House garden and the secrets to achieve harmonious environments

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Garden house and the appearance of outdoor spaces are an important variant for our well-being. Today we have made a compilation of several gardens based on different styles. Especially those with a modern and functional touch. Especially when it comes to modern gardens there is great simplicity throughout the design. It is mainly about environments that do not look overloaded and are very harmonious. Other designs such as rustic They can stand out for their connection to nature and the use of materials such as wood.

House garden and spaces ideal for relaxing outdoors

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Regardless of the style there are elements that if possible can not miss in the gardens. The paths, planters, benches or ponds are always useful to improve our design. Especially when it comes to creating that harmony between home garden and all outside. The selection of plants made for the garden is often a personal matter. However, the contemporary or modern aesthetics in the gardens is based on few plants.

Colorful garden house populated with a large selection of plants and flowers

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The main thing in these cases is that they are very striking plants. The plants are obviously an important complement for the garden to show all its elegance. So you have to define them very well in terms of factors such as the type of soil, irrigation needs and other factors. If you do not have much time opt for low maintenance. Many of the current designs recreate the Zen gardens oriented to relaxation.

Outdoor dining room located near the garden and with a traditional wooden pergola

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On the other hand there are trends that for the garden house and all the design is based mostly on structures. As we see in some photos in certain gardens, fireplaces or large walls That explains this trend. Other modern designs are based on the application of geometric shapes and other patterns. Regardless of the style the main thing is that the image of the garden is harmonious and that it inspires to relax in nature.

Garden with a beautiful pond that incorporates a place to rest and relax in the patio

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In small spaces we can rely on minimalist designs. It is an effective way to take advantage of space and the results can be just as functional. In these cases it is best to use the plants to create other accents of color and give greater contrast to the entire space. Your patio will be more attractive if you combine some modern elements with others of different style. The source that we mentioned earlier can be combined with natural details.

Practical combination of outdoor furniture in another outdoor dining area in the garden

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The same happens with ponds and plants throughout the garden decoration. For the garden house and the surrounding space it is vital that space be dedicated to other activities or simply relax. It is common in the garden environment to create outdoor salons or dining rooms. Before doing so the floor and its design is an important point to consider.

View of the distribution of a practical garden that has some slopes and rocks

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For covered areas there are several options that work well if you prefer a modern space. It is recommended as a material the concrete very used in the tiles. To achieve a natural look in the garden house and outdoor floors, wood is undoubtedly the best. Your demand for care and maintenance can not be overlooked.

Elements such as fountains or pools are perfect to combine with our garden

house garden furniture-fountains-parts-special-pool

There are sealants that will protect against excessive moisture or the effect of fungi. If you like the modern style for your garden the wood in the floors and other areas can be contrasted with other materials. Concrete, ceramics or brick structures look great in these spaces. It is precisely with these structures that we will try to contrast the plants of our choice.

Idea for the creation of a rustic design in our patio with very few details

house garden resutico-especial-maintenance-concept-floors

We recommend bamboo for this style, it looks great near the walls and helps create more privacy in the patio. There are other materials in the case of paved floors that enjoy great popularity. The concrete pavers are very resistant, and are very useful in the yards with a lot of traffic. There are architectural details that can be incorporated into the gardens.

Another great example of the effect that ponds have on the entire design of the gardens

house garden rocks-fundamental-fountains-green-images

Walls and fences are a classic example that with the right colors can be of great visual impact. The wooden fences are one of these complements very used to maintain a more traditional image in our patio and the style of the garden. For the garden house and modern environments there are structures such as the gabions that has many possibilities. They are capable both of separating the environments and of functioning in the containment of the land.

Image showing an example of a DIY path with floral finishes painted green

home garden trails-plants-inspiring-leaves-green-images

We can not stop thinking about the use and image of the garden at night. Many of the designs we show include popular fire pits and stoves. Especially the latter are in very good shape and very fashionable. There are many amazing models thought even from furniture like coffee tables.

Great vegetation that guarantees privacy and a large space of shade on the outside

Exotico-cozy-special-simple-cactus garden house

They usually adapt to small areas of gardens of any size. Since we talk about the nights in the garden we have to touch the lighting in our design. It is a very important subject that completely changes the image of the garden. To have a clear idea about how to illuminate it can be divided into three points.

