Ideas to decorate - 34 spaces with very attractive ceilings

ideas to decorate ceiling rustic bedroom original design carnet house

Today we have for all of you some ideas to decorate the house and highlight a part a little forgotten that is the the ceiling . With the same care with which you choose the materials for the floors and furniture, you must choose the right roofing materials.

Ideas to decorate the concrete ceiling with wooden sheets

decorate ceiling concrete design max kasymov ideas

Because what we all want is to preserve the functional and aesthetic aspect of the place. Your choice will depend on several criteria, including the style, color, function and size of the room.

Ideas to decorate the ceiling with geometric patterns

ideas for decorating original modern house ceiling

For modern rooms the most appropriate option is the suspended ceiling or false ceiling with interesting design. An elegant and architecturally elegant false ceiling can be made of lightweight tiles or the material you choose, such as fiberglass or vinyl or metal coated.

A spectacular design that attracts the look

ideas to decorate ceiling modern attractive design wood

These options will be perfect in the room of the teenager or in a bedroom, since it will reduce the noise in the room.

Ideas to paint the ceiling so that it stands out

ideas for decorating modern gray white ceiling design

The plaster ceiling on the other hand will be perfect for your kitchen and bathroom, since it is made of natural plaster therefore it has low levels of water absorption and a smooth surface.

Ideas for lovers of bold colors

ideas for decorating modern pink colorful ceiling design

Gypsum boards are cheap and easy to install, as the sheets are attached to the roof with nails. This flexible and light material can successfully hide the imperfections of its roof, but it will be a source of echoes in noisy rooms.

You can always combine colors to decorate the ceiling

ideas to decorate ceiling design combination colors ideas

You can design this roof to give it different textures, such as orange peel or splash. If it is the roof of a traditional house the metal will look extremely luxurious, becoming the perfect decoration of your space with an old look.

Glass ceiling with a very nice pattern

ideas for decorating modern crystal design ceiling

The drywall will give you the opportunity to paint your ceiling using almost any color. For a rustic look you can install wooden beams or boards. The wood is also a very appropriate material for rooms with traditional design creating a warm and cozy appearance in the place.

A dining room with classic design and very original ceiling

ideas to decorate ceiling modern geometric design

While most people who are designing a house think about the colors or types of walls and floors that are most attractive, forgetting about the ceiling today, we advise you to review these ideas to decorate the ceiling of a room and turn it into a statement of important style

Ceiling with geometric design painted black

ideas to decorate ceiling geometric design black ideas

The roof affects the appearance of a room, as well as comfort and safety, as many ceilings are designed to control sound or to be fire resistant. There are different types of materials that are appropriate for a roof, but some materials are more common or popular than others.

Ideas of ceilings and columns of concrete for spaces with industrial design

ideas to decorate ceiling design exposed concrete

Now let's list the most common materials for the roof. We start with wood. As we all know, wood can be used not only for the roof but also for the general structure of a house, and therefore in material that we can see in the ceiling floor or wall of the house.

Options of original ceilings for the bathroom

ideas to decorate ceiling interesting design modern bathroom

It is not necessary to cover the entire wooden ceiling you can use decorative planks to cover only some parts of the roof.

Ceiling with geometric design in the apartment with open plan design

ideas to decorate ceiling design lamaparas ideas

In these pictures today you can see a whole ceiling covered with planks, like a wooden floor, or ideas with planks strategically placed to add interest to a room that you see as boring.

Dark gray ceiling with very original lamp

ideas to decorate ceiling design modern lamps

You can also choose one of the many types of decorative moldings that are made of wood. For the plaster we said that it is better to use it in the bathroom and the kitchen thanks to its characteristics. Wood is a very good option for the bedroom and the living room.

A living room with walls and ceiling with the same pattern

ideas for decorating ceiling design paper wall ceiling modern

We continue with the metal. Metal is often used as a structural and decorative component in the roof. Although many times we do not see it, metal is used to support a false ceiling that often hides unattractive features, such as pipes in a basement, or to control sound in a noisy room.

Backrest of wooden bed that follows through the roof

ideas for decorating modern wood wall design ceiling

These ceilings are typically composed of wires and a metal grid that holds the roof tiles. However, the metal is also used as a decorative covering for the roof, usually found in tiles or embossed sheets.

House with modern design and ceiling with wooden beams

ideas to decorate ceiling modern living room design

If these options are not attractive enough for you you can opt for tiles on the ceiling that are different from the floor or wall tiles since weight is a problem when decorating a ceiling.

Black false ceiling in the dining room space

ideas for decorating ceiling design modern false ceiling

Ceiling tiles are lightweight and made of a wide variety of materials, such as plastic, metal, fiberglass, mineral fiber, wood fiber, vinyl-coated plaster and even cork.

Slab ideas on the roof of the modern kitchen

ideas for decorating ceiling modern single design

Most tiles are designed for installation in a suspended ceiling system, although some are designed to stick directly to the ceiling and are ideal for decorating a white ceiling to give it color and texture.

Ideas of windows on the roof

ideas for decorating roof design windows ideas

Along with its decorative purpose, tiles for the ceiling are often designed to control the noise levels in a room.

A very original and attractive roof that marks borders between spaces

ideas to decorate ceiling luminous spaces ideas

Although often seen as a decorative element, a roof has the power to change the atmosphere of a room and this is seen in our photos today. Something as simple as a layer of paint or structures like exposed beams can add great personality to any home.

Lovely wooden ceiling matching the walls

ideas decorate ceiling wood modern wood

Whether you're looking for ideas to incorporate color in a creative way or intensify the appeal of a living space, your ceiling can offer you a brilliant and unexpected way to do it.

Ideas for decorating with bright slabs on the ceiling of the modern living room

ideas decorate ceiling modern original slabs

Now we leave you with these rooms that celebrate this surface often forgotten with vibrant paint, wallpaper, wooden beams or drywall, expanding the dimensions in a refreshing and surprising way.

Black roof with wooden planks that go through it

ideas to decorate black ceiling laminas modern wood

Curved roof that adds play to the design of the space

ideas for decorating modern curved wood wall ceiling

Ideas to decorate the kitchen with a black roof and wall

decorate ceiling black wall ideas kitchen

Wooden ceiling painted very light green

Ideas for decorating painted ceiling modern green color

Wooden ceiling with very original recessed lighting in the house designed by Buro 108

ideas for decorating ceiling project design buro 108

Stripes in white and pink on the ceiling of the modern bedroom

ideas for decorating modern pink white striped ceiling

Fabric ideas on the ceiling

Ideas for decorating modern printed fabric ceiling

Very nice white and yellow ceiling

ideas to decorate ceiling touches modern yellow color

Very nice wood ceiling in the living room designed by Bourgeois Lechasseur Architects

bright living room design bourgeois lechasseur architects ideas

An original design that combines brick and concrete in a perfect way

floor ceiling wood design elegant ideas

Rustic lounge designed by Carnet House

interior decoration ceiling wood original design license house ideas

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