Hairstyles for very elegant little girls

hairstyles for little girls

People who have small girls close to them have probably realized that they are little women, they want to be beautiful and look good. hairstyle and a good dress. Therefore, we are going to dedicate an article to you and more specifically we will focus on the hairstyles for little girls that you can use for special occasions.

Hairstyles for little girls for special occasions

hairstyles for little girls autumn

One of the trendy hairstyles for girls are braids. Today there are many variants to make a braid and many ideas to combine it with other hairstyles, like pigtails or with other trainings. Here we leave a braid in which after doing it towards one of the sides you have to take the braid and pull it lightly. In this way you will get this effect that you see in the photo.

A very original hairstyle for a little girl with two types of braids

hairstyles for elegant little girls

In this photo you can see an example of small girl hairstyles in which two types of braids have been combined. This hairstyle is quite difficult so it is better that you go to a hairdresser, if you have stopped in it. It is very appropriate for weddings and other special occasions.

Very fashionable natural hairstyles for girls

hairstyles for modern little girls

On the other hand, there are easy hairstyles for girls that you can do at home. These hairstyles can be with braids or without braids. First, we will talk about a very natural hairstyle without braids. It is simply a matter of making larger waves or curls in the hair. The ripples or curls can be made from the middle of the hair down or start at eye level. The final part of the hairstyle, which would be like a decoration, is the flower behind the ear that you can incorporate.

A natural hairstyle combined with a braid for little girls

hairstyles for little girls blonde

Another of the simple girls' hairstyles could be one like this. You can also do this in your home and it is with a braid. First, you have to make the hair stripe aside and the braid has to start on the forehead. You have to do it backwards but towards the opposite side of the line. It would be nice if the braid was not too long and in the end you use a rubber band with a flower. The rest of the hair you can undulate slightly, if the girl's hair is very smooth.

A very original ponytail for girls that gives the feeling of a ladder

hairstyles for little girls pigtail

Hairstyles for little girls can be very original if you combine several elements of different hairstyles into one. Hairstyles for girls with long hair can incorporate the image. It is a pigtail in which, after doing it, they have taken small strands and have been tying and loosing. In this way it has been possible to give the stair effect that you see.

An original and modern ponytail with hair split in two and rolled up

hairstyles for little girls braid

Another option in the combination for girls hairstyle is this. Here first you have to divide the hair into two halves and then roll each of the parts of the hair. Then you put them together and tie them in a ponytail. At the end with the ponytail you can make a French braid or another type of braid that you like.

A natural hairstyle for a girl with two braids

hairstyles for little girls two braids

Hairstyles for little girls also stand out for their naturalness, since in small girls hairstyles have to be appropriate for their age. One of these hairstyles that you can again do at home is to divide the hair into two halves and braid the two halves separately. To make the hairstyle more natural it would be good if the braids start a little lower and do not make them too tight. In this way there will be loose strands that will fall freely near the face of the girl. At the end you can pick up and pull a little of the braids.

Different ways of making braids and directions in which we can make them

hairstyles for little girls original autumn

Another interesting thing in the hairstyle for girls is that the direction of the braids does not have to follow the traditional way. You can make braids that go through the head, making two spiky braids. At the end these two braids can be put together in one pigtail sideways.

Instead of two we could make three braids and finish with a bow

hairstyles for small autumnal girls

Instead of making two strands you can make three back to one side, following the pattern of the spiky braid or a Dutch braid. This type of braids are very original and are ideal for elegant hairstyles. When you only have the hair sections that you have divided without being able to continue with the spiky braid, you can braid them, making a traditional braid. At the end you can join the three braids and make a bow with them.

A very elegant hairstyle for girls with a bow and with a tie made with hair

hairstyles for little girls bun

As we all well know not only the girls but the older ones, it has many different hair lengths, but do not be discouraged if your daughter has the short or fine pearl, even with short and thin hair, you can "build" a beautiful hairstyle. Many girls have very short hair and it seems, that it is impossible to think of a beautiful hairstyle.

A natural image of a girl with wavy hair, a ribbon on her head and a flower

hairstyles for little girls loose hair

But if this is your case, then use the help of pigtails, brooches, ribbons and other ornaments. After all, if the length of the hair is not enough to create a beautiful hairstyle, you can opt for the aforementioned details. Many hairstyles for girls can be made with elastic bands that are always relevant, because they are suitable even for the shortest hair.

An interesting hairstyle with the hair divided into two parts and fixed in the position of some horns

hairstyles for little girl

These hairstyles are essential for girls who go to daycare or school, since they allow you to remove the hair from the face, and the hair does not interfere when the girl is drawing playing etc. Also for short hair you can use a variety of accessories such as ribbons or headbands decorated with flowers and colorful prints, which will open the face and at the same time embellish the look of your little girl.

Natural hairstyles with wavy hair and a flower behind the ear

girls hairstyle

Such hair accessories can do them by itself, this would require a soft knit fabric and cloth flowers. Every mother certainly not only once has done the hairstyle with tail, usually for girls two tails are made at the top or at the bottom. In these inspiring photos you can see what else you can with the usual tails to improve the image of the little one in an easy and fast way.

A very modern waterfall train for little girls

hairstyles for little girls

One very easy thing is to experiment with separation. If you want to do the traditional two-tails, you can make a creative zigzag stripe, you should keep in mind that this separation is not suitable for very short hair. Another way to diversify the hairstyle every day is to make the line aside. Conventional glues can decorate hair gums to look elegant.

Starting the train from the front, taking it back

hairstyle for girl

As you can see in the photos you can decorate your girl's hairstyle with a variety of accessories. You can opt for beautiful rubber, satin ribbons and cute organza ribbons. In any case we should not forget that the beauty of the hairstyle depends on the good haircut that can make a girl feel beautiful.

A braid worn back and decorated with flowers for little girls

simple girl hairstyles

You can also use hair gums that maybe there are an infinite number and here you can unleash your imagination and try something new every day. To begin with, you need a lot of gums. They can be shiny, soft silicone or small gums.

Hairstyles for little girls with original braids that end in a ponytail

hairstyles of girls with long hair

In the photos we see several options of hairstyles with rubber bands that can take as a basis for the creation of their hairstyles. In addition these hairstyles is that they are suitable for both short hair and medium length hair.

A new and original way to make the tang braid

easy hairstyles for girls

A very elegant and modern ponytail with a braid for little girls

hairstyles for little girl autumn

Two tang braids started from the middle of the hair down

girls hairstyle autumn

A braid that starts behind the ear and ends behind the other ear for little girls

fashion hairstyles for autumn girl

The naturalness of curly and wavy hair

hairstyle for girl autumn

Moderate undulations for hairstyles for little girls

simple girl hairstyles autumn

Hairstyle with two pigtails and braids


hairstyles for little girls two options with very beautiful flowers


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