Ideas for wedding 2019 - 10 fashion trends according to the experts


It seems that a lot of time has passed since the publication of our article on trends and ideas for wedding 2018, the year is almost over and it is time to look at next year. Some trends stop being it, others become sustainable trends that will develop next year.

The wedding season of 2018 was quite interesting for all those who participated in the wedding events, as guests or as the main culprits of the party: the girlfriend and the boyfriend. The combination of calm and bright colors, a mix of styles and the most incredible ideas. This is how the last wedding year could be characterized. But what will be the trends and ideas for 2019 wedding? What colors, decorations, styles and rules dictates the new season? All this we are going to comment with you today.

Ideas for wedding 2019: the most fashionable trends


Typical weddings are boring. Therefore, wedding planners are constantly looking for new trends and ideas. Is there a wedding ring on your finger?

Congratulations now prepare to see the latest ideas for a 2019 wedding, which will make the celebration unusual, stand out among others and make the guests impressed. The wedding in 2019 should be bright and elegant, with the theme of the future with the use of modern technologies and materials.


Weddings gradually cease to be the holiday that has been presented in recent years, it is not only a reason to meet with family members in honor of creating a new family, but a completely unique experience. The general philosophy and attitude toward the process, the word "attention to the smallest detail" is becoming popular today: awareness in relation to oneself and the world, the whole life process of preparation for the wedding and the day itself

decoration-wedding-color-coral style

When the main thing is a moment, a feeling, happiness, the opportunity to share it with loved ones, and not decoration and rhinestones but emotion. What we want to say is that the attitude must be correct. The intention to spend a truly happy day guarantees you the best result.


1 Ideas for wedding 2019 - Intimate weddings

This trend maintains its position for more than one season. There is no need to make long lists of guests. You can celebrate this wonderful event in the circle of loved ones and bet on an unusual concept. Banquet halls are no longer fashionable! Look for interesting places: a party on the roof, in an old mansion, a buffet on the river bank or in an abandoned warehouse. Large-scale weddings in the style of have ceased to be relevant.

decoration-wedding-beach style

And, the reason for this was not the financial difficulties of many couples (after all, preparing an event of this kind is not really a cheap pleasure), but simply a changed trend. Now it has become fashionable to invite only the relatives and friends closest to the wedding.


The presence of 10-15 guests on their special day is not a sign of pettiness or lack of resources, but a new wedding trend in 2019! This is also quite rational. Now, no one will blame you for not sending an invitation to family members you've only seen a couple of times in your adult life.


2 Ideas for wedding 2019 - Geometric decoration

This trend of 2018 will be relevant in 2019 - wedding decoration with a geometric pattern. It is worth experimenting with attributes: instead of a traditional arch, decorate with flowers a construction made of polygons, and replace a common flower vase with one shaped like a prism or cube. In general, all the geometric shapes in the 2019 wedding design will be a popular trend.


But the top of all this, of course, will be a wedding photo shoot at the bottom of round bows. Also, it is not necessary that this element of the decoration be made of flowers. Very interesting and original appearance options, decorated with vines, climbing plants. Therefore, in the process of preparing a holiday, we recommend that you think in advance where to order such decoration for a wedding, it is worth buying it or it is better to rent it.


3 Ideas for wedding 2019 - Decoration in 3D

The 3D effects are one of the possible movements that will become more common next year. In many of 2018 this technique was used recreating images of famous paintings. This type of decoration can be expensive. Here also come the light shows that can be added to this trend, which is beginning to gradually enter the world of wedding decorations (at the moment, not so used because of its high price).

ideas for wedding 2019 decoration-color-turquoise-style

4 Ideas for wedding 2019 - Wedding photos

Wedding photographers are constantly looking for new ideas for a photo shoot. Sometimes, they come alone, in the process of working with the newlyweds, but sometimes they also arise as a result of fashion trends. The best wedding scene in the 2019 photography area will be a sunset photo shoot.


A series of shots of this type will bring a special charm and warmth to your wedding photo shoot, allowing you to get rather unusual romantic images. But it is extremely important that the photographer has experience in such lighting conditions and, of course, the camera he uses can clearly convey the colors.


5 Ideas for wedding 2019 - Scandinavia and France

Experts point out that nowadays, cultures and pasises like Scandinavia or France, are gaining more and more popularity. We are talking about coffee interiors, and the emphasis is on the furniture, the unusual materials in the details that convey the atmosphere, as well as the original design.

ideas for wedding 2019 road-altar-wedding-original-options

If you are a fan of Scandinavian or French aesthetics or just want to embody an unusual and fantastic idea in your wedding, contact specialists who have extensive experience in projects in these styles. If you have not yet decided the style of the wedding, start creating a list with everything you like.


