Hexagonal tiles kitchens in 34 impressive designs

kitchens tiles marble gray models

In the kitchen hexagonal tiles has a very timeless effect and marked elegance. Best of all, they are versatile elements that we can use anywhere. In addition to the kitchen tiles of this type are applicable to bathrooms.

Tile kitchens with modern details of lights

kitchen special white style contrasting tiles

Their great variety of contrasts and sizes make them perfectly adaptable. In the case of the kitchens we will have the possibility of creating the patterns of our preference without problems. For kitchens, tiles with hexagonal shapes look good in varied styles. From the contemporary look to the design minimalist .

Kitchens tiles in a beautiful contrast with brick walls

kitchens tiles special black materiale

The applications of these tiles in the kitchen include different uses. By tradition they are a perfect variable for the dashboards. What does not exclude as we see in the images the floors and walls. Sometimes it is even possible with a little creativity to create a continuity in walls and floors. Hexagonal designs can increase their effect with contrasting colors.

A modern finish that contrasts perfectly with steel details

kitchens tiles hire steel stainless steel

As we mentioned in the kitchens tiles of these designs are widely used in the dashboards. Each of the resulting forms is a guarantee of visual appeal for the kitchen. Elements such as size and color are details that we can not lose sight of. Many of the proposals we present use marble in many ways.

The details of gray in various shades are a perfect solution for the house

kitchens tiles effect marble gray checkered

Variants of white marble hexagons is one of the most popular ideas. If combined with gray is a guarantee of absolute success in your kitchen. The environment becomes neutral and in fact much more delicate. There are other combinations that are almost mandatory designs. In other kitchens hexagonal tiles in black They are very common.

All white extends to the walls and countertops in this kitchen

kitchen tiles elongated plants crystals

Like black, many of the dark colors are ideal to contrast with wood. In any kitchen of neutral or warm wood the effects are equally impressive. The set of shades for the dashboards is really wide. Metallic designs in copper or the case of gold with hexagonal shapes adds a refined touch to the kitchen.

Another modern environment that stands out for the variations of accents in gray

kitchens tiles elegant gray accent woods

Its combination with dark cabinets determines to a large extent the freshness of the kitchen. In general terms, tiles and tiles with hexagonal shapes are in a moment of popularity. Being that in many occasions they are patterns that have been applied even in the zones of step.

Shelves that fuse with the tiles thanks to their color on the walls

kitchens gray tiles variations shelves

In the latter case on the stairs depending generally on the size of the area in question. In addition to the proposals that we present for kitchens, tiles of this type stand out in the bathrooms. It is another of the areas where its resistance to moisture will be very useful. In the kitchen all the geometric design creates attractive patterns.

Another beautiful design concept that contrasts black with countertops

kitchens tiles line dishes dishes cans

Applying a different dimension looking more contemporary. The combination with other materials is a practical detail in the tiles with hexagonal shapes. To which is added its perfect harmony with the style of the environments. The combinations with lacquered furniture and straight lines is one of the most applied.

Image of traditional kitchen with several light wood finishes

kitchens tiles wood contrast fresh environments

With material options in various accessories a perfect dynamic is established. Materials such as copper, brass or wood set transmit an industrial image or vintage . Everything will depend on the intentions in the design of the kitchen tiles and their designs. Regardless of the style we think of for our kitchen, these tiles will adapt to the whole environment.

Gray marble countertop another way to give this contrast in the kitchen

kitchens tiles marble walls plants

For artistic effects you can choose combinations of different colors. On the other hand a monochromatic image in various shades of the same color. For the dimensions of the kitchen we do not have to worry because they will not make it look overloaded. However you have to be very careful with the color selection if it is not a large kitchen.

Natural ambience with wooden materials, accessories and utensils

kitchens tiles marble small floors

For small spaces, hexagonal tiles with light and bright colors. A practical example with the kitchens that we present with white and gray. In a larger kitchen, freedom in terms of design will be greater. The tiles can be larger and even create effects in three dimensions.

Hexagonal models with special pearl tones, elegant and fresh

kitchens modern tiles pink clear

At the beginning we mentioned the kitchen floors as another perfect area for tiles to match the tiles. Its versatility is perfect for floors given its resistance to water and the freshness of its image. The effect of those that are similar to bee panels is interesting. They give the floor of the kitchen a unique character and style.

Black color of the tiles with striking black and white edges

kitchens tiles black colors wood white

As in the walls located on the floor are a great opportunity for contrast. There are patterns with red floors and turquoise cabinets that increase their prominence in space. To highlight elements of the decoration you can select models with colors in the same tones. The way in which they serve to define transitions is equally interesting.

Application variant for floors with the same geometric shapes

cool luminous attractive led kitchens

The mixes with the wooden floors is one of them with a warm image incomparable for the kitchens. Floors with models of this type we guarantee that they will be unforgettable. The more wood and tile elements are contrasted the better. The effects with neutral tiles are another great design opportunity.

Blue in light tone for the walls of a small traditional kitchen

blue pale special effects lines

With a decoration of this type the geometric effect will give the kitchen more modernity. The entire color range available will be suitable for any type of environment. From the most serene to those with the most striking tone. With what they will become the center of attention. Each of the floors that are coated with these tiles will acquire a different dimension gaining in depth.

Small kitchen idea with hexagonal shapes placed on the floor

clear definitions areas kitchens chairs

As a general rule, although they are not hexagonal, the selection of tiles is based on several important factors. A vital aspect is the type of kitchen furniture as well as the countertops. Each of them must guarantee an exclusive cuisine with a great personality. The combination with the furniture should be thought in advance.

Tiles in tune with the white and luminous accent of the interior space

Calm fresh kitchen luminous special styles

The countertops in black look good with the tiles in light tones. It can be granite or marble in a beautiful combination with beige or white tiles. We must also look at the resistance they present to the chemical elements. There are several indicators that determine the degree of resistance of these surfaces.

A floor that immediately highlights the black cabinets and furniture

contrast floor black cabinets ideas

Usually with the passage of time and cleanliness can lose their brightness and charm. So its resistance against stains is a vital factor for a simpler cleaning. So you already know, if you consider a change of image in your kitchen these photos and proposals can help you.

Beautiful fusion of marble on countertop and hexagonal shapes on the walls

countertop marble exagon forms equal plants

Larger forms in the concept and idea of ​​a traditional environment

style marble floor kitchens materials

Floor variant with geometric finishes in black and white edges

geometric honeycombs bee flooring pieces

Undoubtedly a perfect and colorful idea to fill with joy the entire space

ideas colorful samples special images

Simple way to delimit several zones in the calm environment of the kitchen

wood mozaicos styles countertops materials

Attractive modern finishes on wall edges and black accessories

black accents colors styles plants black

Other floors designed with a finish in neutral kitchen with light accents

neutral kitchen wood floors gray lounges

Larger models resume the contrasts in gray in various shades

dark gray patterns black parts

The pearling of the walls is another of the elegant proposals in finishes

pearl neutral environment kitchen plants

The pearl effect on smaller figures can be appreciated again

pearl effects elegant gray samples

Refined coppery accent that highlights this wall in all its extension

refined copper accent kitchens patterns

Perfect in any style like in this spacious kitchen in country house

halls wood country kitchen furniture

Sharing the same patterns on walls and floors throughout the kitchen

similarities gray equal floors walls

A wooden edge that fuses with the hexagonal shapes of the floor

chairs styles wood concepts white

A neutral and simple touch very stylized in a traditional environment

neutral touch simple stylized shelves

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