Healthy living and effective methods to detoxify your body

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To have a healthy life, physical exercise is a vital component. Coupled with this diet reinforces and can enhance their results. Detoxifiers are very popular within diets groups. They are often used when losing weight and focus on a healthy life. In general, it has a very important effect on our health. Today we have made a compilation on precisely this topic. There are several methods that are recommended to detoxify the organism and we will see what some are. It is always necessary to consult a doctor because there are cases such as diabetes or thyroid problems in which the most popular methods are not applicable.

Healthy living using parsley for detoxification

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Do not go to extremes and create a deficit of basic nutrients. Obviously this can affect us and hinder a healthy life. We started with a method created by Dr. Saracholu in Turkey. The goal of this detoxification method is to break down fats. Especially those that accumulate in the liver, it also helps to lose excess fluid. For cases of gallstones it is equally effective because it helps to break them down. To start we need a small bunch of parsley. Mix in a blender with three cloves of garlic and a tablespoon of lemon juice. Add a little water to the mixture until you reach about a cup. This mixture should be taken before breakfast and before dinner to cleanse the body and contribute to our healthy life. It is carried out for three days and then from the next day the same juice is taken but without the garlic for three more days. It must be done for about nine days and leaving a rest period of two weeks. This method is not recommended for people who suffer from gastritis.

Healthy Living an example of a machine for ion detoxification

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Ion detoxification is the next method that is often used for a healthy life. For this, ionic detoxification machines are used that combine negative and positive ions in water. When the feet are submerged, a negative electric field is created. That's when negative ions enter our body. This has a restorative effect on the entire cellular balance and especially on electrolytes. Toxins are eliminated and at the same time the entire detoxification process is stimulated. As a vehicle pores are used on the feet amounting to about two thousand. Usually this is the natural way our body uses to release the body of toxins through sweat. Detoxification of ions in about an hour will purify us and we will eliminate these harmful components. Something interesting is the change that occurs in the water color of the ion detoxification machine. A tone yellow Greenish is a sign of accumulations of toxins in the kidneys, the urinary tract or the prostate. On the other hand a darker or black color points towards the liver. Thus we know precisely where we have the largest accumulations of toxins in our body.

Patches are a comfortable option and have very good results on the body

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For those looking for a simple way the case of the patches is perfect. Applicable for a healthy life are very easy to implement. They are special patches that we can buy at the pharmacy and that have the same influence on sleep, stress and normalize our metabolism. In general. A simple method for detoxification and this list adds the strengthening of our immune system. These patches contain tourmaline, dextrin and other components. The best way to use them is by placing them overnight. They are placed on the feet and the effect of the negative ions of the tourmaline initiates the detoxification during the following eight hours. It is important that you wash your feet with warm water and avoid the use of creams. The patches have an adhesive tape that guarantees that they do not detach or move around. In the morning we can see the color difference in the patch. As in the case of ions, we will know approximately where we have the greatest accumulation of toxins.

Juices have an important effect on liver cleansing and are rich in nutrients

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The detoxification can be done in the same way through the cleaning of the liver. It may be the most important for a healthy life. The reason is its function in the release of toxins in the body. It has a great load of toxic effects on its tissues and is positive if it is periodically detoxified. There is a large list of methods to do it and as always we recommend you consult a specialist first. One of the objectives of this cleaning is to eliminate everything that can block the bile ducts, causing some problem. The detoxification of the liver must start first of the preparation of our organism. It can be a week based on a diet of fruits and vegetables. The main component of this method is the consumption during three days of juices of vegetables and fruits. Carrot, beetroot, green apples or cucumber accompanied by plenty of water and tea without sugar. To complement it you can consume olive oil and lemon juice.

Use better olive oil preferably virgin or extra virgin to detoxify

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Precisely is the olive oil our next recommendation for the detoxification of the organism. There are many recipes using this oil for a healthy life. Combined with lemon juice its effect becomes greater. Olive oil has a large base of lipids that add to the detoxifying action of the liver. On the other hand the lemon is rich in vitamin C with a great antioxidant effect in our body. We recommend using virgin or extra virgin olive oil. They may have a higher price but they are well worth it. Many specialists recommend that approximately fifty grams of this oil be consumed daily. In other words, this is the equivalent of three tablespoons a day. To the detoxifying effect we must add the action against constipation. Olive oil can be said to be a natural laxative. For cases of mild constipation, it is best used when taken in a fast.

