Hanging ceiling lamps, lighting and style

ball ceiling lamps chair

Today we will dedicate our space to the hanging ceiling lamps and we will see what are the most current styles and the latest trends in interior lighting, see here our selection of twenty-five models of ceiling lamps They can not be lost, they are perfect for each style of decoration.

Modern style hanging ceiling lights

pistachio green lamp modern pendant

This original model so colorful in particular it has a round metal cup and an extendable cotton cable that can be adjusted to the height of our taste. In addition this fabulous lamp is available in various colors such as red, black and white, ideal for any type of indoor spaces.

Hanging light balls

hanging ceiling lamps

Next we will see beautiful shaped ceiling lamps waterfalls of light, like that presented by this super model with small balls of dim lights that together can provide the ideal light for each moment as they also allow to be adjusted with more or less intensity of lighting.

Metal pendant lamp in the shape of a star

star lamp arabic style metal

This peculiar lamp It stands out for its beauty and for its fantastic design that recalls the Arabic style thanks to the precise details and the small holes of different shapes that let the light escape creating drawings and silhouettes, a great model that will bring much romanticism to bedrooms and living rooms.

Modern style ceiling lamp

ball pendant nice lamp bilitas

In the photograph above we can see an example of the most current trends in terms of ceiling lamp designs. We can appreciate a great combination of styles that has been able to highlight the best of each one. The lighting structure is enclosed in a glass bowl that shows a nice cascade of special light bulbs finished in gold.

Glass bottle ceiling lamps


We will also point out the originality of the superior model of hanging ceiling lamps with glass bottles. It is worth mentioning that we can make our own lamp using wide neck bottles or transparent glass bottles, as you can see the result is fantastic.

Ceiling pendant lamp white color

white lamp hanging glass modern

Pendant modern ceiling lamp

white wood modern pendant lamp

Pendant lamp in the shape of a rusty ball

rusty helmet ball pendant lamp

Golden pendant lamp for ceiling

pleated gold ceiling pendant lamp

Contemporary style pendant lamp

suspended ceiling lamp broken ball

Metal ceiling pendant lamp

metal ceiling pendant lamp

Hanging ceiling lamp with rigid structure

lamp hanging three light bulbs structure

vintage black lamppost shape lamp

black pendant lamp with lantern

ceiling lamps hanging boats

modern design ceiling lamps

beautiful lamps blue hanging boats

ceiling lamps three glasses

modern black lamp ceiling pendant

modern gray steel lamp

modern ceiling pendant lamp

original ceiling lamps

original hanging lamps tarts muffins

black cobweb round metal lamp

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