How to make crochet purses in simple steps

How to make crochet purses

Crochet handbags, wallets and purses will be the protagonists of our article today. If you feel nostalgia for those adorable crochet purses and have some free time, you should try to make this project. Today we want to show you ideas about how to make crochet purses , discover how to make them in several simple steps.

Learn how to make crochet purses

How to make crochet purses

The art of crochet consists of knitting with thread or wool, and it is a task similar to knitting. Throughout history, crochet has become an industry that is still fashionable. In times past, only women and children wove blankets and clothes to sell it and thus be able to maintain itself.

purses buttons

Nowadays, crochet is a relaxation technique, a way of forgetting for a while the daily routine. It is a true source of satisfaction and creativity, and has also been proven to help reduce stress.

Ideas on how to make crochet purses

How to make blue crochet purses

The wide variety of design models and materials make it possible to weave many things, from a blanket, baby booties or even a tapestry to decorate the wall. It is a great hobby, and although at the beginning it requires patience, with perseverance it can be achieved.

original crochet purse

Now we are going to show some great ideas to make crochet handbags and purses. Let your imagination fly and create modern matching purses and purses. One of the keys to make a beautiful elaboration and if you wonder how to make crochet purses you have to bear in mind that the combination of colors is one of the most important decorative details.

crochet purse knitted

Let's start by seeing the classic crochet purse model with click lock. These classic models can be made using a color for the complete purse. However, if you are thinking about making a purse with a matching purse you can use the same colors for the two designs.

purse colors

Many of these purses remind us of our childhood, when our grandmother used to open her purse to give us some money for ice cream or sweets. Keep in mind that fashion trends come back and are constantly spinning. Nowadays these purses are also fashionable. Therefore, you can choose their designs.

knitted purse

This type of purse in particular has a metal frame that makes it possible to open it, and its size will determine the size of the purse itself. You also have to keep in mind that when making your purse you can opt for a design that includes a decoration or a decorative detail with a flower. On the other hand, a very elegant way to do it is using darker shades for the flower. This way, it will highlight the design of the purse.

colored purses

The pattern for making this purse is very easy and it works by holding two threads of cotton yarn together. You can also use two different shades of colors and two different thread thicknesses. This is completely optional, but we like to experiment with new techniques and the mixture of color and thickness that you obtain can be very original.

How to make a crochet purse in simple steps

ideas how to make a crochet purse

The materials you will need are a 8.5 cm purse frame, 50 grams of cotton yarn in the color you prefer (A), 50 grams of cotton yarn thinner than (A) and lighter in color (B) , A 3.5 mm hook and a needle.

frame close

This purse can be made in elastic crochet knit, the same that can be used for necks and scarves, only with a finer wool. You can also see that the metal part of the purse is provided with holes so that the thread will have to pass through them.

round purse

Let's look at the base pattern for the round mouthpiece purse models. In this case you can start with a magic ring, and make 12 mid-high points. Then, make a turn with a double increase in all points, there will be 24 mid-high points.

beautiful designs

Then make an increased turn, and at a point in between will be 36 points. Make another turn increased, and in each two points will be 48 points. Finally, make another turn increased, and every 3 points will be 60.

green purse

When you arrive at this turn you should measure with the mouthpiece of the purse or take the measures of the circumference of the mouthpiece and compare it with the fabric and, based on this, consider if it is necessary to weave one more turn increasing every 4 points, or if already you have the correct measure; in that case you can start knitting without increases.

nice design

Do 2 more laps without increases in medium high point. Now is the time of the fantasy point and you can finally end up with two more turns of medium high. Complete the design by sewing the nozzle and lining of the interior.

purses bands

You can find nozzle frames for purses of different shapes. Keep in mind that this will also condition the shape and design of your crochet purse. Therefore, the best thing you can do is to choose the frames first so that you can define the purse shape in this way.

How to make original crochet purses

flower purse

You can add to your purse some complement of your taste, like this beautiful flower, also made of knit. However, if you want your purse to be full of color you can choose vibrant and intense colors that will give more life to your design. On the other hand, if you want more style and elegance it is better that you opt for pastel and natural colors.

pink purse

It is a complement that every woman will adore; you can give them away or even sell them, why not?

blue purse

Look at the beautiful color combination of this crochet purse; the lining of the interior adds a truly beautiful vintage touch.

crochet bag

But crochet purses are not the only thing we can make using the technique of crochet , even if you are a beginner.

crochet bag

An original bag that matches your purse can be a great personalized gift. Now let's see some simple steps to make crochet bags.

zipper purse

The materials you will need to make a cloth bag are: cotton yarn or cloth of two colors, a hook for the number 10 and a pair of scissors

crochet wallet

Let's start with the step-by-step procedure. First, take the needle and the cotton thread and tie a knot in a rope. Pass the crochet needle through it to start with the fabric.

crochet pattern

To make a simple bag, make a chain of 20 points or links. Once you complete the chain (you can make it more links if you want a larger bag), knit the first row in low or medium point.

nice bag

This is the only point you need to know to knit a crochet bag. Too easy!

super bag

Continue in half a point making as many rows as you need to reach the height you want to give your bag for two.

flap bag

Once you have completed all the rows, fold the fabric in half and begin to close the sides with slipped, dwarf, run or false point.

Hello Kitty bag

When you finish, hide the thread inside the bag, interlacing it to the fabric and cutting off the excess. Close the other side in the same way.

purses point

Knit the strap or handle of the bag with a chain from one of the sides and ends, joining the other side. You can do it double or triple if you want it thicker.

purse beautiful colors

Take a cotton thread of a contrasting color and make a slippery edge.

purse colors

To make your design even more beautiful, add an ornament . Notice that it is only intertwined in the fabric, passing the cotton thread from side to side and tying at the end inside, so that it does not fall apart.

brown purse

You can put wooden rings in the fabric of your bag. You can combine the colors and bands of bands, thin or thick.

How to make a crochet wallet in the shape of a frog

frog purse

Decorate with crochet woven flowers. They are very good and easy to make. In addition, all kinds of models of crocheted handbags always look good.

How to make pink crochet purses

pink purse

Use other materials such as rope to make a base for your bag or for the handles of it.

How to make original crochet purses

original crochet purse

nice design

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