Example of salad made with nettle and combined with tomatoes in small pieces

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A plant with great effect on the whole organism is the nettle. It is consumed as food and in the same way for its medicinal properties. Each part of the plant is used, including its roots for infusions and with a great benefit. The sprouts during the spring are consumed with great impact on the joints, metabolism, liver and kidneys. With the nettle you can do a simple detoxification that will fill us with energy revitalizing our body. In general, the nettle helps to balance all vital parameters. The detoxification with nettle is recommended to do it in the spring and autumn. The case of autumn we can use the leaves and part of the stem.

The abundant consumption of water favors the elimination of toxins from our organism

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We can not fail to mention the effect of water for the release of toxins. It is necessary to drink an abundant amount of water that helps eliminate these toxins from our body. An average of two liters per day is recommended. Both in the urine and in the sweat, a large quantity of these toxins are dissolved and released from our body. The so-called cleaning Hammer consists of consuming four or five liters of water per day avoiding other foods. At the first water intake in the morning a small amount of sodium bicarbonate can be dissolved. When it comes to prevention garlic is one of the best known to achieve a healthy life. Its components have an antiseptic action that help in the same way to strengthen the immune system. It has antibacterial, antiviral and antioxidant effect. Detoxification with garlic breaks down fat and improves circulation. Balanced the blood indicators and improving our immunity as we mentioned. Other recipes as we have seen include combining it with lemon, olive oil or turmeric itself. Of course, select fresh garlic, avoiding the packaged ones.

Garlic with a great antibacterial effect and improves immunity if eaten frequently

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Maple syrup is equally useful if you want to lead a healthy life. Many of the recipes and methods to detoxify the organism recommend it. It is similarly popular among weight loss options. To clean the organism with maple syrup two tablespoons are applied in a glass of water. Then two tablespoons of lemon juice and a pinch of pepper. The result is a kind of cocktail that we should consume between six and twelve times a day. It must be done between ten and fourteen days to achieve a complete detoxification. Even to go further we can replace any of the meals with some cups of this preparation. It is an easy method to implement and if you want to do it for a week you should not consume another food. With the Epson salts you can carry out a detoxification process taking into account the phases of the moon. To begin two days before the full moon you should drink between ten and fifteen grams in seventy milliliters of water. One hour later you start consuming fresh citrus juices approximately two liters per day. It should be done for a period of three days and then continue with our normal diet. Its effect is very positive to clean the entire intestinal tract and liver. Activated carbon is another means to cleanse the body that is very safe. It has a great capacity to absorb and eliminate toxins that are retained in the body. It is applied even in cases of drug overdose or the effect of alcohol. Its effect as well as the salts of Epson is directly on the digestive tract.

Syrup or maple syrup can be combined with fruits and achieve a balanced diet

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Stabilizing the body and the general recovery of our body. Watermelon is a great proposal for a healthy life and detoxification in the summer. Thought for three days can be consumed in multiple ways. Juices, slices or a kind of puree combined with lemon or mint juice. Other combinations can be with ginger to change and improve its flavor. The effect of watermelon is perfect for the entire urinary system. As we mentioned before in all these liquids toxins are released. Especially those accumulated in the kidneys, the intestinal tract or the bladder. The AquaSource Liver Cleanse is one of the popular products in the field of detoxification. Its composition of ionic minerals is perfect for cleaning the liver. When consumed, the fat contained in the liver is released and toxins are eliminated from the blood. Within its components this product contains vitamins such as C and E with great antioxidant effect. In addition to algae and other compounds capable of activating the liver for the elimination of toxic components. As a general rule, products containing AquaSource components made from algae have an important effect on fats. Allowing all our energy to be restored. While normalizing our metabolism and promotes a healthy life. These algae compounds are very effective in delaying aging and controlling inflammatory processes. Lemon is another powerful component for effective detoxification. It has many applications and its influence reaches the quality of our sleep. Activating the release of toxins of our organism. There are many combinations that can be made using lemon and maple syrup and the pepper itself. A simple way to cleanse our body is to drink water with some slices of lemon. So you already know if you want to free your body of toxins these are some of the possible solutions.

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