Hemp ropes to decorate bowls and vases

pretty table vases red flowers

Today we will talk about practical ways to decorate vases, bowls and other containers using only ropes made from the hemp plant. This fiber was used for navigation ropes and also for the production of fabrics as early as the 5th century BC. due to its great resistance and softness.

Hemp ropes to decorate containers

decorate pots vases jars maria

If we still do not have the hemp ropes, we can find them in different types of establishments, for example in haberdasheries or rope stores . We will also need transparent glue or white glue, in addition to the vases and bottles that we have chosen for this craft.

Wrapped bottles with hemp rope o

four bottles word hope maria

To line a vase with the hemp cords just impregnate it with enough glue using a brush and then surround it using the cords. We can also apply some type of varnish as a final touch so that the ropes are well secured and achieve a more beautiful and durable finish.

Square glass jar with handle

handle glass square ropes handle

We can also create ornaments with the strings by braiding them or making knotted nets. In some of the images we can see great cases with handle to carry bottles or jars, ornaments very original as well as practical since these wonderful crafts encourage us to recycle the packaging.

Bottle decorated with hemp rope

crystal bottle decorated rope hemp

Another option would be to use hemp fabrics. They are porous and bring a very retro look to our ornaments. If we cut thick strips and stick them on the vases or bottles, these will serve as a protective cover in case of blows and also prevent the containers from slipping out of our hands when we catch them.

Decorating containers with hemp rope

green bottles bathroom room

We encourage you to improvise and create a personal design ornament using old ropes and packaging. Used jars can be converted into beautiful pots for bath salts, wine bottles will be fantastic vases or ingenious candelabra ... craft very simple and ecological that will benefit everyone, take ideas and get down to work.

Aged bottle with hemp loop

old bottle with rope hemp

Vase wrapped with hemp rope

pot flower plant aloe small

Ornaments for garden with glass boats

canisters garden hanging rope hemp

Jars painted with string hemp

hemp painted boats hemp

Thick hemp twine to decorate vases

Thick string decorate crystal vases

Red made with hemp rope

decorative cord hemp knots maria

drawstring tie catches glass jar

boat light blue crystal red rope

great lace hemp covers

rope hemp flowers

pretty bottle rope orange ornament

fruits decoration rope maria

hemp fabric covers vases

pearl white flower cover

sunflower jar lined fabric maria

jarron pretty yellow flowers rope

vases flowers pink color rope

small jarron decorated rope

hemp round lined rope hemp

jarron tulips white maria rope

three daffodils rope jars joined

three vases yellow flowers rope

glass vessel decorated rope branches

round pot wrapped hemp string

square vases flowers celestial colors

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