Glass washbasins for elegant bathrooms

glass sinks

Style and elegance are some of the things that most people would like to introduce into their homes. For that the modernity and the design of the products and the furniture are very important. That is why in this article we are going to talk about the glass sinks that you can place in your bathroom to increase its elegance.

Glass washbasins for elegant bathroom decoration

bathroom glass sinks

Glass is one of the least common materials in interior decoration because it is more expensive, but it gives a very elegant and modern touch to the interior. That's why many people are starting to use it more and more to decorate their house. There are many people to whom this material does not give them much confidence because of the fragility attached to the glass. However, there are different types of crystals that are used for interior decoration, depending on what you want to decorate.

A very modern thick glass bathroom sink

elegant glass bathroom basins

If you want to make a decoration of your bathroom you can opt for a tempered glass sink. This type of glass is more resistant than normal glass as it goes through a series of thermal and chemical treatments. In case of breaking this glass is broken into small pieces to avoid injuries. This same crystal is used in the manufacture of the moons of cars.

The lavobos of colors for the original and modern decoration of the bathroom

modern bathroom glass sinks

As for its decorative function inside the bathroom you can choose colored glass sinks. You can choose between sinks of a single color or basins in which different colors are mixed. The idea is that you have to combine well the colors of the bathroom with the color of the sink.

Different shapes for glass sinks for modern bathrooms

glass bathroom design washbasins

On the other hand, you can also choose between washbasins of different shapes. There are some that are round, others rectangular or square. With the design of the sinks it may also be necessary to change the design of the faucet. That is why it is something that you should take into account when choosing a washbasin.

Design washbasins with black decoration for elegance and superior style

glass washbasins decorate bathroom

On the other hand, in the bathrooms where the black color predominates in the decoration you can opt for a glass washbasin that has a decoration of the same color with small white sparkles in the background. The design of the tap can go directly from the wall and you can bet calmly on the color of the copper. In this way the black color of the interior will introduce the style and elegance, the sinks will increase the design of the interior and the color of the taps will play the role of small accents that will introduce a contrast in the interior.

A very original and interesting basins with the shape of a leaf

glass washbasins bathroom decoration

On the other hand, you can stop your decision in a bathroom crystal with the shape of a leaf. These toilets can be found in different colors and in this case it is also convenient to change the model and the design of the faucet. In this way the bathroom decoraicón will be very original and attractive.

A glass washbasin with the shape of a quart for your bathroom

modern bathroom glass sinks

On the other hand, if your bathroom is bigger you can choose some bathroom furniture with a glass sink. In the photo above you can see the design of a bathroom in which the sink has an almost square shape and also offers a very symmetrical decoration. The decoration with the two cabinets, one on each side, and the furniture with the sink in the center with a rectangular mirror on top make the two halves of the photo almost identical.

The color of the washbasin combined with the colors and the decoration of the bathroom

original bathroom glass basins

On the other hand, you can choose glass countertops for sinks with drawings and figures that match the rest of the interior decoration. In the image above this combination has been achieved with an orange washbasin and a countertop with floral motifs of the same color on a white background.

A glass sink with a small piece of wood for the bathroom

Modern glass basins decorate

On the other hand, in smaller bathrooms you can place a small piece of wood and above it you can place a glass sink that occupies the surface of the furniture. Also if you want to add more originality you can choose a sink in which the water jet leaves the center of the sink up. However, these toilets are more appropriate for places where it is only expected to drink water or wash hands as they are more uncomfortable to cover the rest of the needs.

A very attractive and interesting colored sink for your bathroom

original glass basins decorate

In this photo you can see a sink in which different colors have been combined in order to create a more original decoration of the interior. These sinks are ideal for bathrooms where there is more variety of colors.

A very modern designer washbasin decorated with a newspaper

designer washbasins design

A few small sinks with a small glass countertop

glass countertops for washbasins

A sink suitable for small bathrooms designed for the corner

glass bathroom sink

A glass sink that extends into the shape of a table

elegant glass bathroom sink

A green basin with the shape and decoration of a leaf

colored glass sinks

A small sink with a countertop and a metal bar underneath for the towel

glass countertops for bathroom sinks

A blue washbasin in which the colors are diffused

tempered glass washbasin

A very modern small glass sink for small bathrooms

glass bathroom sink

A bathroom with two glass sinks with the same design

bathroom furniture with glass sinks

A glass washbasin with wavy edges for bathroom decoration

bathroom sink decorate bathroom

A very original and attractive sink that imitates a fish tank and has fish inside

colored toilets

A rectangular shaped sink for your bathroom

tempered glass bathroom sink

The combination of the colors of the sink with the colors inside the bathroom

colored glass bathroom basins

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