Ideas for cozy terraces, patios or balconies.

ideas for terraces lantern candle trees

The exterior of our home has always been an issue that has captivated us. Its appearance and design are always points that we must value very closely. It does not matter if it is the back and front of the house. A proper design with an emphasis on functionality is always welcome. Today I propose to stop at the terraces, balconies and patios . The way we design these spaces and everything we can achieve with simple things. Surely you share the idea that terraces are the ideal environment par excellence.

Ideas for terraces, wooden planters


Well, we are going to value some ideas for terraces because they have always been the ideal place for hot summer nights. So we should not let any ideas or tricks, apply them in ours and get the most out. Enclosures decorated with plants, coatings and selection of furniture are some of the ideas for terraces. We can even look for ways to create shaded areas and be able to enjoy during the sunniest hours of the day.

Ideas for terraces, elegance with pergolas

ideas for terraces flowers pergola wood

Whether for patios, gardens or balconies the first aspect to value is how to make it cozy. With practical solutions and that do not involve large expenses can be achieved. Visually it is a detail that we can achieve with the wood applied to the ground. A good lining is one of the most popular terrace ideas. Of course there are other materials but the country touch and warm of the wood It is incomparable. It may require more treatment and care but it is a material that really deserves it.

Use of clear textiles with images

ideas for terraces wood table center

Textiles on the other hand give us a world of possibilities. They bring a high degree of elegance to space and great comfort. A good selection of cushions of different sizes is perfectly applicable to any space. Large ones are ideal for lying down. If on the contrary we have a balcony of proportions, medians would be very practical. They would help to save space for furniture and are very easy to relocate if we want to refresh the image. Nor can we discard the curtains.

Wood combination

ideas for terraces wood geometric pond

The ideas for terraces always recommend an outdoor dining room if possible. For these cases a design that includes curtains is perfect. They help to delimit this space and make it much more intimate. They give greater design possibilities in terms of color, can be combined with other textiles. In terms of color we can opt for a balanced palette, but to give dynamism we can resort to vibrant shades. This is perfectly possible through the choice of furniture or accessories such as planters.

Focal lights on plants

ideas for terraces lights jardineras balcon

We can include yellow or orange in textiles in which this range of colors predominates. Cushions with different shades of green with furniture of that same tone, or mixture of blues and violets are ideas for summer air terraces. Even if we go to the details also with some design tableware. For gardens or patio do not hesitate to add them if you have a wooden pergola for your outdoor living room. They are proposals that imbue life with decoration and enhance the atmosphere thanks to color. The selection of plants is a key point for the spaces we are talking about today.

Planters to delimit balconies

ideas for terraces pots high planters

The hanging varieties perfect for balconies for example are one of my favorites. The choice is to your liking could recommend the fuchsias or begonias. Undoubtedly look beautiful on any balcony or terrace. These sites are perfect for the amount of lighting they receive. This is a mandatory feature of your care, but always a lighting without excesses. Your watering should be two frequencies a week. An important accessory is the pots that we select, we recommend the clay for its texture and contrast with the wood if we opt for ideas for terraces.

Mud, preferred material for pots

ideas for terraces pots plants cushions

The important thing is that it has a good drainage system, important for combating fungi and other conditions. We can not overlook the selection of furniture. It is a very rich topic that would give us a whole day, but we are going to see some variants in terms of materials. We always have the option to buy or process them on our own. In the latter case furniture with pallets are my suggestion. We just need a little creativity and give them an adequate finish because they will be subject to the inclemency of the weather. A treatment with varnish can extend its useful life.

Accessories in metallic tone

ideas for terraces metal planters waterfall

The iron supports humidity and temperature variations very well. They are excellent for customizing these spaces with a Vintage style. If we look for resistance against humidity, resin ones are our option. They are more current designs of great resistance and extremely easy to maintain in terms of cleaning. On the other hand, the teak wood is superior in its aesthetics and strength. As always, the choice is to your liking. I leave an interesting collection of ideas for terraces, balconies or gardens. Let the imagination fly, combine them or adapt them to your space.

Well of fire on terrace

ideas for creative wood terraces well

As we already know how to decorate a terrace to enjoy the summer in the open air, it depends on the style we want to achieve in each case, the size of the space and the place where it is oriented are also important issues. But in these photos we show several styles of outdoor decoration that can be inspired to renovate your terrace. In addition to the photos a little information about each style. We started with the Mediterranean terrace.

Tropical environment, use of browns

Ideas for large terraces tropical cushions

This style is perfect for decorating the terrace of a house on the coast, as it provides a fresh and natural look. For the walls, the best we can do is to paint them in blue with which we can also play while choosing textiles, other furniture and details. For terraces of this style, we can use rattan furniture with white cushions that adorn the sofa or the seats on terraces.

Dark tall planters

ideas for terraces gravel plants jardineras

A space with Mediterranean design should be integrated perfectly with nature, so it is advisable to place plants in pots and vases to decorate the space. A minimalist terrace is another original idea. Another great suggestion to decorate the terrace in summer is to follow the minimalist fashion. This is a style of decoration for which few simple but very modern and sophisticated elements are needed.

