Headboards for very original beds

headboards for beds

Lately they look a lot for magazines and designers have paid special attention to the headboards for beds . This has become a decorative detail that can not be missed in the bedrooms modern In this article you will find many ideas for headboards and, if it is not your style, you will see other options with which you can improvise and decorate the wall behind your head.

Headboards for designer beds with a lot of style

headboards for original beds

The headboards for beds can be high and occupy all or almost the entire wall, as we will see below, or they can be short and spread a little above the bed. They can be of this type with rectangular shapes and of black color or they can be of other textures too.

Wooden headboards combined with bedroom colors

headboards for wooden beds

When you are going to choose a head for bed it is important that you take into account the rest of the room. It is a thing that perhaps for many of you is clear, but there are people who can not combine textures and colors.

A practical and classic headboard for our room

headboards for beds design

As we have seen in the photos so far a modern room, it will have a more modern headboard; If brown tones predominate in our room, we can choose a headboard that is made of wood; and if you are more classic and practical, you can choose a headboard with several shelves in which you can place some things of adornment.

Small headboard with a modern shelf for the bedroom

headboards for small beds

If you have chosen a smaller headboard you can do something very original, placing in an upper part of the wall some original shelves, with interesting shapes to give more style and elegance to the bedroom.

Headboard with integrated shelves for your child's room

headboards for beds shelves

On the other hand, if you are looking for original headboards for your child's room, you can stop your choice in the headboards that have the shelves integrated. These headboards for beds are very comfortable and practical for students, because they will have space to place their books.

Design headboard with two-color rectangular pieces

headboards for beds two colors

The original bed heads can also be of this type, with rectangular structures of two colors that we would have to combine with our bedroom. The complementary ornaments could be other designer furniture, some paintings or night lamps.

The decoration of our headboard with undulations and with pictures

headboards for wavy beds

Headboards for beds are very elegant and sophisticated even when they have a structure and texture in the form of waves or anything else. In addition, you can place some pictures for headboards and complete the decoration.

An original headboard made with small cushions of different sizes

headboards for cushion beds

There are a number of design headboards that are very original and have this type of constitution. They are like small cushions of different sizes that seem as if they were glued to each other and occupy almost all the space behind the bed.

The color of the headboard combined with the color of the bedroom

headboards for decorated beds

Another thing that we should take into account when choosing the headboards for beds is the combination with the bedding, with its colors. A black headboard is usually very good with all kinds of colors, but if in the bedding there are darker shades that also contrast with the white colors, style and elegance are guaranteed.

We painted the wall in a different color to get a two-color bedroom

headboards for large beds

The bedding can also be the same color as the headboard. If you do not want to buy a headboard, you can paint the wall behind the bed of another color and make a two-color decoration of your bedroom.

Another two-tone bedroom with an outgoing wall

headboards for two-color bedroom beds

Another idea for those who do not want a headboard and have the wall behind their bed outgoing, is to use this wall and decorate it so that when you stand in front of it, you have the feeling that it is a headboard. In addition, the bicolor decoration is very good even in these cases when we have a predominant color and another that we have used for some details.

Headboard integrated in the bed

ideas for headboards

On the other hand, you can find beds with integrated headboards, in which the highest headboard is the one that has to be attached to the wall. You can increase the decoration with an original shape of the wall and with pastel colors.

The colorful headboard for the white room

head for bed colors

On the other hand, if we want to give more color to our room, we can also use the headboards for colored beds. These headboards will be very well in a room where the white color predominates because they will fill the bedroom with more life.

A wooden headboard of different shades

headboards for wooden beds

The wooden cabels that alternate the light tones with the dark ones will also look great in a predominantly white room. But if we add some brown detail as the bedding, we will get a wonderful decoration.

The headboards for the double rooms of our daughters

original headboards girls

On the other hand, if it is the room of our daughters or children and it is a room with two beds, you can choose a headboard in the shape of an ark that includes both beds and has shelves to place your things.

Headboard design in the shape of a sea shell

original bed heads

One of the latest models in headboards for designer beds is this shaped like a sea shell. The original forms will give a lot of style and elegance to the bedroom and I go out that we should take advantage, if we have a modern room.

Headboard for a retro style room

retro bed head

As you can see, the headboards with original shape can even give a retro look to the room. This is achieved especially with the colors, the way they are combined and other decorative details such as mirrors, drawers and chair.

A wavy headboard

original bed head

Round headboard for an exotic room

original round headboards

Beds with headboards

head for modern bed

Headboards with paintings

pictures for headboards

Headboards with lights

Headers for illuminated beds

Modern headboards

original headboards design

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