Homemade Christmas trees - 42 ideas with rustic wood

super design fir

The Christmas trees they are essential elements for any Christmas decoration, but it is not the fir itself that should not be missing, but rather what its figure represents at this time; its triangular shape alludes to the Holy Trinity according to Christian tradition.

Original designs of Christmas trees of wood

super design fir wood

Today we want to propose several new and original ways to receive Christmas with a modern design fir that will excite everyone. A wooden Christmas tree is fun and alternative. The one we see in the picture has been designed and manufactured in Great Britain. The fir tree can be assembled very simply in just five minutes to let the youngest of the house take over the decoration.

Original design of wooden Christmas tree decorated with cupcakes

christmas tree decorated red cupcakes

The best thing is that they do not have needles, screws or nails, only pure wood. The branches can even be decorated with trinkets, gifts, tea candles or LED lights. The traditional shiny balls look great too. The small Christmas tree is perfect to be placed on a side table or commode, or in the bedroom of your little one. The medium Christmas tree is ideal for an apartment, as it fits perfectly in the corner of a room or on the side table. It measures 120 centimeters high x 90 centimeters in diameter.

Original Christmas firs of various sizes

original Christmas firs wooden slats

The large Christmas tree can be an impressive centerpiece in the living room or even in the patio. It measures 180 cm high x 110 cm in diameter. It is made of: redwood with Certificate of provenance from the forests of Sweden and Finland. A high quality wood that really lasts for many years. The trees are supplied with small wooden blocks to hang the decorations. Once the holidays are over you can pack your tree back into its box and store it away ready for the next celebration.

Original Christmas fir design of natural wood slats

Christmas tree lights colors

You can also make yourself a similar design using pallet wood; you will need a sufficiently stable base on which you must begin to nail the wooden slats.

Original wooden Christmas tree decoration

decoration tree christmas wood

Make sure you have cleaned and sanded the wood well before starting to form the piece. Place the slats so that they end up forming a cone and try to be well spread to form the branches because once you hold them with the nails you will not be able to move them anymore.

Original simple minimalist wood fir design

simple minimalist fir

The following project of homemade wooden Christmas tree is much simpler but no less original and colorful.

Original designs of wooden Christmas trees

christmas trees wood

For this you will need twigs of trees, ordered from highest to lowest length, and a long rope that you will hang from the wall. The elaboration has no more mystery than to tie the twigs to the rope forming the silhouette of a fir tree.

Original Christmas trees made with wooden twigs

Christmas trees twigs

We suggest that you place the fir tree on a large and large wall. The decoration can be very varied, but you will not need too many ornaments since your fir is flat.

Original Christmas fir tree hanging from wooden twigs

fake Christmas fir tree bars

Here you can see an original example that has been decorated with the most interesting family photos, it is a Christmas decoration that will undoubtedly be talked about during family gatherings.

Original design of homemade Christmas fir

original decoration fir christmas wall

You can also decorate your wall fir with some garlands of Christmas lights highlighting its silhouette, it will look great.

Diy freestanding wooden firs

three flat fir trees

If you prefer you can build an original independent fir like the one you see in the image above. To begin the project, lay a large piece of cardboard on a flat, level surface. Trace half of a Christmas tree silhouette, longitudinally, on the cardboard taking its edge as the center point.

Steps to make these independent firs flat wooden

independent fir planks wood planks

Cut out the template for the Christmas tree and use the tape measure to determine the center point of the sheet of plywood. This line will be your guide for the placement, after turning around and reversing, the average template of the Christmas tree. Draw a template line of plywood from the template with the straight center line of plywood. Delete the pencil. Flip half of the Christmas tree template until you reach the mirror image shape, trace with a pencil, then remove the template from the plywood. Cut the plywood firmly with a jigsaw on a flat, level surface.

Original Christmas fir design of wooden slats

original fir design christmas

Use a medium-grain palm sander to soften the edges of the plywood. Add paint or varnish. In a well-ventilated area, apply the paint to the plywood using disposable cloths or dye towels. It is advisable to use 2 to 3 layers of dye, giving approximately 2 hours between each dry layer. Add nails along the perimeter of the tree's silhouette with the hammer. Tip: To reduce the amount of time and the amount of nails it is necessary to leave the space of 1/4 inch between each nail head. To achieve a more graphic effect from a far distance, consider adding two or three rows of nails around the perimeter.

