Hallways decorated with worn furniture - 25 ideas

simple design chair celestial chair

Today we bring fabulous ideas to decorate receivers with worn-looking wooden furniture. As we already know, there are very current styles in which wood pieces can not be missing and in many cases they are painted in white or in pastel shades, we are talking mainly of the Shabby chic style and the Nordic or Scandinavian style.

Hallways and entrances with wooden furniture

wooden bench modern receivers

Generally the receivers are those spaces in which we take off our shoes and leave the coat to be more comfortable inside the house and avoid bringing dirt from the outside in the shoes. For this reason it is quite common to find wooden furniture in the form of chests of drawers or shoe cupboards.

Wooden white hall furniture

furniture entrance hall color white

It is also very practical to place chairs to be able to take off comfortably and also some surface on which we can place the keys of the house. Once we have chosen the elements that will be part of our hall, we can begin to give character and personality decorating it to our liking.

Decoration of corridors of green color

decoration green color jade

Hallways are places of reduced space that introduce us to the appearance and design of the house, but many times they are forgotten because they believe they are places of less importance than other areas, which is a totally erroneous thought; allow your guests to enjoy a design Welcoming already from the entrance.

Design of receivers retro style

design receivers entrances retro style

Another very important element in entrance hallways and hallways is the coat rack. It is before leaving home that we will need the coat more and it would be impractical to go and look for it in the room if we have already put on shoes, so we must not forget to dispose the most useful furniture and at the same time occupy little space.

Wooden hall cabinet with drawers

furniture white wood drawers

Finally, it only remains to add decorative details to individual taste. Many also choose to place a mirror Not too big for those people who need to take a look or make a final touch just before leaving. The advantage of this element is that it will bring a feeling of greater amplitude to the corridor.

Design hallways and entrance hallways

design receivers entrances natural stone

Decor of receivers with floral motifs

hanging lamp hall stairs paper

Painted wooden hall table

retro table wood white hall

White dresser with drawers

furniture cabinet color white drawers

Chest of varnished natural wood

lacquered natural wood furniture cabinet

Wooden hall cabinet painted white

furniture hall painted white retro

furniture receivers color red blue

shabby style furniture chic hall

painted wall paper heavenly hall

hanger wood entrance hall bags

furniture color white unpainted

entrance hall head bull deco

receivers scandinavian nestile decoration

hallways decorated halls many paintings

decorated receivers furniture garden bench

entrance hall elements pink color

hallways hallways shabby chic style

hallway hallway yellow deco wall

Entrance wall color peach raw

blue worn comfortable furniture design

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