Sailor style balcony

ideas for furniture wood sea terraces

We advise you to go for straight lines and simple furniture and use bright colors like white or pure ivory. In order to offer a more elegant touch, you can put any detail or accessory in dark colors like black brown or a combination. If you want to design the terrace in rustic style. Then you can use as inspiration the design of the terraces of the cottages.

Natural wood pergola

ideas for terraces wood pergolas gravel

This style is ideal for the patio and integrates perfectly with the landscape. Rattan furniture with cushions and other fabrics with prints of warm colors such as orange and red, which can be combined with bright shades such as beige and creams to give more light to the space. There are also important decorative elements such as large flower boxes, wild plants, vases, clay pots. For those who seek peace a Zen terrace is another option to make an excellent place to relax and enjoy moments of tranquility.

Rugged furniture in wood

ideas for terraces wood plants lounger

To achieve this, you must use simple decoration and comfortable and functional furniture, it will be ideal if you include low furniture such as tables and low chairs, puffs and even cushions on the floor. Awnings and umbrellas are the elements that will help you create this Zen style on the balcony. Neutral colors work better, but you can also choose another more intense so that the space is a bit more exotic. For a vintage terrace. The classic decoration can also be reflected in the design of the terrace.

Durable-looking furniture

ideas for terraces table lamp candles

On a terrace with vintage design, you can add rattan furniture and aluminum furniture. If you want to add color, select fabrics with flower prints, vases and other details with aged look to restore this style of decoration. Choose exotic details for a quiet area. For example a bamboo rug to add a low height sofa that can be filled with cushions for comfort. Organize an exotic decoration with paper lanterns and garlands to emphasize the interaction between space and decoration. Look for lights that are not common, if you want a look that not everyone has. Now we leave you to be inspired by these photos.

LED lighting in floors

ideas for terraces table led sunbeds

Outdoor forging furniture

ideas for terraces metal umbrella table

Modern rattan furniture

ideas for modern terraces columns ratan

Pergola without roof

ideas for pergola furniture cushioned terraces

Outdoor lounge design

ideas for outdoor balcony furniture

Floor-based lighting

ideas for patio terraces modern banking

Solution for small terrace

ideas for terraces small patio terrace

Folding furniture

ideas for pergola terraces folding furniture

Artistic design terrace

ideas for ratan terraces mask cushions

Warm light design

ideas for ratan terraces furniture quality

Cozy patio with lamps

ideas for terraces rock cushions patio

Design furniture and lanterns

ideas for terraces chairs design cushions

Use of lights on flower beds

ideas for terraces roof terrace planters

Terrace with rattan loungers

ideas for terraces sunbeds cushions balcony

Solution with bamboo roofed sofa

bamboo furniture pink garden plants

boats terrace sea armchairs flower pots

warm balcony chairs country tables

country style furniture decoration balcony

waterfall armchairs ratan rocks pergola

glasses ratan furniture bottles salon exterior

design field lamp carpet curtains

sculpture garden chairs table lights

spheres patio decoration pergola

relaxation pond pergola metal garden

balcony flowers sun beds iron planters

flowers pergola containers wood planters

bonfire patio fire roof design

ideas cushions diy furniture design

ideas patio small pond table

dark planter wood sofa patio

tropical garden copious pergola hanging plants

lamps wood pond lights lanterns

white modern terrace lamp decoration

modern terrace lamp wood bulbs

lamp modern terrace furniture climbing plants

led sculptures plants ceiling modern

modern lights led terrace focal

flower pots mud flowers blue reservoir water

flowerpots metal furniture sunshade wrought iron

planters sculpture terrace plants planters

flowerpot deckchair sculpture plants wall water

wood chairs outdoor table teak patio

pergola table plants waterfall planters

modern rattan armchairs patio wall planter

mountain furniture wood snow teak exterior

garden furniture planters house ratan

furniture light focal plants design

modern wood furniture minimalist design

furniture tables cushion vertical red accents

furniture ratan garden vertical modern

patio bar chairs pergola outdoor kitchen

patio garden contemporary furniture design

patio lights modern design exclusive white

backyard ideas flowers gravel design

small chair design small balance

pergola wood rocks roof wall

outdoor curtain pool textile cushions

plants vases pool patio climbers

plantas vases sofa wood cushions

fire pit patio cushions balances

rattan cushions red branches wood terrace

ratan terrace flowers lawn cushions

rocks chairs wood columns pergola

rocks chairs wood deck chairs sunshade

rock floor wood sunshade window boxes

outdoor lounges cottage field furniture

white metal chairs forge flowers resistant

white sofa decoration modern planter

umbrella wood table bamboo zen gravel

parasol table xeriscape concrete terrace

roofing cushions glasses terrace pergolas

roof terrace ratan cushions balcony

terrace seats lower pines sunshade

terrace balcony flowers copious planters wood

terrace light bulb table chairs pergola

terrace lamp bulb ratan table

terrace planters line ceiling wall

deck wood ideas deck chairs

modern terrace house rocks furniture

terrace pergola furniture dark modern

terrace ratan flowerpot dark wood patio

sunbeds blue terrace cushions wood balcony

xeriscape wood foldable sunshade rocks

patio terrace modern design cushions



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