House in the trees, an original dwelling

house in the trees

In this article we are going to talk about a kind of building very interesting that many times we have seen in the movies and that many of us would like to have. It is a house in the trees in which we can spend some summer days or in which we can spend a few hours or a few days away from the noise and dirty air of the cities.

House in the trees, a new way of living

modern tree house

The houses on trees is better done in a thicker forest because in this way the environment you will find around you will be wilder and at night the lighting that comes out of the house would illuminate the plants that are nearby. In addition the vegetation when it is thicker offers greater protection from the sun, increasing the shade and that is ideal for hot days.

A house on a tree with a pink background in spring

elegant tree house

On the other hand, the little houses in the trees can also enjoy a very beautiful color in the days of spring when the trees are blooming and fill the forests with very vivid and soft colors. In the photo above you can see a house of this type that stands out against the pink background of the flowers of the trees.

A house that imitates a bridge in nature

original tree house

Instead, a good idea would be to take advantage of a river that passes through the forest. In this way you can build the house in a way that mimics a bridge and covers the space between the two banks of the river. If the river basin is cooler, you can do what you see in the photo above. It is a kind of swing that hangs down and is decorated with cushions.

A small house for summer days in a tree near a lake

original modern tree house

However, you can also take advantage of the water with a tree house near a lake. It can be a small house only for summer days where there is space simply for a table and there are stairs to go down. The house of the trees that you see in the image above is precisely this type.

A small house in a tree with stairs

tree house night

You can also find houses rural in the trees. These types of houses exist in some parts of the world and are designed for tourists or for people who want to go on vacation somewhere and can opt for these houses. Usually these tree houses have everything you need inside and everything you may need.

A two-story house in a tree that has taken advantage of the trunk

tree house forest

On the other hand, you can also find wooden houses in the trees of two or more floors. This type of construction is very interesting because it takes advantage of the trunk of some tall trees. Also many times the trunk passes through the center of the interior and in this way the interiors are very interesting and attractive.

The form from which we can take advantage of the trunk of the trees to make a house

house in the trees inside

In this photo you can see the interior of a house in the trees in which the trunk of the tree passes through the center of the interior and in this way a very original design is achieved. In addition the furniture and style of the interior is quite modern and elegant and that is why the trunk is also in the middle of a circle.

A tree house with a bridge with ropes

tree house bridge

On the other hand, to get down from the houses on the tree you can choose a house with stairs that can be in the form of a snail or a classic style. But you can also choose houses with a bridge. The bridge can take you to another tree with a house or even the ground. You can also choose between different styles of bridges for the house in the trees.

A tree house with a bridge that leads to the other end

wooden houses in the trees

A very modern and original design house in a tree

tree house elegant bridge

A house built between the branches of trees

tree house original bridge

The interior of a house in a tree with the trunk inside

rural houses in the trees within

A small house in some trees with a bridge to go down

tree house modern bridge

The interior design of the houses in the trees

houses on trees

A round house built on the trunk of a tree with a small bridge

tree house

A round house with spiral staircases

little houses in the trees

A tree house that follows the model of the castles

tree houses

A wooden house and how to take advantage of the trunk of a tree

houses on trees

A very modern and large house that rises above the vegetation

large tree house

A tree house with the trunk that separates the two beds

tree houses inside

A tree house built in the city

houses on modern trees

Some very original houses that remind of fantastic movies

original tree houses

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