The corten steel is one of the favorite for some sculptural details in the garden

house garden steel-elements-sculptural-simple-imagination

The first is a work area in which a kitchen can be included, or simply to read books. The second would be the lighting for accentuated areas. This is where we would highlight the sculptures, trails or steps. Finally a decorative area in which it would be created and more visual interest. It is there where a focused light will make a plant or a large tree look different.

In very little space can be achieved functional solutions as in this case of living room


Otherwise you can select a wall or the nearby walls if it is a room outside. In every garden house and outdoor design the lighting should highlight the nuances of our garden. Study what makes your garden different, what are its special characteristics so that lighting is as effective as possible.

Idea for custom-made work seats take advantage of the corners of a wall


The lighting style should be the perfect complement to our design at night. It must be borne in mind that aspects such as the intensity of light must have a balance. Often the mistake is made to light too much some areas or some element. Many other parts of the garden are left in a certain darkness.

Another great idea for a very cool and practical patio and garden to relax or read a book


Take care of this detail and do not lose sight of it when lighting trails, trees or ponds. For your home garden and project we recommend using the LED. As technology it is much cheaper and the effect is very attractive. It is simply the ideal solution to create a different image in our garden.

Design for a modern main entrance that contrasts different shades of plants

house-garden-steps-ideas-dividers-drawing rooms

For safety reasons it can be more effective to install high power streetlamps. Although we also recommend the LED to reduce energy consumption. In addition to the aesthetic aspect the lighting in the garden house all the exterior areas is a functional aspect. The passage areas require it almost by obligation.

Including the pond near the house and surrounded by abundant vegetation in the patio


As well as the paths that we already mentioned turning your aesthetic into something different. For all these areas the LED will also be a great investment. The reason is the great difference in terms of exploitation period and useful life compared to other models. If it is a very extensive garden and there is no extensive wiring there are other options.

Variant for the main entrance with a harmonious design very balanced and cozy


Many models of solar power are likewise very comfortable and of good benefits. They will simply be charged during the day and arrive at night we will have everything illuminated and very aesthetic. A direct relationship with lighting is the colors that we use. There are intense tones that make modern spaces shine.

Fresh sample of patio with a wooden bench and flower boxes to gain space


There are many effective ways to add color in a garden. The simplest is through the furniture. They are in charge of marking our style whether traditional, rustic or modern. The color in this case may be accompanied by cushions or cushions that establish interesting contrasts.

Covered with plants and vertical garden at the bottom of this unique contemporary space


The pots themselves are another possibility to add color. You can buy them with the tonalities of our interest or simply paint them. Enjoy this collection with different styles and designs for gardens. You can find ideas on excellent contrasts of materials, ponds and sculptural elements for gardens.

Beautiful patio and garden design with sculptures and several special corten steel finishes


Wood is a material that always looks perfect in these natural environments and ideas


Design variant in a courtyard with two different levels and a large area of ​​green lawn


Idea aisle on the side of the house used to create the garden vertically


Perfect combination of colors and several accents of lights from the base of the plants


The color of a wall can be a visual accent of interest in our decoration and design


Use of white stones that contrast with the lawn in a green and natural space


Creative variant to place some points of light throughout the garden near the plants


Lighting is a perfect resource to highlight any detail of our interest


The rocks always help to create a more natural accent in the decorations


Here one is used in the center of the patio with a very interesting sculptural appearance


Modern garden with a beautiful and pleasant floor design in various materials and textures


Creation of space around a fireplace and living room in modern exterior with rocks


Path variant with rocks in a country environment with different species of roses


Undoubtedly this is a cozy design that works very well the points of light in space


Several segmented areas in the design of a modern garden with amazing details


With a little creativity the succulents they surprise thanks to their versatility at home


Sample of environment and design with terraces for a very open slope garden


Solution for designs in which the pergolas are included in the dining spaces


Plants and flowers located as an island in the whole space of the patio with beautiful design


Garden that bets on green in the selection of plants and with different seats


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