Haircuts 2019 -The trends for spring and summer


If you follow our page you already know that we do not overlook the latest trends. We recently published articles on trends in fashion and makeup but they will ask themselves and what happens with the 2019 haircuts? Here it is, we have compiled for you the trends in haircuts for the 2019 . Because a new year brings with it a lot of new hairstyles and trends of haircuts that are waiting to be experienced.

Whether it's the return of the pincers and the micro braids of the 90s, or the most scandalous hair color of this year (pink is a modern idea now), the new year brings with it the perfect opportunity to test hairstyles and hairstyles. most coveted hair trends. We're going to see your way down the catwalks and the streets.

Haircuts 2019 - Trends for spring

We also have the advice of the best stylists and colorists who predict what will be the most important hairstyle trend of 2019.

The girls get ready: it's time to analyze the spring / summer 2019 hairstyle trends that were shown on the fashion runways. When we think of Fashion Weeks, often the first thing we look at in the images are the fabulous outfits and accessories and new looks. But the fashion shows also have an important role in the construction of trends of innovative and lustful hairstyles for the coming seasons. This really shows that the hair itself is a canvas for creativity, imagination and experimentation.

For the fall winter hair trends of 2018 2019, there was a lot of original hairstyles and dazzling hair colors. Autumn is a season for enigmatic and dynamic renovation and designers took this truth seriously in the creation of their collections. But for the spring of 2019, things improve. We have the privilege of living in a time when experiencing and escaping from tradition is the norm. We are encouraged to try unexpected hair colors, brazen hair tattoos and unconventional silhouettes.


We started with fun things or better with funny haircuts!

Pastel and neon colors are having a moment as one of the most intriguing spring / summer 2019 hair color trends. The appearance is difficult to use, maybe it is, but it is also hard to hate, and we can see fashion followers everywhere wearing this trend and dazzling hair.


The cakes have a chic and neo-futuristic appeal that is perfect for lovers of the style of the eighties season. A neon-pastel bob has a feminine wrist feel that embellishes any girl's appearance.


The neon-colored bob cut is a deviation from the traditional and tasteful hair style that has been offered as a trend to women over the centuries. With a similar look, you can announce to the world that it is not only fashionable, but is not restricted by the rules on what is and is not appropriate. You can blur the lines and color them out in pink or purple.


One of the designers who leaned towards this trend was Jeremy Scott, whose models paraded down the catwalk with alien touches in a dizzying array of rainbow tones. The pastel pink look we could see in the models of Nicopanda who felt very youthful and urban under a cap or hat and is ready for the street.


The bobs we also saw in the presentation by Marc Jacobs had a lovely pigmentation and a dose of rose and fuxia. In Alexander Wang, straight hair inspired by neon-red lava was curiously androgynous and hypnotically original.



Redheads can boast of their natural color and their beautiful haircuts since it is another trend

The spirit of seeking naturalness is alive follows in the color hair trends of 2019! This season, women were encouraged to embrace their natural hair color. Instead of trying to change what nature gave you, strive to work with it and incorporate it into your existing aesthetics.


This season, natural red hair was everywhere and it did not stop the models from using any shade and color. If you are a redhead girl, do not look for a new look for next year. Concentrate on making your natural tone as healthy and dazzling as possible and do not listen to anyone who says they can not wear pink, blue or any other color under the sun!


In Boss, the red-haired models let their bright color and lively contrast with the black suits. In Ann Demeulemeester, red hair was austere, minimalist and architectural. In Guy Laroche , the flexible peach-colored hair seemed refreshing and original.




Deep brown hair

Perhaps this spring hair color of 2019 is not so surprising, but it is worth mentioning, however. The dark brown was not missing on the catwalks. The models walked the runways with multidimensional and bright shades of dark brown hair like chocolate.


While dark chestnut is a traditional aspect for the colder months, this time it will be popular also in the spring season. With a warm base, it adapts to most skin tones and looks exuberant and prismatic when properly colored. It also offers a beautiful canvas with which to explore more unconventional silhouettes. In addition, it combines perfectly with dark clothing and also with light and nude colors.


In Moschino, the exaggerated volume is perfectly combined with a prismatic chocolate brown. Valentino's models walked the track in bright shades of brown mocha.


Haircuts 2019

Haircuts 2019 1

dark blonde

The dark blond with shady roots and all, was having a great time on the catwalks. The color combined perfectly with the general atmosphere of the season, which includes hairstyles made without effort and natural beauty.