6 Wedding receptions instead of traditional menus

Instead of the traditional menu, a wedding in 2019 involves the organization of receptions. This decision fits perfectly with the celebration of the event in non-standard places: in nature, the seashore or places of art. The essence is reduced to the fact that there are several tapas and entrepies on the tables and the guests choose what they would like.


When organizing a wedding reception, you can enjoy cuisines from different countries at different tables. Or, for example, on one table - grilled dishes, on the other - sandwiches, on the third - vegetarian dishes, etc.

ideas for wedding 2019 style-simple-decoration-ideas-fashion

The beauty of the buffet table is that the guests are in perpetual motion, they communicate with each other and with the newlyweds, in a constant variety of entertainment, which makes the atmosphere easy and relaxed.


7 Ideas for wedding 2019 - Invitations with design inspired by minimalism

Despite the prevalence of technology in everyday life, wedding invitations do not lose their appeal, and perhaps even benefit from it. In 2019 we advise you to go for invitations inspired by minimalism and monochrome: the lack of exuberant colors, a variety of elements and watercolor spots on the card: in a concise, clear way, with perfect fonts and design.


It is ideally combined with sophisticated printing technology. In addition, it is advisable to think about printing on non-standard materials: acrylic, glass, canvas and leather. Paper with a "live" border is still very much loved.


8 Ideas for wedding 2019 - Wedding decoration

More and more young people organize the place where they will say "yes I want" to each other in a beautiful environment, and they do not do it in the registry office. The arch decorated with flowers has already become an obligatory attribute of the ceremony, and in 2018 it was partially replaced by a huge ring decorated with flowers. Do not drive in strict frames and pay attention to unconventional designs.


The 2019 wedding is bright and bold, so if the style permits, give up the wooden signs and choose the neon inscriptions. Keep in mind that neon looks advantageous in the dark, consider adequate lighting. The concepts "white wedding", "wedding cream" are a thing of the past, a mixture of colors and textures is fashionable. Look for an unusual color palette in the works of contemporary artists.


9 Ideas for wedding 2019 wedding colors - choose the most fashionable tone

Bridal fashion in 2019 is not the most radically transformed, compared to the previous season. Some colors will continue to be relevant in 2019, such as all kinds of beige, champagne, cream etc ...


In addition, the shades of powder color, peach and soft pink color will also be warmly received. Remember that, according to the authorized institute of Panton, which publishes annually a palette of the most modern colors of the season is the coral rose.


In the new wedding season, the tones are much more daring than in the previous one. If you want your wedding to be elegant and bright, choose one of the options that, according to the Panton Institute, will be the most prominent in the spring-summer season 2019.


If you can, give up the standard dishes provided by the restaurant in favor of glasses and dishes made in the colors and style of the wedding. It is not necessary to choose the same dishes for all the guests, let them be different, but combined in style or combination of colors. For example, multicolored glasses for drinks look spectacular.


An idea whose quality of execution will look incredible: the initials of the couple. Usually, they are used in invitations or napkins, but we suggest going further and making the initials the center of the wedding decoration. Turn them into a ceremony area or a place for a photo shoot.


The 2019 wedding is an unexpected decision, so ask the calligrapher to place the text of your vows, favorite song or part of an important text for you on the canvas, and then use this cloth instead of tablecloths.


10 Ideas for wedding 2019 - Wedding entertainment

Do you know how to create a great playlist for a wedding in 2019, spending a minimum of time? Ask each guest to send the names of the 3 favorite songs, collect the songs of the guests on the list, add the favorite songs of the couple and give them to the DJ.


What can replace bored wedding contests? The games. Prepare games for active guests and for those who are calmer.

Another idea to replace traditional contests is a questionnaire about your partner. In general, the couple answers questions about others, but why not ask the guests to do so? In addition, friends and family will begin to share stories related to the newlywed couple.


Ideas for wedding 2019 - Choose a beautiful date for the wedding

Choosing a wedding date is one of the first concerns that arise in the way of creating a perfect event. Some couples do not give much importance to this, when choosing a date, not in terms of numerology or repeated numbers, but when it is more convenient to legitimize the relationship.


But, if you are among the idealists for whom everything in the 2019 wedding should be excellent, and the dress, the restaurant and the photographer, and the date itself, we suggest you find out which 2019 dates will be the most appropriate.


Traditionally, the number of fashionable wedding dates is: 06.06, 07.07, 08.08. and so on The unmistakable trend of the new wedding season will be the date of September 19, 2019.


Although it will be Thursday, if you want to celebrate the wedding on this day, we recommend that you send a request to the registration office in advance, since there will be many people who want to join by marriage on this date. Original date is 09/10/2019 - increasing numbers. Getting married on this day can also be a good idea.










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