Ideas for decorating a house - one hundred examples

white color salon touches color

In today's article we will propose a hundred fabulous ideas to decorate a house . We will take a tour of our selection of images to appreciate which are the most current trends and interior design styles that are more and we will mention some of the essential characteristics of each one, we hope you enjoy it.

Ideas to decorate a house

ornaments salon classic style design

First of all we must clarify that the decoration of a space is not an easy task since the place should please all its occupants, so it is essential to know the tastes of the inhabitants or at least be very clear what functions will be performed in each different home zone.

Modern design living room with fireplace

white brick wall modern living room

As we can see, minimalism stars in a high percentage of the most modern interior designs today. Absence of useless adornments and a lot of free space to be able to unwind in it comfortably and feel more freedom of movement without feeling overwhelmed.

Minimalist bedroom with white furniture

nice bedroom white furniture ideas to decorate a house

In a completely white space like the one that appears above you breathe peace and harmony. The illumination natural during the day intensifies and creates a sense of visual amplitude. It is very interesting how this type of designs in clear tones bring so much class, despite the fact that the designs are really simple.

Design of modern bedroom with wooden furniture

nice modern bedroom wood furniture

Something similar happens with interior decorations in neutral tones. The raw colors combine quite well with the wood as can be seen in the image we see above. An order of elements appears that creates a rhythm of geometric figures and straight lines that are only interrupted by several spherical decorative elements.

Classical style living room design

nice living room classic style fireplace

We also offer some ideas to decorate more classic style houses, like the living room example we see above. Here are quite sober elements such as the stone fireplace and the parquet floor covering, so it is appropriate to choose a more overloaded decoration.

Salon design in brown tones

nice salon deco brown tones

Minimalism can be combined with decorative elements to bring personality to some very simple environments. A good idea is to place pictures, photographs or vinyl stickers on the walls. In this example the combination of brown tones along with the triptych of the wall transport us to exotic places of warm climates.

Ideas to decorate modern apartments

bright colors modern interior design

A somewhat more youthful design is what we see below. In this case the mixture of styles is evident; Minimalism appears at the bottom of the place, if we look at architectural structures and coatings. Immediately afterwards, it is striking that there are elements of vintage retro style, such as the white lounge furniture or the wooden chest that serves as a coffee table.

Original design in gray tones

super design lounges modern gray

The design of this living room is one of our favorites because of its mixture of textures and colors. Here the key elements are the wall paper with vertical bands, the round puff of gray velvet capitone and of course, the two photographs that make us fantasize and cause us to ask a thousand questions about them and their meaning.

Stanic Harding dining room design

design living room modern style

Photography: Steve Back

Let's now look at a design of the interior of a house built in 1901 in Woolahra and currently renovated by the firm Stanic Harding Architects . In practically all the spaces there is some element of intense orange color that contributes a very current and fresh note. The few ornaments are also simple although very remarkable.

Ideas to decorate a house with wooden elements

ideas to decorate a house marine elements

However, as we said, we will see varied designs for all tastes, so let's see some ideas to decorate a house with elements of natural appearance such as wicker or wood. In the example above, we will also see starfish and some driftwood objects that fit together with a maritime touch to the place.

Minimalist decoration for modern houses

minimalist style decoration modern houses

The natural wood in the case of the photo we see above plays a different role. It appears here in different forms but always functionally rather than ornamental. The combination of colors and textures is very original, this model could be classified within the modern interior designs of boho chic style.

Bohemian style lounge design

sofa color blue decoration pictures

Here again the bohemian style appears in a more radical way, and this is thanks to the paintings and their placement on the floor. You might think that this model is natural chic style with Nordic influence for its white tones and natural wood elements, but really in this case they have taken different elements to create this great design.

Interior design with colorful furniture

decorate interior furniture colors chairs

Here is a note of very fresh and pleasant color. Undoubtedly there are tonalities that are fashionable, and it seems that currently the primary colors and combinations of these are very much worn. In this modern dining room design the chairs are what invite us to sit down and enjoy a pleasant meal with ours.