The natural blond color is a perfect transition color is appropriate for summer days caressed by the sun and also for the coldest and drier days of winter. Natural blond hair is very attractive and relaxed and offers the perfect background for the whimsical clothes of the spring and summer months.


It fits perfectly to hairstyles with relaxed waves. Natural wavy blonde hair is a strong evidence that natural blonde does not have to be casual and that color can be a luxurious alternative to the more colorful looks.


You can take this look to the next level with deep roots and natural reflections. If you want some change, a change of image can go for a natural blond with a dark root and lighter blond locks.




Haircuts - Light brown

If the dark deep and attractive brown is not for you, take advantage of the ideas of the designers and mix it with a light and discreet brown. The light brown is dynamic in its simplicity. It is soft and unpretentious and does not require great care. This modest cool girl appeal is a perfect complement to a dark and nude wardrobe.


Because the trend of hair color this spring focuses on simplicity is so easy to use and is seductively paired with bold colors and a futuristic and minimalist aesthetic. Light brown hair is part of the movement towards a silhouette of more natural and less artificial beauty.


We loved the light brown manes of Tommy Hilfiger, which looked so healthy and attractive. We also saw models who had light brown hair picked up that was modest and unobtrusive.




Haircuts with bleached blonde hair

Very light blond hair that looks discolored will never disappear. That's the truth. No matter the change of seasons, this type of hair color will always attract attention and it will be a good idea if you are looking for a radical change of look. The hair color trends of spring / summer 2019 embraced the lasting charm of this hair color with iterations and unique styles.


The color of the bleached blonde hair should not be like that of the famous Barbie doll, it's worth taking that into account. Hair color is more dynamic and versatile although many are not fans. You can immediately have an appeal of the bad girl of rock and roll and an air of surfer with hair bleached by the sun. There is no need to limit your appearance to a silhouette, the designers certainly did not.


Some designers used this color to turn their models into dolls. On the other hand, for others, whitened blonde is presented as a futuristic color. You can opt for the dazzling white bleached locks combined with bangs and soft waves.



Hair cuts that do not need great care and can make hairstyles effortlessly

In contrast to the appearance of conventional winter in the spring we will see stylized or delicately curled manes, at least this season, flowing waves and loose were the most seen on the catwalks. The waves that remind us of the beach preserve the charm of summer and infuse a semblance of serenity. Not to mention that they stand out intriguingly dressed in light-colored dresses and simple lines.


Wavy flowing manes are also a practical consideration for the spring / summer 2019 hairstyle trends. As temperatures rise, you'll want to protect your hair. Leave your hair wet in braids and give your hair a break from the heat products that we are required to use during the winter.


The dazzling clips can be used to decorate hair disheveled backwards, which shows that the contrast between loose hair and large jewelry is absolutely tempting. The dresses with lace stitching combined with waves to the shoulders that added movement are a very fresh and natural idea for spring. You can combine an electric eyeliner of some neon color with messy waves that contrast.


Haircuts with separate bangs in the middle

This type of cut with bangs separated in the center we remember the sixties if combined with the grunge look that is super exciting. You can use this idea of ​​bohemian styling.


The look is deceptively simple to create, and it always leaves us happy. Separate the hair in the center and create two parts of fringe that frame the forehead. Combine it with a beautiful necklace or simple earrings for a thoughtful and fun feeling.


We love the appearance with the fringe separated in the center since it will look like a school girl. You can create a different style by giving it a messy and tangled gothic change, which shows that this is the look is appropriate for the girls They embrace mystery and dark magic.


A separate fringe in the elegantly carefree central part is one of the hairstyle trends of spring / summer 2018-2019. The central parts have an elusive quality. They are one of the simplest and most realistic hairstyles, but they also reveal a calm self-confidence that other looks fight to achieve. We like to consider them as luxurious hairstyles without effort.


Haircuts and hairstyles with braids

The braids have a romantic, ethereal, storytelling appeal. There is something timeless feminine and attractive in them. Although they vary in complexity, from the super simple to very challenging, the braids have a bohemian feel that is in great demand in the spring.


The braids were not restricted to a silhouette this season. We saw avant-garde mixes, rock and roll and delicate crowns of dancers with braids as the best hairstyles spring / summer 2019. They add texture to the hair without overwhelming it and infuse any look with elegant depth. The braids are never limited to any region of the hair and reproduce well in all the hair, from the nape to the crown of the head.





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