Ideas for painting an entrance hall corridor

Ideas to paint a corridor

Hallways can often be narrow aisles without grace, free of any type of decoration and style. Sometimes with a couple of layers of paint can transform the look in a great way, so today we want to show you great ideas to paint a hallway, do not miss them.

Great ideas to paint an entrance hall

Ideas to paint a gray hall

Colorful stripes and patterns often look good, but for your hallway to really stand out from the crowd you must choose something a little different.

Original design of entrance hall paint

original design painting entrance

When planned carefully, dark colors can work well in a small space. For example, a deep blue on the walls can make a corridor feel more intimate and cozy.

Pretty decoration of mauve walls

pretty mauve decoration

Or try something new and paint the rungs of the ladder in the same tone, leaving the sides and the floor white. The other benefit of having a colored corridor is that it has the effect of making the rooms feel lighter and more spacious.

Nice decoration of hallway with stairs

pretty decoration corridor stairs

Make your hall an extension of your outdoor space by blocking the walls in a beautiful botanical impression. A team with natural stone tiles on the floor will continue the interior feeling fused with the exterior and will add color to the stairs by covering them with a fresh green carpet.

Beautiful entrance decoration with white furniture

nice white furniture entrance

Use this wonderful neutral color scheme in the hallway, it will add instant interest, but it will not dominate since this is a space that passes through instead and is not an area to stay, so you can paint the remaining walls in an emulsion of matte finish, adding a colorful striped rug and an armchair with velvet upholstery.

Nice entrance in beige minimalist style

pretty beige minimalist style entrance

Windowless corridors often feel a bit cold and sterile, as we have nowhere to add fabrics. The way to fight this is to hang a thick curtain interconnected with a pole above the main door;

Original turquoise color entrance design

original design turquoise color entrance

This will not only add an exoloration of color but also keep the cold currents out to make your home feel warmer in the winter months.

Celestial color entrance hall

decorate celestial color entrance

Add a touch of luxury with a beautiful painted wallpaper that contrasts against a white carpentry and a pale tile floor for a sleek and elegant look. Alternatively, add depth and drama to the look by replacing current furniture with vintage-looking ones.

Decorating cream-colored hallway walls

hallway color cream

If your entrance hall is connected and open to the living room or other space, you can paint it in the same tone so that the whole unit gains in amplitude.

Lime green entrance hall design

entrance hall lime green

But if your corridor is rather an independent space connecting with other rooms, do not be afraid to decorate it in an original way.

Pretty blue color ticket

celestial corridor entrance

This corridor with stairs has been painted light blue and its decoration combines some bold elements to contrast. A very original vintage look has been achieved.

Ideas to paint a hallway hall

Ideas to paint an entrance hallway

Another great idea is to use two shades for the decoration of the corridor walls, although you must be careful; Do not choose too flashy tones if you want to avoid an overloaded environment.

Ideas to paint a gray entrance hall

Ideas to paint a gray color corridor

Think of the atmosphere you would like to find when you get home, and what sensations you want to get.

Original pink hallway decoration

original pink hall decoration

Many owners opt for creative decorations to feel comfortable and at home from the moment they enter through the front door.

Original entrance hall design

original design floor entrance

You can opt for a completely white decoration and add some element that breaks with the monochromatic design in a fun way.

Hall walls painted in several colors

original decoration entrance hall

Or you can create great "ombre" effects by using different shades of the same color on several walls of the entrance hall.

Original corridor with bluish gray walls

original painting bluish gray

The gray aviator is still fashionable, and combined with white gives a lot of light and a very nice retro effect.

Original decoration of entrance hall walls

original decoration entrance

Other variants of gray are also trend, provided they do not obscure too much if the corridor is small and narrow.

Nice entrance hall with light aquamarine walls

aisle light aquamarine

To avoid this problem, look at its walls aquamarine , a perfect color for any room in the house.

Nice cream color entrance hallway decoration

decoration color cream entrance hall

The beige and cream tones are the ideal option if you can not decide on any particular color or you do not want too drastic changes in the decoration.

Luxurious hallway with gray walls

luxurious hall gray walls

It is great because it combines well with almost everything, and serves to intensify the lighting and enlarge the perception of space.

Ideas to paint a matt violet entrance hall

painting hall entrance color violet

A dull violet with white accents marks a specific character in this design, and its matte finish adds softness to the design.

Original hallway design of an apartment with pop art decoration

entrance hall vibrant colors

The Russian designer and artist Dmitriy Schuka is making modern pop art with its colorful and bold interior design. He took this standard house and turned it into a piece of the show with colorful furniture, bright wall paint, and pop art pieces that carry him back in time. It is not a common design scheme, but it is a unique way to make a house really stand out and if you are a pop art fan, this is a way to incorporate that love without overvaluing the house.

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