Ideas to reform the bathroom What should we know?

luxurious bathroom inspiration epsacios home remodeling ideas

What should we know before renewing the bathroom ? This is the question we ask ourselves today and for this we have put together some photos with ideas to reform the bathroom and turn it into a relaxing and beautiful place.

Ideas to reform the bathroom and create a space for full rest

spacious bathroom modern half bath design

A remodeling of the bathroom can be a challenge, even for most experienced designers who deal with this. And here comes the answer to our question before we start to renovate the bathroom we should look for an experienced designer to help us with our draft .

Ideas to reform the small bathroom

ideas to reform the bathroom luminous dark colors

This is one of the keys to a good remodeling of the bathroom. Also if you hire someone with experience you will not have to get your hands dirty but you can give your opinion and advice to create the design you want and get the most out of the bathroom remodeling.

Bathroom options with retro style design

bathroom original eclectic design remodeling wood furniture

Another thing we should know before you start buying and remove anything in the bathroom is to draw a picture of the position of the furniture. If you work with a designer or architect, you can ask him or her to do so.

Ideas for bathrooms with windows and crystals very original

original bathroom design floor wood basin ideas

When we are designing a room we must have clear expectations and know very well what we want to avoid drastic changes at the last minute. In the drawing that you will do you will not be all the furniture and details that takes place in a bathroom but you must take them into account.

Ideas for bathroom walls

bathroom wall slabs green space white ideas

We are talking about decorative elements, heating for the underfloor heating, illuminated mirrors, drawers, towel rail or an additional shower head. We know that almost everyone likes to go shopping.

Ideas to put shower and bathtub in a narrow bathroom

design broad contemporary bathroom remodeling ideas

But if we are remodeling the bathroom we should look for ideas to reform the bathroom and compare prices in different stores.

Spacious rooms converted into luxurious bathrooms

spacious bathroom luxurious white furniture ideas

Before we start work, we should buy the tiles, pipes and plumbing fixtures if necessary, dressing table, mirrors and accessories (towel rails and hooks) the shower tub and bring them to our house.

Ideas for remodeling and decorating small bathrooms

design bathroom small contemporary remodeling ideas

Be sure to inspect the purchases so you do not forget anything. As we all know well, the bathroom is the smallest and most complicated space to renovate in our homes, so we must be patient.

Classic furniture ideas for the bathroom

retro design bathroom bathtub basin white ideas

If it were the hall we could hire a team of workers that finish in two days but due to the small space in which we work we must have patience since the work will be phased.

A very simple beautiful design to inspire us

simple design original bathroom remodeling ideas

First will come the demolition equipment will come next, the masons, then the plumbers, and finally the electricians. Before the walls are closed and tightened, there will also be an inspection.

A bathroom with traditional design

Traditional design washbasin dark wood ideas

After these tips or rather from this summary of the things we do during the remodeling, we will comment on some modern designs this year in which bathroom remodeling is very popular. In addition we will see what are the characteristics that the owners are looking for and what type of design they prefer.

One more option of a room converted into a luxury bathroom

spacious room converted beautiful bathroom ideas

It is no surprise that the style that most home owners who remodel the bathroom have opted for a contemporary design.

A bathroom in which the shower is divided by a wall

ideas to reform the bathroom creating two spaces ideas

This style is very popular at the moment as it is based on the incorporation in the interior of furniture and appliances that are being designed and created now.

Bathroom ideas with classic white slabs on the walls

ideas to reform the bathroom original vintage decorations

This means that it is constantly changing, and what is contemporary now in a decade will not necessarily be contemporary. But what is the profile of this style? It is generally a concept very similar to the minimalist design that seeks simple forms and natural materials.

Ideas for mosaic lovers

ideas to reform the bathroom classic design original furniture

It is also very typical to use design elements in white combined with other colors and try to make the most of natural light thanks to large windows that also make the space look lighter and more airy.

Ideas for narrow spaces

ideas to reform the bathroom modern contemporary design

Another thing that the owners are looking for is a sophisticated and comfortable image. The best thing is that if you choose a design in a contemporary style this does not take away the opportunity to incorporate elements and details of other styles.

Ideas for decorating the bathroom with bathtub

ideas to reform the bathroom traditional design separate bath

As we all know, the world changes very quickly and the way we perceive and experience design has also changed. To the bathrooms of today a zen touch is added so that one feels like a spa and so that the bath is a place in which to relax and to rest after a long day of work.

