How to make a bedside table in several easy steps

how to make a bedside table

Today we want to show you several ideas about how to make a bedside table in a simple and original way with recycled materials. A bedside table is a very functional and necessary element in any bedroom, but often many owners forget it or do not pay too much attention to its design.

Original ideas of how to make a bedside table

how to make a bedside table 1

However, a bedside table can be a true focal point in a room, it all depends on how you manage to choose it or, better yet, to make it for yourself.

Ideas for bedside tables Diy

How to make a bedside table ideas

As you can see in the images, you basically need a surface and several legs to hold it. When we say legs, we talk about any type of structure that manages to keep the table standing.

Minimalist style nightstand design

simple bedside table

But even the legs could be left over if you decide on a minimalist design like the image above; a simple shelf attached to the wall.

Original Diy ideas for bedside tables

ideas diy night tables

We like the idea of ​​using pallet boxes or a vintage wooden staircase. If you opt for these ideas, do not forget to apply a coat of paint or varnish to the wood after sanding it. After all, the bedside table is in the bedroom and very close to the bed, so it must be treated to ensure hygiene.

Tips and ideas for making original bedside tables

cool ideas original night tables

These designs also seem great, and specifically the swing on the left. It is a less stable option and requires holes in the ceiling, but you will agree that it looks super original.

Original Diy bedside table in vintage style

bedside table diy wood vintage style

This old wine box has acquired a new function and looks divine in a Nordic style environment. The interior has been upholstered in cloth and metal legs have been added.

Original bedside table made of concrete blocks

bedside table concrete blocks

This design is even simpler and is more stable. Various concrete blocks used for construction are enough to create a bedside table with an industrial look.

Original vintage chest bedside table

bedside table vintage chest

The chests and restored trunks They are great to give your bedroom a touch of vintage style, and can also serve as bedside tables.

Bedside table made of wooden boxes

bedside table boxes wooden pallets

The fruit boxes or pallets are great allies for any type of wood craft, and this is no exception.

Great bedside table made with pallets

night table wood box pallet

You can place the box as is or integrate inside the shelves with several wooden slats from another pallet.

Original design of bedside table Diy

bedside table modern design

This bedside table design is very original and practical. You can transform the design and modify its height using more books. The only drawback is that the surface of the table is not very stable, but you can devise something to hold it.

Original bedside table with shelves ladder

original nightstand shape staircase

This is a really original design. The worn old staircase brings a very interesting shabby chic style accent.

Original design of bedside table Diy pink fuchsia

pink night table piece

This half of the table seems to come out of the wall. It's a great idea if you have an old table that is in poor condition.

Industrial style stool used as a nightstand

original bedside chair industrial

The idea of ​​using a stool as a nightstand is very practical, and we reserve it for the laziest. All you have to do is choose a design that fits well with the decoration of your room.

How to make a youthful bedside table

basketball table

Young guys who love sports will be enthusiastic about this simple and original design.

How to make a bedside table with a vase

vase with crystal

And for a touch of romantic style, we suggest trying a design similar to this one. Fix a glass lid over the opening of a large vase and you will have an amazing custom design that everyone will envy.

How to make a bedside table with pipes

bedside tables

This is one of the ideas that has most attracted our attention due to its original finish. For this project you will need a pipe or saw cutter, a 1-1 / 8 inch drill, a sander with 120 grit and 180 grit sandpaper and copper pipes. The items can be located some stores. Product costs, availability and item numbers may vary online or in the market. The colors of the paint may vary slightly from those shown. Availability varies according to the market for wood species and sizes.

Steps to make a bedside table

original bedside table

For a more economical version of this table, replace the 1-inch copper tube and accessories shown here with 3/4 inch tubes and caps. From the copper tube, cut three pieces of 20 inches long, three pieces of 6 inches, two pieces of 3-1 / 2 inches, and a piece of 9-1 / 2 inches. If you want a more attractive finish on copper, remove exterior markings using acetone in a well-ventilated area while using eye protection and breathing. Then proceed to polish the copper. Fix a 6-inch pipe to one end of one and repeat for the other two 6-inch pipes. Add caps to the ends of the 6-inch pipes. Next, add the 20-inch tube legs.

Steps to make a bedside table with pipes

pipe table

Use a carpenter's square to check that the legs are 90 degrees on a flat work surface. Mark the positions of the legs on the top of the table. Turn the base mounted upside down and support the ends of the pine round. Adjust the placement to center the base and check that the legs are at equal distances from the round wooden edges. Then mark the positions of the legs. Find the center of each marked location and drill 1-1 / 8 inch holes (7/8 inch holes for 3/4 inch pipe) using a drill bit. Drill holes as deeply as possible without breaking the other surface. To ensure consistent hole depths, mark the drill with a permanent marker or tape. Sand the top with 120 grit and 180 grit sandpaper and clean. Apply the finish of your choice to the pine top or leave it unfinished. Leave the top of wood bare, or seal with paint or clear varnish.

Original classic style wooden bedside tables

original night tables classic wood

We hope that our ideas of how to make a bedside table have helped you, then you can see some images that show how to make a classic wooden bedside table.

Structures of plywood to make bedside tables

panels wood night tables

The structures for this design have space for a drawer, and are made of plywood.

Steps to follow to make a bedside table

step two bedside table

Plywood drawer for bedside table

wood drawer nightstand

Design of the interior structure for bedside table

interior structure bedside table wood

Design of bedside table structure with drawer

design drawer nightstand night

Structure for wooden bedside table

interior structure wood table

Original set of wooden bedside tables

original set night tables

Original design of bedside table made of plywood with a drawer

nightstand night wood a drawer

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