Gray color for ideas in kitchen decoration.

island color gray wood contrast

Undoubtedly the gray color is one of those elegant and sophisticated color variants. Modern interior decoration is used more and more every day. It should always be accompanied by other colors especially warm. Thus we avoid that the space becomes monotonous visually. This color in the kitchen can be said to combine with everything. Although it will always depend on what you want to get in your kitchen.

Contrast of gray with wood texture

modern kitchen wide gray color

In every modern kitchen there are hundreds of possibilities like the ones we bring today in our gallery. A great complement will always be the steel stainless. Of great potential especially in modern kitchens. It can be incorporated with any furniture, accessory or appliances. In terms of durability it is excellent for this space, especially against stains or corrosion.

Color and contrast with orange in the background

color gray kitchen wood orange

Another benefit to add it along with gray is that it can be easily cleaned. The gray as we mentioned is a very versatile color. We can apply it in any area of ​​the kitchen. Since cabinets, countertops or walls. It is a simple trend to apply in any style. If you prefer the classic, it adapts perfectly to this type of kitchen. Its neutral condition makes it possible.

Inclusion of gray furniture

color gray kitchen wood box shelves

In this case, it gives kitchens a much more modern touch and also increases their dynamism. As in many of the examples we will see, gray is not alone. We can choose a mixture of textures and colors. Adding white or wood to our kitchen would be the most viable combinations. If you do not opt ​​for gray furniture, the best option is tiles.

For modern kitchen

gray color modern kitchen lamparas

The range is extremely wide and in varied designs. It's another way to add another touch of texture to the walls. Gray walls combined with tiles are another guarantee. If the kitchen is open you can combine the same color range in the whole area with different shades.

Gray island with storage capacity

gray island color decoration accessories

For several seasons, gray remained the leader among the most popular colors for furniture and kitchen accessories. Designers will be in love with the different shades of gray, which is perhaps the most neutral color and easy to use due to its versatility.

Contrast with white color

color shine modern plants windows

For the design of the kitchen in shades of gray can be inspired by any style. Classic or modern, vintage or rustic, contemporary or country, in any style of interior design you can add gray and have a space with harmonious, practical and attractive appearance.

Modern contact furniture

neutral light kitchen kitchen

In these photos you can see the various options we have for the use of shades of gray in the decoration and furniture of the kitchen and also its combination with other colors and of course in this impressive collection of kitchen projects, will help you find the design that best suits your tastes and budget.

Perfect for surfaces with shine

color patio modern acrylic kitchen

Advantages and disadvantages of the use of gray in the kitchen. Before deciding to use a gray palette in the design of the kitchen, it is necessary to know at least a minimum of information about this color, its influence on the psychological state of a person, the possibility of combining it with the other colors of the spectrum, the advantages and disadvantages in terms of use in a multifunctional room such as the kitchen.

Acrylic chairs in gray

color patio kitchen acrylic furniture carpet

The advantages of using gray tones in the kitchen design are the following. The gray to be a neutral color creates a favorable context for the interior, does not irritate the eyes, even if we spend a lot of time in the room is able to calm because it has a calming effect on people.

Combination with wood, Dyer Grimes Architects

combined wood countertop gray stools

The shades of gray are versatile in terms of combination with other colors. With the appropriate combination you will be able to create a bright accent on the gray background that will make each kitchen very original, without the help of a designer.

Wooden furniture that stand out

open white living room colorful texture

Practically all shades of gray are incredibly practical in the kitchen area and not only, as they are prone to a lot of different influences and are easy to clean very important thing in the kitchen.

L-shaped kitchen

yellow line touch design contrast

The gray palette is very popular because if you create a kitchen in which there is some furniture or detail in gray you can be sure that your space is modern. If you like to follow trends and go to fashion, gray is your color. The gray is able to add to its interior nobility, luxury, and even elegance thanks to its silver tones that always look very modern.

Small apartment in gray

light bulbs small kitchen red cables

The gray palette can be used to design kitchens of any size. If you have a small kitchen, we advise you to go for the choice of light colors, but for a large room, do not limit yourself when choosing colors. As we mentioned, almost any interior design style will look attractive in shades of gray.

Kitchen with long island

floor shine wood kitchen stools

The disadvantages of this color are not so great either, since most of them with a little imagination can turn into advantages. The gray color palette may seem boring or even somber, so our advice is to add white tones and bright accents.

Kitchen furniture with industrial design

Stylish spacious open kitchen storage

If your kitchen is of modest size, has limited natural light and is located on the north side of the building, the choice of only shades of gray can result in a gloomy atmosphere. One thing you can do to change this is to dilute with the heat of the natural wood as a result you will have an organic and attractive kitchen.

House with open plan design

modern style kitchen gray columns

industrial modern creative kitchen lamp

white lamps countertop Italian marble

attractive book led kitchen plants

lights effect decoration accessories white

minimalist kitchen contact Italian cabinets

italian led interior furniture lamparas

dark cabinets green light stools

red island lights dim contrast red

kitchen wide island gray ideas

kitchen dining room vintage style furniture gray

kitchen two island original design style

modern style kitchen gray color original style



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