Ideas to decorate rooms- latest trends.

ideas to decorate living room cushions minimalist curtains

As a general rule at the end of a year we make many plans for the next one. We started 2015 with new projects and ideas that we must carry out. The intention is a renewal in many ways that go from the personal to the environment that surrounds us. The latter also depends on how we feel, live and interact with others. Comfort in the space we inhabit is indispensable. The hall as a place of excellence for exchange and relaxation is a part of our home that we should not overlook.

Decorating ideas for orange cushions

ideas to decorate living room cushions orange shelf

In short, there are many reasons that make the room a special space. It is also the place where we spend most of our free time and it is usually the first thing that those who visit us see. Its design, decoration and furniture in general must be in accordance with our life. A look at the ideas to decorate rooms is the proposal of today. A trip through some of the trends of this 2015 that is already living its fourth month of life. Among the ideas to decorate salons the Styles and trends this year is the first thing we will see. It is the first step before acquiring furniture and other accessories.

Ideas to decorate living rooms red sofa

ideas to decorate living rooms bar lights glasses

Within the trends of this year, the eclectic, the Mediterranean and the ethnic will be strongly imposed. Although for many the decoration that comes with more force is the industrial one. We speak of spacious and abundant spaces illumination . You can see structural elements such as brick walls or pipes. It is a variant that has also spread to other parts of the house. We will also have more prominence of the wood. This time its presence is not only reduced to ceilings or furniture. We are going to see it in accessories and forming part of floors, including areas with steps.

Ideas to decorate living rooms, lamp in wood

ideas to decorate rooms paintings plants flowers

The finish is fundamental, they must be very close to their natural state. Another material is metals. They must be present to lean towards an industrial variant within the ideas to decorate salons. The choice of furniture will be essential this year. There are minimalist style trends suitable for low-space salons. In these cases, a choice of functional furniture is convenient. It is not convenient to load the space with furniture that does not have a good storage capacity. Therefore a sofa with storage space would be very successful.

Living room warm with lights

ideas to decorate rooms warm box

This is undoubtedly the main piece in every room. An orange or red sofa goes well with almost all kinds of decorations. The ideas to decorate rooms this year advise to combine them with armchairs of different colors and sizes. The blue is imposed between the colors of this piece of furniture and its design is preferable to light woods. On the other hand, other furniture that allows dividing the spaces between the living room and other areas is also feasible. The colors that come with 2015 have all their inspiration in nature. Green colors are highlighted in addition to blue as well as other fruit and citrus tones.

Natural colors and wood

ideas to decorate living rooms tables modern sofa

The ideas for decorating rooms propose using three colors in the decoration that can be a gray tone, bright red and some shades of natural brown. In a general way, the decorations that mix white and black with the presence of wood will continue in vogue. In addition to other colors that we find in nature such as blues and whites. Trends in decoration for 2015 combine a classic design with new ideas. Let us find the point of balance between the new trends and everything we like. In our gallery varied examples as inspiration.

Decoration of Tanju Özelgin

ideas to decorate rooms curtains paintings

Style with intense orange

ideas to decorate rooms orange jarron plants

Presence of reds on carpet and table

ideas to decorate living rooms lamp flowers carpet

Use of metals and wood in walls

ideas to decorate rooms wood bonfire lamp

Dark style sofa

ideas for decorating salons glass table lamps

Minimalist style with abundant light

Ideas for decorating modern carpet minimalist lounges

Contrast of orange and brown on sofa

ideas to decorate rooms orange tenuous flower

Style with few textiles

ideas to decorate rooms patio clock lamp

Uniform color furniture and candles

ideas for decorating salons fur accessories plant

Wood floor and designer chairs

ideas for decorating salons skins chairs design

Metal stove and plants

ideas to decorate living rooms plants wood table

ideas for decorating living rooms sofa lamparas moderno

ideas to decorate living rooms sofa book wood

ideas for decorating living rooms flower red sofa

yellow chair furniture flowers door

seats wood cushions industrial decoration

cushions drawers furniture mirror wood table

colorful acrylic chair bookseller books

curtains cushions lamp pictures flowers

gray curtains lamp picture wall

curtains modern cushions golden pictures

curtains furniture design table paintings

flowers decoration warm sofa bookseller

flowers decoration sofa table bookseller

bonfire wood modern industrial armchair

ideas decoracion salon salón salones

lamps chairs wood fireplace windows

lamparas chairs wood pictures curtains

lamps chairs wood books plants

lamps chairs wood windows lights

led lights lamparas madera sofa

wood pictures lamparas chairs map

wood furniture lamparas calido rocks

wood furniture lamparas cuadros pared

table lamp warm curtains carpet

table lamp painting tropical painting

minimalist table deck chairs beach gray

modern furniture TV table lamp

mural carpet table window blue

red sofa lamp wood pictures

chair acrylic plants furniture colors

armchair plants lights balcony wood gray

sofa box jarron gray furniture

red sofa trends decoration curtains

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