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The gray color is appropriate for almost any living space. It is compatible with living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, so it is natural that it also works great in a bedroom. These gray rooms they demonstrate the spread of gray color through a range of themes and design solutions. Often paired with bright reds, oranges or purples, its muted tones complement and contrast over a variety of design solutions. Whether for a couple or for a single person, each of these room designs offers wonderful variations of shades of gray.

Original designs of modern gray rooms

Andrew Repn's modern room

This interesting combination of a sophisticated gray background together with a niche of vibrant yellow headboard is very original, especially thanks to the contrast produced on the wooden floor.

Designs of gray rooms in modern style

nice modern style room

This bright space seems to be framed by white walls. The wooden floors They offer a base to an L-shaped headboard, a window seat and a bed dressed in a variety of gray shades.

Great room designed by Nika Vorotyntseva

room of Nika vorotyntseva

The gray color lends elegance to this space. The frames provide a crochet print, while the white adds a fresh touch to the bedding and curtains . Pastel and metal tones attract attention.

Original gray room design by Le Anh

nice design room anh

The forms, more than the colors, dominate within this gray space. A wall of checkered features leads to an oblong space, paired by a cylindrical head lamp and a table.

Original designs of gray rooms by Quang Dat

nice design room quang dat

The gray gets warmer in this bedroom. The wrapping with gray wallpaper, the hot chocolate bedding, a beige chair and the wooden elements create a comforting atmosphere.

Designs of gray rooms by Desygner Hoang

fourth color gray desygner hoang

This minimalist gray bedroom is a more serene space to sleep. The soft contrasts of earthy tones help to relax the mind.

Original room design by Harun Kaymaz

gray room design harun kaymaz

The shades of greenish gray add to and eliminate the emphasis in this room. The design revolves around a gray and white abstract focal piece, concrete walls in the background, two side tables, a leather chair and a rug.

Original modern room design with gray wall

modern gray wall room

The collection of gray and wood in this design is really elegant. Two monochromatic prints stand out above the bright curve lights, attracting the viewer.

Great bedroom design by Yaroslav Kovalchuk

bedroom design Yaroslav Kovalchuk

This space juxtaposes the gray and white on the wall panels, worn wooden headboard fixtures and seven works of art on the wall.

Gray bedroom design by Sreten Jovanovic Maja Urh

bedroom design sreten jovanovic maja urh

The bouquet of fresh tulips adds life to this three-panel headboard, acting as a background. Some more bursts of color appear to refresh the sober aspect of gray.

Nice modern bedroom design by Iqosa

iqosa red modern bedroom design

Gray and red cross beautifully in this space created for desire. The gray wooden walls show abstract art and combine with the diamonds from the carpet below.

Original modern room design by Eke Interior

Interior Eke room design

Perfect for a couple, this room decorated in gray and white focuses on clean lines. Simple charcoal stripes and white curtains adorn a wall, while gray oscillates between dark and light.

Kroom gray room design

gray room design Kroom

The combination of gray and pink offers a feminine accent in a couple's bedroom. The gray stripes on the walls and the bedclothes add to the details, while a black carpet creates the contrast.

Great room design from Kgm Vietnam

design room Kgm Vietnam

The rectangle-shaped headboard extends to the ceiling to carefully separate this bedroom into a sleeping space and a changing room.

Original room design by Michel Leyraud

Michel Leyraud room design

Almost green, this gray and beige room looks different. The beige and white bedding with light wood fittings and an olive chair add a touch of final elegance.

Nice room design by Dattrands

design room dattrands

A geometric headboard acts here as a focal point, while gray bedding comforts white lighting, patterned wooden floors and two yellowed chairs.

Stupedno modern bedroom design by Room Quadro

modern bedroom design Room Quadro

The gray makes the space feel bigger through the walls with white panels with reliefs. The mirrors on each side reflect the gray walls and the framing curtains, bending the space on each side.

Design bedroom in gray and wood by Koj Design

bedroom gray wood Koj Design

The eclecticism in this design is silenced by the gray in a half wall, a padded chair and charcoal colored covers. The dots connect to the photos and memories on the gray wall, while the wooden walls and floor slide along with a stack of books.

Gray bedroom design by Hieu Doan

gray color bedroom Hieu Doan

From the gray emanates the modern and the clean. A side wall, bed linen and a side table in gray meet with a beige headboard in this unisex space.

Great gray room design by Dmitriy Kurilov

super design room Dmitriy Kurilov

You can hear the ocean in this oceanic room, announced by a painting in blue. Gray velvet bedding and cracked rugs mark the space beneath a multitude of black and white pendant lights.

