House design and style in a functional remodeling

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In terms of home design and some remodeling there are interesting cases that can not be overlooked. One of them concerns us today, a work carried out by Scenario Architecture. The interesting thing is that it is his own house in London. A space that in relation to home design and ambience have adapted to their family life.

House practical design to optimize the interior space

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If you look at the pictures quickly we can see these changes from the back. So it highlights a bright interior that is also the result of this update. Life inside the house has been made fresher thanks to the big windows and doors. On the ground floor large folding doors and an open window open onto the back patio. A very practical way to connect the interior with the exterior of the house.

House design that opens outwards with greater natural light input

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The storage areas are important and similarly define this redesign. In the area near the window there is a seat that incorporates storage at the base. Being close to the dining room can be used to table cloths napkins or even books. Another of the possible utilities that an area like this can have thanks to the magnificent natural light entrance. Basically in this house design in two levels was the solution in which they focused. A way to connect the front of the house with the basement.

Each of the spaces is very well defined and integrated into the open housing plan

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In the latter case it had a height similar to that of a floor below. Returning to storage you can find more options at the bottom of the stairs. They work as a connection of the different areas of the house. The height of the roof in the case of the upper part provided a small play space for the children. It's almost like hiding near the stairwell area and at the end of the kitchen. All storage options in this area extend to the built-in furniture.

This window is the perfect place for a small reading corner with good lighting

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What makes it an easy task to transform this area for children when necessary. On the second level there is a room that steals almost all the protagonism of this part of the house. It has comfortable seats from which you can enjoy the view to the ground floor. As well as the warmth that the fireplace offers.

The living room on the second level is a perfect area to relax and enjoy the television

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Visually in the case of this house design and its style you can see up to the backyard. Interestingly, the children contributed to the design of their own bedroom. It is located at the top of the house and is a fun and functional space as seen in the photos of Matt Clayton.

The staircase integrates several storage areas that help to take advantage of every corner

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The well-oriented furniture allows a wide and well-lit play area

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The table can be hidden or used for homework or working from home

zones game children recreation table

Modern fireplace on the upper floor well integrated into the wall of all the work furniture

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The wooden floor is the perfect combination for white walls and carpet

wonderful colors effects furniture carpets

The large windows are also an important feature on the second floor of the house

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