Original design of Christmas fir wood pallet

fir wood pallet decorate red

For an additional layer of decoration, consider adding words to your tree silhouette by tracing letters or numbers directly to the cardboard, cutting with a box cutter, then following directly to the plywood. Add nails to the contour drawn with the hammer.

Original design of wooden Christmas tree of pallet

original Christmas tree design

When dry, some nails can be used to provide the perfect place for some decorations. It is very small compared to a real Christmas tree, but you can do it by yourself. And if you make a few of these, you can create your own Christmas tree forest.

Great pine bark Christmas trees

christmas trees pine barks

Let's now continue with the images of ideas for homemade wooden Christmas trees, since the proposals are very varied.

Wooden pallet turned into a Christmas fir

nice design fir palet

Pallet wood can again be your ally if you are looking for a simple last minute Christmas fir design.

How to make a Christmas fir with wooden pallets

how to make fir wood pallets

You can try to release the wooden slats from the box or pallet and begin to fix them on a larger wooden tabón using nails.

Original Christmas fir wood pallet

decorate plank slats fir

Look at the image and take an example of the placement of the slats forming the chevron pattern, something quite simple.

Original design of decorative fir wood pallet

design decorative fir wood pallet

You can do the same procedure using wood glue instead of nails, and fix the pieces with each other instead of using a plank as a base.

Original design of rustic wooden Christmas fir

original rustic wood fir design

This original design can help you warmly welcome your guests, write Christmas and welcome phrases on the boards and surprise everyone.

Original Christmas fir design in minimalist style pallet wood

original design simple fir wood

Place your fir tree in the entrance of the house or near the window, so everyone can see your artistic skills.

Original Christmas fir designs of wooden pallets

original Christmas firs wooden pallets

The homemade wooden Christmas trees are a wonderful way to decorate the home while being generous with the environment.

Original design of flat wooden fir

decorate fir plane purple

It is important that we teach the youngest to use resources intelligently and not waste when it is not necessary.

Original design of Christmas fir made of wooden slats of pallet

design fir wood slats pallet

It is about creating a decoration that is typical of Christmas but that is also original and unique, something that characterizes the family and their home.

Using wooden stairs like Christmas firs

stairs converted spruce avida

Another idea for those who need to improvise a Christmas tree or simply want a change in decoration; use an antique staircase decorated like a fir tree.

Use an old stairway as a Christmas tree

super design fir stair

We speak of a ladder that is made of wood and that has a minimum accent of rustic charm, but in reality anyone can serve, just to throw imagination.

Original ideas for making homemade Christmas firs

original ideas fir christmas

We also have some very original ideas for making Christmas trees using driftwood, then you can see several designs.

Super Christmas design made of twigs

great design fir twigs

The drift wood It is always very decorative and pleasing to the eye thanks to its soft appearance and sanded by water.

Super design of Christmas driftwood fir

super fir wood drift

If you manage to gather enough branches, try to build this great design, is not it great?

Super Christmas firs of driftwood

great fir trees driftwood

And if you have few branches, perhaps this design you see above is the most appropriate for you. These small Christmas trees are ideal for decorating the table or mantelpiece.

Original design of Christmas drift wood fir

original design fir wood drift

Use all your imagination and improvise a fir tree with pieces of wood, you can even use different types of wood and tree branches to achieve an even more interesting finish.

Super Christmas design made of branches

super fir branches

We hope that our images have been able to help you decide for a specific design of homemade Christmas fir, now we leave you with the rest of the photos from our gallery, enjoy the tour and do not miss visiting our website, see you soon.

Great Christmas fir design made of sliced ​​wood

super fir christmas slices wood

Original designs of rustic wooden fir trees

ideas designs firs rustic wood

Original ideas for making homemade Christmas firs

original ideas home firs

Form a christmas fir silhouette in a vintage style frame

frame picture fir balls christmas

Original designs of homemade Christmas firs

original designs false spruce

Original wooden pallet with Christmas lights

plank pallet fir lights christmas

Original Christmas fir design in the shape of a wooden pyramid

fir christmas pyramid wood

Super white wooden fir

fir wood color white

Original fir design of wooden branches

super design fir wood

Great designs of homemade Christmas firs

great christmas fir designs

Original design of natural wood fir

original design fir wood

Original mini wooden Christmas firs

original mini firs wood

Original ideas for making Christmas firs

original ideas Christmas firs

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