How to design a kitchen: useful and useful tips

how to design a kitchen windows decoration flowers ideas

When you make the decision to renew the kitchen old or build a completely new kitchen should think well the use and prominence that will give this space in your home. Today we're going to give you some tips on how to design a kitchen.

How to design a kitchen ideas to improve your home

how to design a kitchen cabinets white island countertop marble chairs eat ideas

Some important aspects that should be considered when starting the reconstruction are: how many people will use this kitchen and if it will do it at the same time or not, if you buy food daily you will need storage spaces that will mean more cabinets if ventilation is enough, if your family spends most of the time of the day in the kitchen, if it is the place of meals and dinners as well.

How to design a modern, comfortable and pleasant kitchen

how to design a kitchen cabinets wall steel island great ideas

After answering these questions you can start. It will be great that you have the option to choose where the kitchen will be in the house because it is better that the space between it and the dining room be as short as possible, even better if you have a large kitchen and you can have the kitchen and the dining room in a only space Natural light is also very important.

How to design a rustic style kitchen

how to design a kitchen bar interesting ideas modern house wood

A very important thing when thinking about furniture in a kitchen is that they must have a distribution that allows you to have all the elements you need to prepare food nearby (refrigerator, stove, washer). The ways you have to design the kitchen are four. You can design a "U" shape, a straight line (in long spaces), an "L" shape and finally an island in the center when you have a large area for the kitchen.

Large white kitchen with a lot of style

white kitchen luminous chairs bara modern white leather

Before installing the furniture you must and the table must take into consideration the heights. To boast of a functional kitchen, do not forget that the refrigerator, kitchen and dishwasher must form what is known as a working triangle. The space between these spaces should be as small as possible.

Kitchen with island and stainless steel countertop

how to design a contemporary kitchen urban industrial style ideas modern steel

If you design your kitchen so the cooking activities will be focused on a single area where you will have everything at your fingertips. It is a good idea to raise or lower the wall units since it is not necessary for everyone to be at the same height. A very useful thing to add in the kitchen are drawers and extensible shelves you can also design drawers of different sizes and place them between the base cabinets and the pendants.

Kitchens with furniture and white walls

kitchen design simple cabinets wall countertop marble ideas

Never install the oven under the window because if you leave it open the wind can put out the fire and let the gas come out. When choosing the colors for the kitchen I always recommend the same white and pastel colors are the best option since they make any room look more spacious. Now we let you review also the photos we have for you, we hope you will be inspired and create a great kitchen that will leave everyone speechless.

Stainless steel appliances and wood furniture

kitchen appliances stainless steel island white modern

Kitchen designed in a rustic style

kitchen rustic style original design interesting ideas

Floor-to-ceiling kitchen furniture in gray color

kitchen large island bar countertop wood ideas

Another idea of ​​island kitchen with black marble countertop

kitchen island countertop marble chairs high ideas modern

Modern kitchen with many closets

kitchen island wall cabinets wood ideas modern

Urban industrial style cooking

modern kitchen wall gray furniture orange wide ideas

Kitchen with wooden furniture

kitchen furniture ceiling flooring countertops marble ideas

Kitchen with white floor to ceiling furniture

kitchen small marble countertop black furniture floor ideas ceiling

Narrow kitchen with marble countertops

small kitchen narrow furniture marble countertops ideas

Kitchen with island and white cabinets

kitchen small island countertop wood cabinets white ideas

modern kitchens countertops stainless steel cabinets woods ideas

how to design a kitchen table eat big island ideas

color yellow kitchen traditional island pequena ideas

beige colors white kitchen table chairs wood modern

vibrant colors modern kitchens glass countertops ideas

how to design a kitchen cabinets different levels ideas

how to design a kitchen blue marble countertop ideas

how to design a kitchen bar chair marble ideas

how to design a modern modern style white kitchen

how to design a countertop marble kitchen modern pictures ideas

how to design a kitchen shelves glasses dishes ideas

how to design a kitchen modern faucets wall ideas orange

how to design an old oven kitchen ideas

how to design a kitchen ideas vintage modern style

how to design a kitchen island countertop white simple ideas

how to design an island kitchen furniture color green ideas

how to design a kitchen island small wood ideas

how to design a white washbasin kitchen ideas

how to design a wood kitchen table displaces easy ideas

how to design a kitchen table eat original ideas

how to design a modern kitchen glass countertops ideas

how to design a large white furniture kitchen

how to design a kitchen furniture wood island wide ideas

how to design a kitchen furniture black red ideas

how to design a kitchen several spaces gray ideas

how to design a luminous kitchen island chairs bar leather ideas

how to design a kitchen simple lines well structured modern ideas

how to design a marble kitchen wonderful modern style idea

brown wood furniture dark kitchen ideas modern design

Kitchen designed by Peter Salermo

Peter Salerno design kitchen furniture wood ideas modern

chair wood island countertop glass ideas modern kitchen

green white colors this kitchen cupboards wood modern

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