How to decorate a Christmas tree with homemade decorations

How to decorate a Christmas tree

Every Christmas we have the same debate about tree ornaments. Will we opt for a classic decoration? Or do we give it a certain personality with some original ornaments that no one else will have? Do not miss out on our fabulous ideas on how to decorate a Christmas tree with Diy ornaments.

Original ideas of how to decorate a Christmas tree

Santa Claus Pinecone Pine

We encourage you to take an example of our selection of images to start making the decorations of your Christmas fir. A Santa Claus created from a pine cone and a little cotton can be a fantastic project to do as a family.

Christmas ornament made with a wine cork stopper

adornment cork stopper wine

These ornaments are ideal if you have children who want to help with Christmas decoration. If you do not have children, you can also have a nice time with friends or colleagues making Christmas decorations, we assure you that it will be worth it.

Original design of homemade Christmas ornaments

Christmas ornaments homemade star twig

Take some twigs, glue or glue and stick them forming stars or snowflakes as we can see in the images, then paint them with a little paint and add glitter.

Original designs of Christmas ornaments of natural twigs

Christmas ornaments hanging twigs fir

The decorations can also look natural and without paint, this will give your decoration a touch of Nordic style that will look very original.

Original designs of cardboard ornaments with painted Christmas images

ornaments colors cardboard images

Encourage family members to demonstrate their creativity by designing Christmas ornaments with tempera or watercolors on cardboards. Try to paint themes that remember these symbolic dates.

Great Christmas ornaments of puzzle pieces

Christmas ornaments original pieces puzzle

This is a simple and very original idea. Do you have an old puzzle at home that lacks some pieces? Use it to make original Christmas ornaments for the tree.

Original homemade Christmas ornaments made of felt fabric

Christmas ornaments homemade felt fabric

Felt fabric is very popular in the world of crafts, and this will not be the exception. With felt you can cut, mold and embroider any shape and figure that comes to mind.

Original designs of homemade Christmas ornaments

homemade fir christmas ornaments

The pine cones in their most natural aspect already decorate and provide a natural accent that everyone loves. Use pine cones to decorate your tree too, you can paint them or leave them natural.

Original hanging ornaments made with old light bulbs

light bulbs dolls snow hanging

Old light bulbs can come to life in a really simple way. Paint them white, add some details and you will have a fabulous smiling snowman decorating your fir tree.

Great ideas for making Christmas ornaments with old light bulbs

great ideas christmas bulbs

But that is not all; Use your imagination and decorate old bulbs like reindeer, gnomes, and any figure or character that reminds you of Christmas.

Beautiful Christmas ornament made of natural hazelnuts

nice adornment natural hazelnuts

Hard-shell nuts, such as walnuts or hazelnuts, can also be used as ornaments for the tree. You can join them with glue forming Christmas stars.

Original Christmas stars made with clothespins

original flakes clothespins

In the same way you can use the clothespins, in the image above you can see how to create a wonderful Christmas star that will look great on the top of your fir.

Original Christmas ornaments made from spools of threads

ornaments christmas tree reels

Use the spools of the children as decorations, you can paint them or add some accessories using fabrics, cardboard and wire.

Original Christmas ball pendant covered with gold buttons

original christmas ball golden buttons

This is a great idea for the balls and Christmas decorations that are defective or broken. Gather bright, golden buttons and glue them on the surface of the Christmas ornament. You can also create a ball yourself,

Original Christmas ball design made of burlap rope

Christmas ball burlap rope

and for this we suggest you design a model like this, which is made of rope burlap . Use any type of string to form a ball, then you can begin to decorate it at your whim or leave it as such.

Original Christmas ornament design made with macaroni

nice christmas ornament original macaroons

Macaroni and any type of pasta can be used to create your Christmas tree ornaments, and the ideas in terms of designs are very varied.

Ideas for simple decorations for the Christmas tree

simple decorations for Christmas tree

Above you can see a Christmas decoration design that has seemed very original for its simplicity. It has been used again felt and also several decorative balls.

Original ideas for making Christmas decorations

original ideas make Christmas ornaments

Use cinnamon sticks to decorate the tree, this in addition to looking wonderful will give the environment a very special and characteristic Christmas aroma.

Original ornament in the shape of fir pendant made with twigs

original hanging fir made twigs

And going back to the ornaments made with natural twigs, below you can see several ornaments made from tree branches that are really great;

Original Christmas ornament in the form of a snowflake made with twigs

original snowflake twigs diy

A golden glitter finish will undoubtedly make your Christmas tree shine and stand out as a focal point.

Original Christmas wreath design made of popcorn

little angel cotton garland corn popcorn

Now we leave you with the rest of the images of our gallery and ideas on how to decorate a Christmas tree with homemade decorations, and remember that if you want to know more trends and decorating ideas you should visit our website, see you soon.

Original ideas from how to decorate a Christmas tree

original christmas decorations home design

Great ideas on how to decorate a Christmas tree

ideas how to decorate a Christmas tree

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