How to plant avocado in our house

how to plant avocado home

In this article we will talk about a very interesting topic, especially for people who like avocado. We are going to discover the mystery of how to plant avocado at home in a very easy way, we will tell you the materials that you need at the beginning to do it in water with the bone of the fruit .

How to plant avocado at home in water

how to plant avocado

Now, how to plant an avocado bone: the first thing you have to do is remove the bone from the fruit and ensure a place in the house warm and sunny, because if you leave it out the cold and the change of time can damage the tropical plant .

What n we need at first for the cultivation

how to plant avocado our house

The materials you need to plant avocado are its bone, a glass or plastic container and three or four toothpicks. It is better that the container is made of plastic because in this way you can see the process of germination, when it arrives.

How to plant avocado in water with toothpicks

how to plant avocado easily

You have to fill the water container and with the chopsticks what you have to do is insert them slightly into the bone in the same way you see in the image. The chopsticks do not have to go through the bone, but they have to protrude more than half. After doing this, you leave the bone in the water floating.

Grow avocados in water at home

how to plant an avocado

When the germination process begins, you will see that an opening or crack will form in the bone. At this moment what you have to do is remove the skin of the bone very carefully. You can remove it first only halfway and later remove the rest or you can remove it directly whole. But before doing so you should leave the avocado bone in hot water for 30 minutes.

We remove the skin in the germination of the avocado bone

how to plant an avocado bone

To avoid damaging the bone, it is best to use tweezers and do it with great care. After removing the skin, you have to leave it outdoors. It would be best to leave it in the sun to dry. Then, you put it back in the container with the chopsticks, as it was.

The germination of avocado in water

plant avocado

When you follow the process of germination, you will see that stems and roots will start to emerge from the bone. The sticks have to remain stuck in the bone. In this way, with the sticks stuck, what we get is that we do not sink the bone, we serve as support.

An avocado planting stems

grow avocado

I guess we've already answered more or less to the question how to plant an avocado. It's quite simple, as long as you follow the recommended steps. When you have put many roots and a fairly long stem, you can change the container and put it in a vase, for example, because that way the plant will have more space to develop.

The cultivation of avocado in a pot

how to plant an avocado home

And the last step is cultivation. To grow avocado you need a pot. This last step has to be done when the roots and the stem allow us to move it to another space, that is, when they are large enough for it. At the beginning, it would be good to leave the pot in a sunny space near a window. Then, later, when the plant has become strong enough, you can take it out to the terrace or the garden, if you live in a house. In this way, following these steps, you can have an avocado tree at home.

The beginning of the avocado tree

how to plant a house avocado bone

Inside or outside

plant avocado home

Final decoration with stones

Grow avocado home

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