Contemporary bathroom furniture

ideas to reform the bathroom elegant dark colors ideas

To create a zen feeling of lightness, spaciousness and freedom you should use neutral and earthy tones as well as natural materials. So you can feel like you are in a private sanctuary far away from the hectic world that awaits you outside.

Ideas for a place to put on makeup in the bathroom

ideas to reform the bathroom modern spacious space

As we said, we have some ideas for remodeling the bathroom, but before the renovation we must choose the new colors for this intimate place.

Ideas to separate the shower and the bathtub


The most popular colors for 2016 are white and gray. These colors are one of the most used in all bathroom remodeling.

Ideas of toilets in the hall and put glass screens to separate the shower

ideas to reform the bathroom narrow corridor washbasins

Although many opt for the color beige and bone these two colors are not as popular this year, although as you can see in the photos are also used in a good amount of remodeling.

More room ideas converted into a bathroom

ideas to reform the bathroom large shower room bathtub

It is very possible that one of the reasons why they are not so popular is that they are not really part of today's contemporary style, if you use them you have to be careful with all the other elements with what you will combine them in order to achieve a contemporary and modern appearance.

A place of makeup with the same marble countertop as the sink

ideas to reform the bathroom make place ideas

It already runs the risk of ending with a classic or vintage design. Some owners also opt for combinations instead of choosing white or gray so popular this season.

Ideas of marble slabs on bathroom walls

ideas to reform the luxurious bathroom design

However, you must be careful with the color combinations. The contemporary color combinations are black and white or black and gray.

Ideas to reform the bathroom in black very elegant

ideas to reform the modern dark black bathroom

As we always say it is not necessary to follow all the rules if you have a bathroom with contemporary colors of the range of white and gray that does not mean that you can not add a small touch of color here and there.

Ideas to renovate the bathroom and use black furniture that stand out in a white bathroom

ideas to renovate the small bathroom modern shower

In modern bathrooms this year we observe a tendency to use the purple, lavender and lilac tones in the bathroom.

One more idea to separate the shower and the bathtub

ideas to reform the bathroom separates shower bath ideas

Another trend that adds color to the bathroom is the tendency of the addition of plants in the bathroom to give a touch of green. As in the other rooms in the bathroom, a focal point is also sought.

Spacious and very spacious bathroom with modern design

ideas to reform the bathroom spa house two toilets

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house, it should stand out in terms of beauty and elegance. The idea of ​​creating a focal point means adding specific elements that attract the eye.

Black bathtub and sliding doors perfect for a small bathroom

ideas to reform the bathroom touches modern black white

And we are sure that you already know what we are going to tell you. The most common focal points in a bathroom are two large shower cubicle and separate bathtub.

Slabs with very nice print on the wall of the washbasin

ideas to reform the bathroom using vintage element ideas

If you have a spacious bathroom, the best option is to choose the traditional combination of bathtub and shower. But if you do not have enough space for both of you it is best to choose a large shower or a separate bathtub that is your focal point.

Very nice mosaic on the bathroom wall to highlight

ideas to reform the bathroom using blue mosaic ideas

A large shower cabin is perfect for the current pace of life, there are many people who do not have the time or desire to soak in the bathtub. The lack of a bathtub does not mean that you will not be able to enjoy a relaxation similar to what you can enjoy in a spa.

Wall paper ideas on the walls of the modern bathroom

ideas to reform the bathroom using paper wall ideas

With a series of elements, the most important of which are the heavy glass walls that allow you to see the inside of the shower and some impressive tiles (often from floor to ceiling) you will feel like in a spa.

Another hallway option in which sinks have been moved

ideas to reform the bathroom using corridor ideas

Another feature that your bathroom should have are the multiple shower heads or steam showers also very popular. Finally, there are also shower seats and benches inside the shower for which you can also opt.

Ideas to reform the bathroom and original options to store your things

ideas to reform the bathroom big window ideas

But if it is important for you to have a bathtub in your bathroom, either as the only bathroom unit or in combination with a large shower, we are sure that you will find the best option on our page. The bathtub achieves the spa effect, as it is often used as a centerpiece in the bathroom, as is a sculpture or work of art.

Combination of very light beige slabs on one bathroom wall and black slabs on the other

black slabs bathroom wide original design ideas

Now we let you review our ideas to reform the bathroom and inspire you to create a modern and comfortable space for you and your family. We also hope that our tips will help you to make this remodeling task easier and faster.

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Narrow bathroom with wooden wall and black slabs

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Window ideas on the roof of the modern bathroom

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