitate to integrate them to the walls to complement the decoration of the house

decoration special walls photos candles

The black paint accentuates the dramatic effect of the wax in the chandeliers

impressive candelabra painted colorful steps

When it comes to lighting this bar has a different touch with this DIY design

incredible shelves fountains colors bars

Take advantage of the Christmas lights in any space and season are perfect

lights christmas effects colors ideas

Translucent or not the bottles will always be versatile for exteriors or interior

special courtyards lines effects walls

The tables in the dining room are another perfect element for our decoration

simple arrangements colors soft effects

Different versions for lamps combining accents, colors and textures

candles luminaries concepts effects versions

Ropes and other jute details complete the elegant image of these bottles

accents colors bottles rustic effects

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