Haircuts girls 2019 and all about children's hair care


Tired of the same boring hairstyles for you girl ? Amplify creativity and let yourself be inspired by some of these girl hairstyles, cute, modern and attractive. Customize these ideas to make them yours and make your little one the happiest in the playground thanks to her new hairstyle . Enjoy these inspiring images!

Haircuts girls 2019 choose the option that most matches your personality


Finding the right haircut for your girls and their personalities can be very important. Parents know what their children are like and if one for them is more appropriate a more elegant haircut or a sportier one would be more appropriate. Most small girls can feel good with short haircuts such as long pixie or bob cut and are easy to style for school.

Haircuts girls 2019


Some girls prefer a slightly longer length and medium coats and long bob haircuts are ideal choices. Bobs are always fashionable and for younger girls, it could be a better option. For older girls, adding layers can add that updated touch.


For girls who want to keep their hair longer, again the layers help maintain opacity and there are a lot of braiding options. The key is to find a haircut that your daughter will love to wear and will feel good anywhere from school to a birthday with friends.

Haircuts girls 2019


How to take care of girls hair

The long hair collected in a long braid is a characteristic of beauty can be found in many fairy tales. And, in fact, hair is a very important part of both child beauty and feminine charm. However, this beauty must be taken care of properly, from birth and every day. What kind of care does a child's hair need? This is what we are going to comment on in our article today.

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Baby hair care at a young age: chemistry or herbs?

Some babies are born with fluffy hair and of remarkable length for a baby, others with almost no hair. However, the lint that covers the head of a newborn is not a very real hair, and certainly, for its amount, you should not judge the future hair of a child.


Hair for children: thin, delicate and highly susceptible to external factors, from the hardness of water to the influence of ultraviolet radiation from the sun's rays. In the summer, it can be super white and even burn, and during the winter they can change color from light golden to dark brown. Under the influence of water, thick curls can remain a pink memory in a matter of days, or vice versa: straight hair is rolled into beautiful curls.

Haircuts girls 2019

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What kind of hair care for babies is needed at an early age?

Despite the avalanche of publicity, exalting shampoos without tears, washing the hair of a child of the first year with soap formulations is not very reasonable. Virtually all shampoos (read the composition) in the top positions include sodium lauryl sulfate; This is, in fact, its washing and foam component.


According to the conclusions of the experts in the CIR (Cosmetic Ingredients Review, an organization that verifies the safety of cosmetic ingredients), sodium lauryl sulfate and the related ammonium lauryl sulfate, taken at a concentration of 2% or more, can cause skin irritation in animals and people.

Haircuts girls 2019

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With increasing concentration and exposure time, irritation increases. If such substances are used frequently, they violate the natural protective barrier of the skin, so the prolonged use of detergents, which include this substance, can lead to the development of dry skin, peeling, hair loss, causing dermatitis and other diseases. cutaneous

Haircuts girls 2019

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Therefore, it is probably best to listen to the advice of the grandmothers, who say that it is not necessary to wash the baby with soap for a year. As we all well know babies is not that they can get so dirty but washing it with water is difficult. We will let you choose for yourself.

Haircuts girls 2019

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Sometimes scabs appear on babies' heads. They can be combed gently after bathing with a soft brush. You can rub your head with oil before bathing; It helps to soften them very well and, during the bath, the oil will be washed. You should not apply oil after bathing and leave it for a long time, since it prevents the skin from breathing and functioning normally. In addition, the oil can cause itching.

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But then the diluted juice of aloe or nettle can be rubbed on the scalp, which strengthens and improves the growth of the child's hair. The juice is rubbed with a soft brush or cotton and washed in an hour or after several hours but no more.

Haircuts girls 2019


Cut or not cut

According to some popular beliefs for hair to grow well and be thick, the child's hair must be cut during the first year. And now before us the question is presented whether to cut hair or not, and it will emerge in forums, there are many discussions dedicated to children. In fact, for you to cut the wonderful curls, to change them.


Most hair follicles are formed when children are 12 to 14 years of age, so a haircut so cardinal will not affect the thickness of the child's hair, but it is possible to scare the baby or damage the delicate scalp. . And the child's shave and unshaven will be replaced by real hair. It just will not happen immediately, but gradually.

Haircuts girls 2019


How to properly care for the child's hair? In fact, healthy hair does not require special attention and care. However, hair care should be a daily ritual.

Brushing is what our hair is most exposed to. For long hair, the hairstyle should start at the ends of the strands most likely to become entangled, and only then can the entire strand be combed. The soft brushes with natural bristles and combs made of natural materials are very suitable for baby hair care.


Hair washing is another component of hair care. Whichever manufacturer is interested in selling their products, children's hair does not need to be washed daily with shampoo. Wash hair with warm water, a little hotter than body temperature. Hot water damages hair and scalp.


The use of shampoos, even the softest, does not benefit the hair or the scalp, so their contact should be kept to a minimum. The healthy hair of the baby is enough to wash it once a week. In the city in the summer, perhaps a little more often, there is a large amount of dust mixed with heavy metals and other harmful substances from the exhaust of automobiles and the pipes of the factories.


Rinsing the hair after washing it with infusions of various herbs is a good practice. However, the choice of compositions must be addressed very seriously. Some herbs, such as chamomile, have a drying effect and their frequent and unreasonable use can cause excessive dryness of the hair and scalp, and even dandruff.


Other herbs, such as nettle or birch leaves, will strengthen the hair and will not cause damage. In addition to washing, rinsing the hair with the most useful herbs is not necessary to do it every day, once or twice a week is enough. Washing and combing on time is, in general, all that is needed for hair care, if it is healthy.


Hairstyles and haircuts

Healthy hair is beautiful on its own. Hair care helps you stay healthy and beautiful. And for more beauty and comfort, hair is usually made into creative haircuts. Haircuts and hairstyles, there are many, both for children and adults. But even here children's hair requires special attention.


For example, the tails and pigtails of girls, if they are strongly braided, prevent the hair from getting all the necessary nutrients. Nutrient-deficient hairs become opaque, split or even fall off. If adults have many ways to solve the problem of weak hair (starting with special balms and ending with cutting with hot scissors), then not all are suitable for restoring children's hair.


Be careful, excessive tension of the hair can cause a serious illness: coronary alopecia. Such baldness can remain for life. When picking up tails or braids, it is best to use hairpins, as they will help distribute stress evenly and prevent hair damage. Now many are produced, in the form of bows, butterflies, stars, some decorated with rhinestones and brilliant stones.


When choosing hairpins, you should pay attention to its surface: in places where the hairpin is in contact with the hair, it should be soft, otherwise the hair may start to split. For children we recommend small hair clips, made of plastic. They, like combs, should be washed regularly with warm water and soap.






































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