How to decorate my room - the most wanted styles

modern wood canopy bed

There have been several times in which I have come to wonder how to decorate my room. The truth is that I constantly see new elements and furniture that call my attention, and these tend to be of very different styles, for this reason I have selected some of the bedroom decoration designs that have caused more interest during this season, you can not miss them.

How to decorate my room in several easy steps

original decoration eclectic room

If you merge several elements of very different styles in a room and you do it in a beautiful and original way, you could classify your design as "eclectic".

How to decorate my room in an eclectic style

original design textiles decoration

If you like the idea, you may want to take out your best textiles and combine them in an original way. It is not about filling a space with colorful blankets and rugs; You can use different patterns and tonalities but forming a composition that is not too strong for the senses.

Beautiful shabby chic bedroom decor

original shabby style decoration

After all, your room is the place where you sleep and therefore you need a design that brings peace and quiet, among other sensations.

Great Nordic style decoration

nice Nordic style decoration

With this in mind we are going to see some designs qualified as nordic or Scandinavians, well known for their soft tones and their use of natural wood.

Great decoration in Scandinavian style

four Scandinavian style decoration

The simplicity of this style is ideal for bedrooms, and easy to get. The characteristic patterns are geometrical, chevron, crosses, etc.

Original decoration design in minimalist style

room decoration minimalist style

But if you are a lover of minimalism , all the above will seem unnecessary. If you want your room to be clear, clean and well lit, leave only the furniture of first necessity.

Great room design with wooden platform

wood platform room design

If you opt for minimalism but you have a lot of junk, one of two; Throw them or think about the most efficient way to store them.

Nice design of minimalist style wooden bed

nice design wooden bed

This decoration is very typical of some oriental cultures and is really suitable for a bedroom in which there are beautiful views.

Original decoration of headboard with vinyl in the shape of animals

decoration headboard vinyl animals

You can include modern ornaments and minimalist style, like these original animal silhouettes. They do not disturb or take from the space of the room.

Original room decoration design with yellow accent wall

original yellow wall booties shoes

Pop art style is definitely not for everyone. The intense colors and the strong contrasts in bold are characteristic, in addition to the graphic arts as a fundamental theme of the decoration.

Original pop art style room decoration

decorate eclectic style room

Often these designs can be eclectic or bohemian, if not for the inclusion of such graphic arts or paintings of bright colors, such as the Marilyn painting we see above.

Awesome pop art style decoration design

impressive popart style decor

This design is also pop art style, but the colors shine even brighter because they stand out against a completely white background.

Great bedroom decoration in a loft

great room attic decoration

If your room has white walls, it is easy to give personality with decorative details since these will cause a great impact.

Nice design of bedroom decoration

nice furniture deco quarter

You can use dark frames to achieve even more contrast intensity. In addition to the bedding, the treatments of the windows and the carpet, there are details such as cushions and tapestries that can immediately transform the character of a room.

Nice room with Nordic decoration and vintage style elements

nice vintage decoration room

You can combine elements of specific themes of your taste along with a style that suits well, keep in mind the patterns and colors in this case.

Eclectic room design with black accent wall

Eclectic room black wall

You can also take advantage of the opportunity to redecorate your room and place some restored vintage object that will cause you a pleasant sensation.

Beautiful design of modern and luxurious bedroom

nice luxurious modern bedroom

If you have enough space, try to divide it into different areas, but all are very well connected to each other.

Original ideas of how to decorate my room

how to decorate my room gray color

And if you think about choosing a new furniture, consider also the finishes and textures. It is very current to combine the different materials in the interiors.

Ideas of how to decorate my room to be functional

how to decorate my room tropiocal style

Add the areas you need to the room and make sure they are all located as efficiently as possible.

Original decoration design with two complementary colors

modern decoration two colors

You can choose two colors as the basis of the decor , and compose the design from them. Often designers often choose pairs of complementary colors;

Original minimalist style room design

original minimalist style room

but you can also choose the set of colors that you like the most and put it in your room as long as they do not end up creating a claustrophobic sensation.

Original bedroom design in minimalist style

original minimalist bedroom design

I hope these tips will help you decorate your room, do not forget to visit our website.

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