Ideas for bathrooms with contemporary design

bathroom luminous wall stone options ideas

Today we have ideas for bathrooms with contemporary and modern design for all of you to be inspired to create an oasis of well-being in your own home .

Ideas for large bathrooms in black and white

ideas sophisticated black white options

If you have to design the bathroom of your new home, or do a remodeling of your bathroom and goes in search of good ideas is in the right place because on our page you can find a lot of articles with photos and tips on bathroom design.

Ideas for bathrooms in beige and white

bathrooms design space marble ideas

If you think that you will not be able to effectively combine furniture, accessories and toilets, discover our images that show you baths with unique style. So that you are ready to transform the bathroom into a corner of well-being, where you can relax and feel like a king.

Marble wall and white washbasin in the bathroom

white bathroom design elegant modern ideas

We are sure that after taking a look at the solutions we propose today, you will have a clearer idea of ​​what you want.

LED strips on the edges of the modern bathroom wall

narrow bathroom bright design original options ideas

First of all we must think that the bathroom is one of the most comfortable rooms in the house so for its design should weigh even the smallest detail.

Contemporary bathroom options with gray walls

bathroom washbasin led lighting opcoines ideas

As we all know well, a renovation or remodeling of the bathroom is a great investment of time and money. For we advise you to make a budget before making the list of things you want to have in the bathroom.

Very dark bathroom with LED lighting behind the mirror

ideas modern black elegant options

Then you can choose furniture and the style that your bathroom will have. Many times we have said that it is important to have a clear vision of how you want your space to be and this is not just for the bathroom but for all the rooms in the house.

Narrow bathroom with very nice white slabs

modern bathroom large window options design ideas

To help and inspire you today we are going to discuss trends in bathroom design for 2016. If you have followed the trends for bathroom design in recent years you will know that wood is increasingly used in furniture and bathroom walls and this year this is going to change.

Black bathtub and white sinks in the modern bathroom

bathroom furniture black color elegant design ideas

There are many companies that make new wood products for the bathroom which allows us to introduce this natural material in our modern bathrooms.

Small bathroom with wooden walls for a very natural design

small bathroom original wood walls ideas

In today's photos you can see bathrooms with wooden floors and walls and if this seems too much we also have wooden details options on the wall that play the role of decorative element.

Ideas to decorate the white wall of the bathroom with mosaics

details black white bathroom spectacular design ideas

This material is also used for contemporary sinks. One thing that combines very well with wood are the light colors that reassure.

Large bathroom with shower and bathtub and white washbasin

design bathroom options spacious modern ideas

In addition, green and light blue will be modern this year so our advice is to dare selecting one of these colors for the walls or furniture of your modern bathroom.

Very original detail on the wall of the luminous bathroom

bathroom black bath sinks and large mirror

For a feeling of freshness and brightness you can combine them with white slabs and some wooden detail. If you are looking for a more sophisticated look you can even add some metallic elements typical of the modern style.

Slab ideas that imitate wood in the bathroom with modern design

ideas bathroom design white detail green modern

Another thing that is fashionable this year are the tiles or the mosaic with creative patterns. Although this does not mean that we should forget about the perfect simple tiles for all those people who want a simple and minimalist design.

Bathroom with white wooden ceiling window designed by Archiplanstudio

ideas for bathrooms modern archiplanstudio design

Our advice is that you choose the classic white-colored spike tiles or some neutral color in combination with rectangular tiles will add drama to your bathroom.

White bathtub with contemporary design for the modern bathroom

ideas for bathrooms design bathtub modern wood table

If instead you are willing to add a lot of color to your bathroom we also show you ideas for bathrooms with very nice colorful tiles. As we already mentioned, wood is fashionable this year but it is not the only natural material that we can add in the bathroom.

Large bathroom with classic design washbasins and white tub

ideas for bathrooms classic modern design

Because all the tiles and stone sinks will also take place in the modern bathroom this season. Do not think only of stone floors and walls.

Narrow white bathroom designed by Colectiv Arquitectura

ideas for bathrooms collectiv architecture modern design

In this article we show you beautiful stone washbasins. Each space filled with natural materials that contrast with each other and that offer an attractive texture will be modern.

Washbasins and bathtub of white color in the bathroom with industrial design

ideas for bathrooms contemporary design contemporary white washbasin

The stone is the best option if you are tired of the standard porcelain that we can see in most bathrooms. Double showers are very popular, but it is not about two showers, but a large wall-mounted shower and a separate headset to offer an elegant look to your design.

