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The living rooms are multifunctional spaces that also reflect in a certain way the personality and tastes of the owners. Today we want to propose you decoration ideas salon in a series of images that will inspire you, here begins our journey.

Ideas decoracion salon - discover your style

original design living room

The eclecticism was created in the nineteenth century, during which the architecture of indebtedness was established as a free choice. It was a movement in which the approach was totally different with the idea of ​​being able to draw on different concepts and theories and simply mix them all and make sure that there is this specific idea that is complementary to the other. It may seem mixed or messy, but as experts say, it is quite common in our society.

Original ideas decorating salon - the eclectic style

nice living room

Basically, when we want to achieve an eclectic approach to a specific room, for example, a living room, all we have to remember is that it simply has to be systematic in some way, and also complementary, but not necessarily the elements must be correlated one with the other. Below are twenty four ideas for decorating living rooms where you will find approaches of different styles.

Great design of colonial style living room with contemporary leather furniture

original ideas decoration salon

The use of leather in this room looks masculine, and the addition of the contemporary accent chair on the side made this room look even better. The atmosphere in general is somewhat colonial, however, some really fantastic modern elements are also involved.

Modern living room design with wooden central wall with reliefs

living room wall wood

Look at the impressive appearance of wood in this living room. The central wall with reliefs serves as a library with irregular shelves from floor to ceiling.

Original design of living room with Chester sofas

living room pop art style

Here, an original combination of vintage elements creates a vibrant atmosphere. The most interesting is the very feminine image that shows a Chesterfield sofa with magenta capitoné upholstery, since this piece itself must symbolize a masculine and stately character.

Original decoration of living room

nice decoration living room

The upholstery of type capitoné is tendency during this season. You will find it in different types of furniture and in forms and finishes never before seen.

Salon style industrial decoration ideas

great decoration living room

In this interior, the style that is appreciated is rather industrial. However, this does not prevent the addition of explosions of bright and attractive colors.

Styles and original ideas of decoration for living room

original ideas decoration living room

In this living room textiles and works of art are those who provide the visual effect of greatest interest. The complementary colors are accentuated thanks to the bold contrasts in bold.

Original pop art style living room design

original living room pop art

Pop art often fuses with eclecticism to form unique and colorful environments; In this room, each piece speaks for itself.

Pop art living room with exposed brick wall

living room brick wall

This living room combines the elements in a great way, and the characteristic image of pop art creates an original contrast on the exposed brick wall.

Original design pop art style decoration

original decoration pop art style

A decoration in black and white with accents of bright colors will create the feeling of being inside a comic, it is just what happens in the original room that we see in the image above.

Original industrial style living room design

original industrial style lounge

And back to the industrial style, here you can see several examples that really present the best of this current style.

Design of modern industrial style living room

industrial modern living room

As its name indicates, the industrial style It is inspired by the interior of factories and warehouses that were adapted to become homes.

Original decoration of industrial style living room

original living room decoration

Brick walls are very characteristic of this style, as are all kinds of architectural structures that are visible such as beams or pipes.

Super design of industrial style living room

salon design industrial style

The color palette of industrial type is quite restricted. The gray and earthy are the fundamentals, being able to be clarified or obscured according to the needs and tastes.

Original industrial style living room decoration design

living room modern furniture pallet

It is a very young, urban and dynamic style. It accommodates a large number of elements that are more functional than beautiful, and this is precisely where their charm lies.

Original design of living room decorated with vintage furniture

furniture set orignal design

This living room shows a lot of elements of vintage and colonial type. It has opted for neutral tones to enhance this space that is flooded with natural lighting.

Original design of bauhaus style living room with yellow sofa

original design living room sofa yellow

Bauhaus style is very appropriate for those who prefer open and wide spaces, but at the same time want to enjoy the textures and pretentious forms.

Super modern minimalist style living room design

modern living room minimalist style

And sometimes, you can not appreciate the border between bauhaus style and minimalism since everything consists of decorating in a rational and practical way.

Original design of modern lounge furniture

salon modern bauhaus design

Now we leave you with the rest of the images of our gallery, in them you will find more ideas decorating salon, see you soon.

Original set of furniture for living room

Living room original design

Original living room design in minimalist style

living room minimalist style

Original design of eclectic living room

eclectic living room

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