Glass houses for bright interiors

glass houses

One of the most modern materials used in construction is the glass . There are many modern houses with very original designs in which this material has been used. Therefore, we are going to dedicate this article to the glass houses and we will talk about the type of glass used, what it is used for and the places in which it can be placed so that more light can enter inside.

Glass houses to have very bright interiors

modern glass houses

To begin with, talking about glass in construction you can find several architectural materials that have been made of it, such as bricks, plates, tiles, etc. It is also necessary to take into account that there are different types of glass that can be used depending on the place where this is placed, such as the endometrium, the tensioned and the photosensitive, among others. On each of these glasses we will talk later.

The glass in the ceiling ensures the complete entry of light

original glass houses

Secondly, in a glass house the glass is the one that allows a greater entrance of light in the interior and therefore we will find very bright spaces that you can combine with the white color so that they become more shining.

A very bright kitchen surrounded by glass by the ceiling and walls

glass houses design

You also have to bear in mind that the glass for houses are made in a specific way, it is about securized glass, such as the glass of cars.

Glass doors and a roof with a small window for the kitchen and dining room

elegant glass houses

The endometrial glass is one that absorbs the infrared rays of the sun, therefore it is very useful and we advise you to use it especially in the roof glasses or if you have decided to have large windows on the walls or if you want to have walls of crystal. We advise you to choose this type of glass because in summer it will protect you from the harmful effects of the sun's rays.

A glass interior to have more light in the house

original modern glass houses

On the other hand, the tensioned glass offers great resistance to shock and sudden changes in temperature, so this glass will also serve to have transparent ceilings and glass walls. The best thing would be to combine the glass that we mentioned earlier with this one because in this way you would have a double protection. It is very important that you use the stressed glass for the glass walls because these are the ones that are more exposed to blows.

A glass ceiling above the dining room

modern original glass houses

In contrast, photosensitive glass serves to react to light and protects us from excessive light. This type of glass is not used much in the construction of glass houses, but is used more for welding. There is also another type of glass that is used a lot for decoration and controls light and energy, it is metallic glass. However, it is used more on the facades because it has a very original decorative effect.

Glass is the modern material of the 21st century

modern elegant glass houses

As we have already mentioned when you go to choose the type of glass for your glass houses you have to take into account the place where you are going to place, the security that you will need, because when you talk about glass in the head of people highlight one of its characteristics that is a fragile material, the comfort you want to achieve, since it can isolate you from noise, you can control the temperature and the limitlessness and the aesthetics or the decoration of the glass, because it can have drawings or be of Other colors.

A small house in the garden made of glass

original elegant glass houses

And finally, we will talk about the part of the house in which you must place the glass to make the most of one of its effects, which is light. Glass houses in recent decades are becoming very fashionable and modernity does not stop being an important part of our lives, although we do not want it to be that way. If you have a garden, you can do a construction on the outside or make an extension of your house and this can be entirely of glass. It is a resistant construction, on the one hand, for the types of glass that we have mentioned and, on the other, for the additional material that is used in the construction of this type of sheds. Metal or steel beams are used to turn the construction into a resistant place.

The original design of a glass house by Paul Archer Design ¹

special glass house

This is an example of glass houses where glass has been used for ceilings and glass for walls. The designer of this work is Paul Archer Design and is an example of the modernity and originality that introduces this material in the house.

A loft converted into a room with half the ceiling and the glass wall

interesting glass houses

You also have to take into account which are the darkest places in your house, since there you can place a greater amount of glass. You do not have to worry about the fact that you can get to use a lot of glass in the construction, since glass houses are characterized precisely by that.

A rectangular glass on the ceiling and glass doors instead of walls

modern glass houses design

The glass ceilings are very interesting and original for your dining room. They allow a great entrance of light and if you combine them with glass walls you could have at the end a glass house of unique style and design.

Place crystals in the attic to have spectacular views

crystal attic glass houses

You can also place crystals in your attic. These crystals have to be resistant and can be subject to metal beams. The beams can also be turned into decorative details and if they are in your attic the decoration of your ceiling will have a different image. In this way, placing crystals in the attic of your glass house, you can enjoy great views. Also if you put in the attic a bed or a sofa with a table can become a very nice place to spend hours. On the other hand, the attic can also be transformed into a room.