Ideas for bathrooms with levels to create greater attractiveness

ideas for bathrooms designed two levels modern bath

As every year, we must also think about functionality. But this is bad news for all those who are accustomed to clutter and an exaggerated design full of details.

Bathroom options with bold colored walls in combination with black and white floor tiles

ideas for bathrooms modern colorful space design

Put simply, the clean look and modern forms fly out of fashion. For this to happen we must ensure that we have enough space to store all the things we use in the bathroom so that the bathroom is a more orderly and quiet place.

Ideas for open bathrooms with simple design in contemporary style

ideas for bathrooms design open spaces modern

We have commented on the walls and floors of the bathroom but for the accessories we have not said anything.

White furniture in the spacious and bright bathroom with wooden floor

ideas for bathrooms contemporary modern style design

What you should know is that white is back in fashion in recent years elegant accessories of black and gray were sought after but this changes because as we said we look for a fresh and contemporary look for the bathroom.

Ideas for bathrooms with a classic design sink and bathtub

ideas for bathrooms design modern classic design

A trend that for years we can see in the interior design is the use of metallic elements. Although it is not created metals offer glamor and contrast beautifully with natural materials so to fill your bathroom style can give an industrial touch with a metal element.

Original details ideas like this chairs and the rug you can see in the next bathroom

ideas for bathrooms design style neutral colors modern

You can choose some steel or bronze faucets for a bright picture in the bathroom. Another important thing we must do is try environment plus functionality of course. How to do this?

Ideas for bathrooms with contemporary design and oval shaped bathtub and white color perfect for a space with style

ideas for bathrooms design modern style options

The best way is to opt for custom furniture taps showers and bathtubs that have an interesting feature and good lighting that focus.

Two washbasins with wardrobe with wooden doors in the classic style

ideas for bathrooms design modern wood washbasin

We know that custom furniture can be a luxury, but if you add some natural wood furniture designed especially for you, you should not forget that it will last much longer than furniture sold in series.

Touches of gold in the white tiles of the bathroom adds an air of elegance to the space

ideas for bathrooms modern white gold slabs

Having a beautiful dresser with a stool in the bathroom will make you feel as if you were in a house of the last century. It is increasingly common to put small furniture such as a stool in the bathroom.

An original choice of beautiful white and blue slabs for the modern bathroom wall

ideas for bathrooms design modern beautiful wall slabs

For this reason, think of stools, chairs, coat racks, floor mats or because there is no carpet and hanging lights. This year we have good news for all lovers of industrial style. Bathrooms inspired by industrial design will be fashionable.

Small bathroom designed by Mooseberry Design Group

bathroom design mooseberry design group ideas

Many choose the use of concrete for the floor and walls of the bathroom. If you like this style and decide to put concrete in your bathroom do not forget that your space may look cold.

Matching wood-paneled glass bathtub with washbasin in the modern bathroom

bathrooms design furniture wood precious ideas

To keep this from happening, you can add contrasting textures such as wood, natural fibers and even toilet wallpaper to soften the appearance.

Bathroom with wooden floor and furniture with very nice classic design

bathrooms original design floor wood ideas

We have given the good news to lovers of the industrial style now we go for the lovers of craftsmanship. For a modern bathroom forget about mass production. In 2016 it's all about custom handmade bath tiles.

A very original neutral design option for the modern bathroom

bathrooms design walls washbasin blue ideas

All the artisan details will be considered beautiful for their imperfections, they will infuse a bathroom space with a rich texture and visual appeal.

Bathroom with wooden sink designed by PL Architekci

style bathrooms design plastic architekci ideas

You can use a bright wood panel with handmade tiles to create a contrast of textures in your bathroom.

White rectangular shaped bathtub in the modern bathroom

style bathrooms simple design neutral ideas

Another interesting thing you should know about the modern design for the bathrooms of 2016 is that if you want to add a touch of color to your bathroom you can do it.

Black furniture ideas and dark wood walls in the modern bathroom

bathrooms design touches black color original modern ideas

And the most modern color this season is the color pink. But if this is not your favorite color you can always choose some detail purple or black.

Toilet bowls and white bide in the bathroom with black floors and walls

bathrooms design touches black color modern slabs

Now we let you review these ideas for modern bathrooms and inspire you to create a spectacular design that everyone will envy.

Large mirror and bright black slabs in the modern bathroom

beautiful black slabs bright floor bathroom ideas

After all, trends are important but the most important thing is what you like and what makes you feel comfortable and calm.

Spacious bathroom with hardwood floors and large bathtub

decorative plants bathroom modern design options

Modern bathroom with very nice sink designed by Monica Graffeo

ideas for bathrooms design washbasin monica graffeo moderno

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