How to make wooden pergola ideas and tips


In our article today we will try to explain how to make wooden pergola, so that you build your own pergola and decorate the garden in the best way interlaced with vines or other plants climbers the pergola serves several important functions in the yard , while the construction will not take long.

How to make wooden pergola to beautify the garden

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A pergola will decorate the rest area and at the same time will protect you from the scorching sun during the day. Adding a pergola is the quickest and easiest way to decorate a garden, creating a shaded area for rest that you can decorate with roses or other climbing plants.

How to make wooden pergola rabbits

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The pergolas are known since the times of ancient Rome, in those days, these complicated structures thanks to its practical feature that was to protect people from the hot sun while walking on the path to the source could be found in many houses. In the garden with modern landscape design the pergola also makes a decorative paper.

how to make wooden pergola

Depending on your own taste and preferences, with the help of a pergola you can accentuate the characteristics of landscape architecture in a suburban area. The most common pergola has a rectangle shape. It can have a decorative function to be an ornament in the garden. First we must think about the design of our pergola.

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If the main function of the pergola is to protect from the sun you can create a building adjacent to the house that can also become a shelter to park the car. Or it can also be separated and play the role of a gazebo. Rain does not protect them, but shade if it is going to take place on a hot summer day.

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The design in the form of fence or space separators as you will have already realized the pergola will help when it is necessary to divide one part of the garden from another. A shelter and shade can also be provided, which can be adjacent to any building. The pergola can also play the role of tunnel.

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The pergola built of several arches, joined together by horizontal beams and placed on a path that takes us from one building to another or from the house to a fountain is also a very original decorative option. When choosing the material for the construction of the future pergola should consider the following points. First the pergola should fit with the general style of landscape design and match the size of the garden or terrace. The design must be durable and reliable.

How to make wooden pergola step by step

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If you plan to grow plants that climb the pergola or are simply close to your columns to decorate, you should keep in mind that climbing plants grow quickly and over time their weight will increase. In addition you must water the plants which contributes to the high humidity, which is why a special treatment of the elements of the wooden pergola is needed.

how to make wooden pergola

Treatment that may need to be repeated regularly. The pergolas vary according to the material they are made of. The most common materials are metal, plastic, bamboo, aluminum and various types of wood, each type of material has its advantages and disadvantages in its use. But the best combination of price, quality and dignified appearance have the wooden pergola.

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This is one of the reasons why today we give you tips on how to make wooden pergola. The wooden pergola is a classic that fits any style of design of gardens and terraces. When choosing a place for the pergola, we must remember that it can be an independent structure and can be placed in the place of the garden that you think is most appropriate.

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We continue with some step by step instructions on the construction of a pergola. We should start by drawing a picture of the future construction in which to calculate the size and number of bars required. Then we must make holes in the ground with at least 80cm deep. The holes are 4 and in them we will put the 4 columns of the pergola.

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Fill the holes with concrete and let it sit for a few days to solidify. Then we fix the columns with the special screws in the concrete support. We continue to fix the mounting rails to the support beams. We place the transverse roof beams on the support, which must enter the grooves that we have made in the support beams.

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Also fix with screws. The distance between the bars must be no more than 30 cm. To make the structure more resistant, better place the perpendicular beams 60 cm away. We place some corner supports at a 45 degree angle between the carrier and the support beams which will make the construction more reliable.

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Before starting, seek the advice of professionals for the construction of pergolas. The size of the pergola depends on the size of the area. A large pergola, would look ridiculous in a small area and vice versa. The construction we show you today is light, so do not overload the structure with thick beams. The optimum height for the pergolas is no more than 2.5 m as a higher structure loses its stability.


Do not neglect the additional strengthening of structures such as pergolas since they must withstand gravity the weight of plants, windstorms and snow. Metallic or wooden do not forget to take good care of your pergola and regularly think of special solutions to protect it.


Now we leave you with these photos so you can see how to make wooden pergola step by step and inspire you to decorate your garden with this beautiful and useful element.






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