A glass roof attached to metal beams for your home

crystal glass roof houses

As you can see in this photo, the beams add a very different and original decorative touch and are ideal for the decoration of the ceiling. In this way you can have a roof or a glass roof, depending on the way you want to give it, very modern. From the beams you can leave a lamp hanging. The design of the lamp will also help you decorate the interior of the house.

A slightly sloping roof of glass with vertical metal beams that hold it

glass houses large windows

In this house, for example, the crystals that have been placed on the ceiling have placed them in an inclined position and the beams continue the position of the roof. For the walls you can also opt for glass and you can also choose some glass doors that are much more original and modern than the traditional doors we know. You can use this glass in the additional constructions of your house, which are usually summer houses or kitchens. They are very nice places to spend sunny days. However, you must take into account that the roof glass must have special protection against the harmful rays of the sun and must be sufficiently resistant to impact.

Gaining light, thanks to the crystals

glass house windows

Something similar you can do also on your terrace. If your terrace is big enough you can glaze it and you can make a roof or a glass roof with metal beams. To increase the brightness of the interior and to make it look more spacious we advise you to use the white color for the walls. At the same time, the white color can be combined with any color to add more decoration.

The crystals can also be colored to control the amount of light that enters the interior

glass house roof windows

On the other hand, if what you are looking for is modernity, style and elegance, we advise you to stop at the black color. If it is a larger place, the light that enters through the windows will convert the interior into sufficiently spacious. On the other hand, you can combine the color black with other types of textures, such as bricks. This idea fits very well in the extensions or in the external constructions additional to the houses .

An original roof with a glass part, glass doors and a spherical window

Glass house

Another idea for glass houses, apart from the roofs and the glass roofs and the walls, you can place some windows with more original shapes, as you can see in the photo above. This type of windows increase the style and modernity of the house. You can add other decorative details, such as lamps, a modern and original interior design and glass doors.

A very modern and bright house with a lot of glass walls and ceiling

original glass house

On the other hand, if your house has a triangular roof in the form of a roof, you can improvise and introduce some innovative idea, such as having half the glass roof and the other half of a traditional construction material. The glass can extend through the wall and finish with a glass door. In this way, you will get a very bright interior that you can decorate with the furniture you want. This is an original and very modern idea for glass houses where you do not want too much glass or want a new and interesting design.

A horizontal glass roof that extends through the wall

original glass houses

The best comfort zone surrounded by crystals

glass roofs

The extension of your home made with wood and glass

crystals for houses

A very bright interior thanks to the crystals and the white color of the walls

glass ceilings

A house with a very interesting and elegant design in which the glass of the walls is included

glass for ceilings

The slightly sloping walls with crystals enhance elegance and style

transparent roofs

The glass walls and the black color of the sofas increase the modernity and elegance

glass walls

A very nice and elegant bedroom with a single glass wall in which to wake up every day

crystals for walls

Light and white color increase the interior space

modern glass roofs

Enjoying the daytime landscape at dinner time and the night landscape at dinner

crystals for glass houses

A glass wall that overlooks the garden and pool

crystals for original ceilings

The glass houses with very bright and modern interiors

glass walls original houses

The glass placed in some areas of the roof to increase the amount of light that enters the interior

glass walls

The combination of glass and wood to have a lighted rustic interior that you can give a modern touch

glass walls modern houses

The areas in which you must place the crystals

glass walls beautiful houses

A white kitchen very bright and shining

glass ceilings modern houses

For lovers of glass and its effects, a house with walls only glass

glass houses modern people

The crystals placed in the darkest areas of the house

glass houses modern people

Glass doors increase the entrance of light inside

glass house original people

A very bright and modern interior thanks to the color white and black

crystals for houses modern people

An extension of your home for the summer made of glass

exterior roof glasses

Half the house made of bricks and the other half of glass

glass house night

Living surrounded by crystals and with light inside

elegant glass houses


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