Houses in Ibiza - Things you should know before buying


The island of which we have all heard Ibiza, was a quiet fishing village in the 1950s, but today attracts many people. Every year, a large number of people visit this place thanks to its world-famous clubs.

Houses in Ibiza

However, while young people who are partying are happy to get into small, narrow apartments and spend all day in a club there are people looking for houses in Ibiza to enjoy the beauty that this island offers.

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The best thing of all is that Ibiza offers you party and tranquility at the same time since you can get to enjoy the crazy at one end of the island, but at the other end to be completely relaxed practicing yoga this makes it a very different place in comparison with others. You can be right in the middle of the action, and also get out of it if you wish.

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There are many people who believe that Ibiza only offers fun in fashionable clubs and clubs but in the last years they are realizing that the island also offers pine forests, lakes and beautiful and quiet beaches. It does not matter if you prefer extensive villas hidden in the hills or houses and apartments in popular areas you can find good Ibiza real estate .


Buying in Ibiza seems to be a good investment decision. Not only do prices continue to rise, but the growing demand from tourists means that rent yields are attractive. In general terms, the rental market in Ibiza is very dynamic. Family homes are extremely popular at this time.


What do I have to think about when I buy a house or apartment in Ibiza?

If you are considering buying a property on the island, we will discuss the things you should consider. What are the most common concerns?

The first thing you should decide is if you plan to buy a vacation home or want to move to live Ibiza . After having this clear the questions that should be asked when looking for houses in Ibiza are the following. Is there a supermarket nearby? Can I rent my house? Is there a hospital nearby? Are there enough recreational activities?


We advise you that after we find the home of your dreams, act fast! Because as we said Ibiza is a popular destination and it is very possible that there are more people interested in the same property.


When is the best period to look for houses in Ibiza? During the holiday season, many houses in Ibiza that are for sale are rented temporarily, so it can be difficult to see them. The holiday season starts from April to mid-October and the peak season is the month of July and August.


But some houses are available to see during the holiday season. Therefore, if you plan to come to Ibiza during the holidays, you should keep in mind that it can be a challenge to see all the houses on your wish list. If you plan to go on vacation and see some houses in Ibiza, the best thing you can do is to tell the real estate agent in advance about the dates you will be there.


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