Handmade headboards - fifty great ideas

original headboard bonnet blue car

Today we present you fifty original models of beds with handmade headboards . For lovers of DIY and crafts this can be a great challenge, do not hesitate and take ideas from our collection of images to start creating your own personalized design headboard.

Beds with handmade headboards

original white headboard design

A headboard fulfills the function of protecting the head of the wall, at the same time as it serves to insulate and soundproof. However, a headboard is also the element that embellishes and adds character to the bedroom and the style of its decoration, as if it were an ornament of the bed but that stars in the room.

Handmade headboards with antique wooden doors

super design bed headboard retro

As a suggestion, we suggest making a headboard from wooden pallets or decorating a flat wooden structure such as an antique door. These designs combine wonderfully in a retro, Nordic or even Shabby chic , and as proof of this we have the image of the upper part.

Bed headboards in tufted style

modern design capitone headboards

We can also find handmade headboards for sale by craftsmen. There is a very current trend of retro style that includes the upholstery and padded style tufted. In the photograph above we can see precisely several models of headboards of this style of various tonalities and different designs, all really great.

Bed headboard painted on the wall

decoration headboard fake green paint

On the other hand, if you prefer a more minimalist and less overloaded look, we recommend the false headboards. It consists simply in decorating the headboard wall, either with paint, painted wallpaper , tapestries or vinyl stickers, what is involved is to highlight the bed by optical illusions, what do you think of the result? These have been some of our ideas for the headboards made by hand, do not forget to visit our page to continue knowing the latest trends in interior design, we will be waiting for you.

Wooden table painted with exotic plant motifs

wooden table painted exotic flowers

To make your headboards for the decoration of the bedrooms you can use a wooden board and paint on it some leaves or flowers. You have to bear in mind that to make it look better if the colors of your room are clear, you can use a light colored wood and the decorations can be made with paint for the leaves you can make dark colors. In this way you will also create a contrast.

Upholstered headboard designs with fabric

bed headboard fabric ornaments bed

On the other hand, for the headboards made by hand you can also use upholstery fabric. However, we must bear in mind that the decorations of the fabric and figures are what will serve to complete the interior decoration and that is why you have to choose a suitable fabric for your bedroom.

Original wooden headboard design

nice design bed headboard wood

On the other hand, in the bedrooms where wooden furniture is used in the decoration you can also choose to make a headboard with wooden boards. In this way you can give the tables a rounded shape at the top to create a decorative detail of the type of the fences of the gardens.

Minimalist style headboard design

headboard white ribbons minimalist style

On the other hand, the plastic would also look good in a white room and you can use it in the form of sheets. The sheets have to be placed vertically and this can be done by separating or sticking them to each other. To complete the decoration you can also add a red bedding that will highlight on the white of the room.

Black headboard panel

headboard bed wall color black

On the other hand, the use of panels for pardes can be applied to the decoration of the bedrooms so that they decorate them creating a headboard. You can use a panel of dark color with additional decorative details such as square shapes or reliefs. In this way you will add a modern and original touch to your room.

Design of wooden headboard with lights

headboard wood lights letters led

In addition, originality and modernity can be introduced in your bedroom using a wooden board with an appropriate inscription for the type of room you are going to decorate and with some lights with which you can complete the decoration. However, you have to keep in mind that at these lights you have to secure a plug near the bed to be able to light them.

Beige velvet padded headboard design

beige velvet padded headboard

On the other hand, padded velvet headboards can also serve to decorate the interiors. Also to complete the decoration of your bedroom you can use the motif of the cushions of the bed to make curtains or blinds with the same reasons.

Headboard painted white Shabby chic style

headboard painted white pink cushions

Design of children's headboard with curtains

headboard child bed curtain birds

Design of wooden headboard with padding

bed headboard lined fabric letters

headboard bed trunks wood

headboard bed sheet metal cut out

bed headboard lined flowers

headboard bed slats wood colors

headboard bed slats wood green jade

headboard wood star sea hanging

wooden headboard hanging long cushions

headboard vertical green blue squares

headboard made old wood door

headboards handmade square mirrors

headboards handmade wooden slats

modern headboards vertical slats

headboards original pallet design

headboard color green retro style

headboard design red cushion

Upholstered headboard fabric design

handmade headboards design

graffiti garden headboard design graffiti

design style shabby chic headboard metal

super design natural wood bed

great wooden headboards designs

estupoendo infant bed headboard design

laminas madera cabecero home slats

original design headboard tables love

original headboard frames letters name

original headboard vinyl sticker

original headboard design trunks trees

original padded upholstered headboard design

original designs handmade headboards wood

paper wall sticker celestial headboard

door wood original headboard retro

retro door bedside color blue

blue doors wood headboards cottage

headboard tapestry light green

tapestry colors bed headboards fabrics

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