Graffiti art ideas for home walls

graffiti wall bedroom vibrant colors interesting ideas

In today's article we have prepared some images of the house with very original graffiti walls. If you are looking to add colour , style an unexpected dose of emotion to your house then this article is for you. Maybe the time has come to give your walls the colors they deserve. In recent decades the art of graffiti has come a long way from its origins on the street to being represented in art exhibitions.

Graffiti original ideas for the living room wall

Modern dining room wide yellow colors wall ideas

Today owners and designers are more than willing to borrow this unique and lively art form in order to infuse some life into modern interiors. Creative artists are finding ways to integrate graffiti into traditional houses, without disturbing the current environment of the residence.

Modern art graffiti for the wall of your house

graffiti art abstract wall living room modern decorated ideas

Creative, captivating and always popular, graffiti has the power to add innovative appeal in any home. Here are some stylish interiors that have opened their doors to graffiti. One of the charms of painting on the street is the backdrop that carries the colors and lifestyle. The old brick walls, steel fences and alleys make up much of the background that was the center stage of some of the most beautiful graffiti works.

Offices with very interesting walls

art wall home drawings interesting inspirational ideas

Modern industrial style apartments offer a similar setting that allows the artist to experiment with a variety of styles and motifs. From the simple black and white graffiti that remain great to creative and colorful versions that steal all the attention to anyone who enters your home.

Bathrooms with super original walls

graffiti bathroom sink slabs wall drawing ideas

The most daring use graffiti for the entire wall of the kitchen or living room but most people choose this type of decoration for the bedroom. The walls of the bedroom come to life and more the walls of the nurseries or juveniles. Here we show you some original ideas to inspire you and invite this style to your home.

Modern bathroom with large mirror and wall with precious drawings

graffiti creative bathrooms wall drawings original ideas

Ideas for the wall of the child's room

spongebob wall bedroom kid small ideas

Modern art on the corridor wall leading to the lounge

house style contemporary design wall ideas

Modern kitchens with colorful walls

graffiti modern kitchen wall decorated precious ideas

Another idea for the kitchen wall in vibrant colors

kitchen wall decorated precious colors ideas

Stars on the wall of the kitchen

kitchen wall drawing stars chair wood ideas

Modern living room with white furniture and very striking red wall

modern living room furniture white wall drawn ideas

Black fish on the white wall of the bathroom

decoration bathroom modern fish wall ideas

Modern bedroom with lovely wall

graffiti bedroom wide young youth wall decorated ideas

Industrial style living room with art on the brick wall

living room wall brick sofa painted ideas

Explosion of color in this small bathroom

modern colors ideas dark bath ideas

Combination of styles and seasons in the furniture and walls of this bedroom

combination contemporary style contemporary painted walls ideas

graffiti bedroom teenager black colors furniture ideas

spacious bedroom billard table original wall ideas

bedroom girl teenagers wall pink ideas

bedroom girl desk chair drawing wall ideas

bedroom style industrial wall brick painted ideas

modern bedroom wide wall painted ideas

bedroom wall pictures art modern colors ideas

bedroom wall grafiiti bed great ideas

graffiti bedrooms modern girls painted wall ideas

grafiiti design wall room house ideas

grafiiti beautiful designs wall house ideas

graffiti books shelf painted wall ideas

graffiti wall modern interiors interesting ideas

interior modern wall candle rabbit ideas

lamp white foot bedroom large bed wall drawn ideas

letters wall living room modern apartment ideas

panda drawn wall bedroom original ideas

wall entrance house drawing original ideas

wall office original design interiors ideas

modern living room red armchair drawn wall ideas

modern living parerd fish drawn blue ideas

living room yellow wall drawing interesting ideas

bees drawn wall bedroom teen girl ideas

vibrant colors bedroom teenager interesting ideas

bedroom wall drawing romantic pretty ideas

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