Design of modern kitchens and dining rooms

decorate modern dining kitchens lights

On the contrary, in this modern style dining room, minimalism is appreciated, although the atmosphere does not seem to be as empty as in other models, this has been achieved thanks to the lights. From the ceiling hang two cylindrical metal lamps that are large enough to go unnoticed, but also on the side we will see a work bench that has a strip of Led lights on the ground.

Youth room decoration

great decoration female youth room

Let's see now the design of a very feminine youth room. When contemplating this design we would not know how to begin to describe it, although the word "sweetness" immediately comes to mind. The salmon and pistachio green tones provoke joy and well-being eliminating all kinds of negative feelings, a true delight.

Retro and classic style decorations

classic retro style salon deco

Finally we will also see some designs with a lot of pomposity and a touch of modernized baroque style. They take a lot of modern furniture with Victorian look. What makes them more striking and original are the designs of prints with different colors and motifs. A nice example of what is mentioned is the one we see above, the furniture has a retro look but in a green water tone that is quite current.

Bedroom design with green bands

bedroom decoration green bands

Minimalist design with white furniture

white furniture minimalist decoration

Dining kitchen with wooden elements

ideas to decorate a wooden house

Minimalist design with red armchairs

minimalist red armchairs

Design of pink bedroom

pink children's bedroom decoration

Modern interior design

interior decoration large picture ideas to decorate a house

Decoration with red tableware and utensils

dining table decoration red color

Ideas to decorate a living room

beige living room decoration small

Design modern style bathrooms

decorate bathrooms modern style design

Decoration of minimalist style

decorate houses modern minimalist style

Design kitchens with colorful furniture

decorate kitchen furniture colors

Design bedrooms with abstract paintings

decorate modern bedrooms abstract paintings

Design interior areas of modern houses

decorate interior areas modern houses

Design interiors with intense colors

decorate interiors intense yellow colors

decorate interiors minimalist style table

decorate shabby chic interiors

decorate interior stickers vinyl bears

decorate interior children's vinyl stickers

decorate interior walls effect reliefs

decorate salons colors white black

nice modern style living room

decorate living room cushions green colors

decorating modern boho living rooms

ideas for decorating a house furniture living rooms black

ideas for decorating a house interior patio

minimalist design modern floor ideas to decorate a house

design modern deco interior living rooms

ideas for decorating a house design living room natural wood walls

ideas to decorate a small children's bedroom gray color

ideas to decorate a luxurious white bedroom house cushions

floor modern style bedroom

bedroom style closet nordic white

small bedroom design white wood

rustic style bedroom all wood

decorative elements colors modern style

spacious living room minimalist style modern design of large rooms

modular structure yellow modern style

ideas to decorate a house frames

super design salon furniture colors

modern room frames wood lights

ideas decorate modern white kitchen

ideas decorate oriental style interiors

ideas decorate modern living rooms design

ideas decorate teddy bear room

decorative ideas living room

black leather seats modern living room

ideas for interior decorating houses cushions

ideas to decorate modern bedrooms

ideas to decorate modern living room cushions

ideas to decorate a baroque style house

ideas to decorate a house wall fireplace

ideas to decorate a large bedroom house

ideas to decorate a modern house chairs

ideas to decorate a house living room fireplace

ideas to decorate an urban style house

modern furniture design victorian style

office clearance neutral colors furniture

design modern style office

wooden platform living room modern style

spacious living room minimal sofa style

beige living room wood table

living room beige furniture wood

white room beige elements

white room decoration Nordic style

living room white sofa color brown

dining room design colors

living room decoration black wall

modern covered outdoor lounge

Outdoor living room covered ceiling sofa

bright living room orange cushions

living room minimalist style beige sofa

living room minimalist style black sofa

living room modern style floor cushions

modern living room decorated neutral colors

modern living room design decorated black

modern living room gray color

modern living room palms objects

modern living room sofa color white

salon design all white carpet

living room modern furniture

ideas for decorating a home sofa blue denim fabric living room

ideas to decorate a yellow white house

ideas to decorate a house decorations neutral tones soft textures

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