Ideas for easy crafts to do at home

ideas for crafts

In many articles we have talked about the Crafts What can you do to decorate your interior as the holidays approach. However, in this article we are going to talk about different ideas for crafts that you can make in your home and decorate it without the need for a party to come.

Ideas for crafts to do at home

ideas for easy crafts

The materials that you will need depend very much on the result you want to obtain. In this article you will see many easy-to-do crafts for which you need almost nothing, only gain and creativity to adjust them to your interior.

Some easy ideas to make at home and decorate the table

ideas for decorating crafts

One of the ideas of crafts that you can do to decorate your house is using some shells. Everybody has in their house shells that they have collected every time they have gone to the beach and afterwards they do not know what to do with them. A very original and attractive option is that you choose larger shells that fit small sails. You have to put the candles in the shells and then you can put them on the table or on the shelves to decorate the interior.

The decoration of some glass bottles with paintings to turn them into vases

ideas for crafts decorating interior

Another very good idea among the ideas for handicrafts is with paint. You have to choose two glass bottles and paint them the way you want. You can do the same as in the photo above spreading the paint by making lines on the bottles and then you can use them as vases to place the flowers.

Decorating the pots at home in an easy way to decorate the interior

ideas for easy crafts decorate

On the other hand, the crafts to do can also cover the pots . When you decorate the flowerpots you are also decorating the interior without wanting to. You can decorate them with paintings or other types of materials and you can follow the ideas we have in our decoration section.

An easy manual to do at home that you can take advantage of

ideas for interior crafts

On the other hand, the crafts to make at home can also be made with cork. With this material you can make a triangular shape by gluing the sides of the pieces of cork. The figure can be used as a vase or you can also put pencils and pens inside.

A woven cover for your agenda decorated with a button to fasten it

ideas for crafts make house

On the other hand, the fabric or the wool is also a very used material that you can find among the ideas for handicrafts. You can use the wool to weave a cover for your agenda and you can also sew a button on the top of the case to fasten it. The wool to make crafts can also be used to make a cover for your mobile phone. In the photo above you can see a wool case with a button for the mobile.

A few simple gift wraps to make at home

ideas for easy crafts gifts

Craft ideas also expand to the area of ​​gifts and wrappings. To make some original wraps you can use a brown paper as a basic tone on which you can add the other details and decorations that will stand out because the brown color of the paper is quite neutral.

Decorating the agenda with manual hearts made at home

ideas for decoration crafts

Other ideas for crafts to decorate your agenda can be done with woven hearts. For that you have to cut the shapes of some hearts and you have to sew them on the cover of the agenda. Another option you can do is paste the hearts and you can also make some seams around the edges of the figures and then paste them.

Some crafts to do with children at home in a simple way

ideas for crafts children

On the other hand, you can see some crafts to do with children. These crafts can also be used to decorate the interior. With a cloth you can teach your son or daughter how to make a flower and then you can use the flower to decorate a gift.

Using an inchado globe to make some original crafts

ideas for easy interior crafts

Another very original way of decorating the interior is making lamps at home. You only need a balloon, a glue and a rope or a thicker thread. The size of the balloon will define the size of the lamps. When you inflate the balloon you have to wrap a thread around it in a rather thick way. After the thread is firmly attached you have to apply the glue for the thread. You can do this with a brush and you have to let it dry. When the glue has dried the thread will have hardened and then you have to take out the balloon.

The wrapping of a gift with paper flowers in the shape of a heart

ideas for crafts gifts

You can also decorate the gift wrappings with small little flowers made of paper. You can use papers of different colors and place them in a heart shape or in another way. You can also combine the colors of the paper with the colors of the packaging.

Hanging decorations made at home with colored paper

ideas for making crafts

A very original and attractive way to decorate the interior with colorful wooden boards

craft ideas

The way to make hearts decorated with balls


Some Christmas crafts to make at home with fabric

crafts to do

A very original packaging for Christmas gifts

easy crafts

A very original lamp made with tin plates

crafts to do at home

Decorating the interior of the house with some wedding boxes

ideas for interior crafts

Some very easy to make hanging paper crafts for children

Crafts to do with kids

Decorating the interior with candles and green herbs on the sides

interior craft ideas

A paper crown stuck on top of a circular carton

do interior crafts

The decoration of the bags that you can make at home with flowers

crafts to make home

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