Gray room design from Image Box Studio

Gray color room Image Box Studio

A touch of honey is all that is needed to animate this gray space with a sparkling honeycomb design. The mixture of gray and honey with black and white add color and texture to different areas of life.

Great room designed by Anwar Al Jufrey Khalid

room design Anwar Al Jufrey Khalid

A resting place is offered by this design in gray and wood. Roman wooden blinds reveal concrete and wooden stairs, culminating in a futon bed. The monochromatic art unites them.

Original gray room designs by Projek F

gray rooms gray color projek f

This is another ideal bedroom for a single person. Adorned with a racing car on a striking wood panel, the walls of phosphorus carbon panels match a plush rug and a soft bed.

Original gray room designs by Kyde Architects

gray rooms by Kyde Architects

The industrial style is exemplified in upper concrete walls and gray bedding. A wooden floor adds warmth, and the mirrored glass wardrobe adds more shades of gray.

Gray room designs by Penint Design Studio

gray rooms Penint Design Studio

Modeled to perfection, this gray bedroom uses stripes, hexagons and concrete to provide a canvas for autumnal shades. The bronze lights and the olive-green complements are lit by the bursts of yellow, blue and black of the blanket and the ornaments.

Gray room in modern style by Zigshot82

gray room modern style Zigshot82

The gray and black alternate using the effect of tiles in the central wall. Placed on black wood floors, a gray carpet picks up the light, allowing access to a brown and beige bed.

Gray room with wooden headboard by Omar Essam

Omar Essam wood room

The mixture of gray and orange is perfect in this modern space, offering warmer tones. Gray evokes calm on an accent wall and bedding, while wood invites autumn naps.

Minimalist room design by Oporski Architecture

minimalist style room Oporski Architecture

Light and bright, this space only gently touches gray. Glowing lamps in a neat bench at the headland announce a soft sleeping space, between white and gray swan.

Modern gray and purple Rubik room

modern room Rubik design

The grays and purples are again in this multicolored, lacquered and ornate bedroom. The gray provides a lightweight center panel, which turns purple on the sides. Browns adorn the leather floor and chair, while a gray clock appears above the central yellow cushions.

Modern room design by Kdva Architects

modern room Kdva Architects

Gray is the ideal minimalist nuance. This space highlights its charm with LED lighting with panels and simple block furniture.

original room Tomas Sciskala

The gray and pastel shades blend beautifully together, as shown we have this space to sleep. Light gray walls and a headboard match by pops of mint, pink and blue tones to add the feminine touch. Sepia-encrusted portraits and dandelions on the nightstand provide delicacy.

Original room design in pastel and gray tones by Tomas Sciskala


This bedroom of the 60's style is light and bright, thanks to the help of gray. The white gauze curtains, a wall decoration with reliefs and utextures create luxurious spaces. A touch of gray bedding denotes the center.

Original design of gray room of Dinh Dung Hoang

original design Dinh Dung Hoang

The gray color denotes softness, in contrast to black and white. This space offers a gray relief on a soft carpet and quilt and a glass wall panel, while the lines are highlighted by black and wood.

Original modern bedroom design with gray accent wall

original modern bedroom design

The textures dominate this dull space that in turn looks resplendent thanks to a hanging light on the bed. Reflected by a glass vase, the gray knocks on an accent wall. The different woods line the rest.

Original design of gray modern room by Sherin Hany

original Sherin Hany room

The lightest pastel shades add to the decoration in this modeled space, perfect for resting. A violet chair matches the bedding, while a gray carpet and wallpaper align with the headboard and the white hanging lamps.

Room design with gray wall by Eke Interiors

gray wall Eke interiors

Gray and white evoke a relaxed feeling. Letting in the light of a window that reaches the floor, the gray, brown and white tones stand out in this room. A beige wool carpet keeps them in company.

Design of a room with cement walls by Roman Pravnik

room walls cement Roman Pravnik

The masculine style is reinforced thanks to a wavy pendant light and complementary bedding. The worn look of some surfaces completes the look of the room.

Room design with gray wall by Marta Gord

Gray wall Marta Gord

Gray and wood alternate in this industrial space, built for a bachelor. Rough wooden frames, window seats and an accent wall are joined by a gray headboard panel, walls, bedding and cylindrical lighting. LED lights frame the scene.

Modern room design by Angelica Andreichenko

partd relief Angelica Andreichenko

We hope that these designs have inspired you and helped you to decide for the gray rooms, we will return very soon with more news of interest, do not forget to visit our website.

Original modern room design by Blalank Studio

original room Blalank Studio

Gray room design Desygner Hoang

gray rooms wood decoration

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