Ideas with pallets for creative and amazing gardens

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As temperatures increase, the need to spend time in our garden is greater. It is normal that we begin to work on it to recover those areas depopulated after the passage of winter. All these changes that we implement in our yard they do not have to be highly expensive. Today we will give you some solutions based on ideas with pallets. A very functional and resistant element that is very fashionable these days.

Ideas with pallets and paint to create a color accent

ideas with pallets painting-different-color-systems

The use of pallets is a simple and affordable way of taking care of our environment. In addition to ideas with pales, recycling can be done using wooden fruit boxes. For both cases the results are fantastic and the effect in our garden will be noticed immediately. The best of the pallets added to that are simple solutions is its versatility. If we use them in our garden, you can create countless projects.

Ideas with corner pallets that can be made interesting with little space

ideas with pallets corners-house-interesting-pots

From the vertical gardens themselves to furniture such as armchairs or tables. Passing through organizers or cabinets for garden tools. In any case, regardless of the project, these ideas with pallets will give us great results. Many advantages are obtained to decorate or use them in part or all of the furniture.

The walls are likewise a perfect support to place our gardens

ideas with pallets pots-small-decorations-home

Because they are made of wood when used in gardens, they immediately harmonize with the environment. Due to the natural origin of the wood any terrace or garden will look more harmonious and natural. According to our conditions of space and needs, the options could be from the furniture to our own planters . Many banking projects combine both functionalities very well.

Plants with flowers in the same way create an elegant effect combined with the pallets

ideas with pallets exterior-walls-decorative-bricks

The truth is that regardless of the project any of the ideas with pallets will fit our space. The resistance combines with its ability to adapt to shapes and spaces. For the rustic gardens it is an excellent reinforcement of all the style. In the images we see how it combines of wonders with flowers and different plants. You just have to be very careful because there are other designs of pressed cardboard that do not have the same benefits of wooden pallets.

A creative and great project that combines functionality and the practical part in the garden

ideas with succulent pallets-furniture-table-functional

The best part is that you do not always have to pay to get a pallet. Many times there are shops that discard them even in good conditions. We also have a great guarantee regarding the strength of the wood. In many cases it has a treatment that makes them resistant to fungi and any parasite. What really comes in handy for any gardening project. Once we have decided on a specific project we must think about the type of pallet.

For any terrace or porch a pallet is an ideal support for small pots

ideas with pallets terraces-pots-original-support

There is a standard measure in the case of the europallets and similarly there is the isopale, both with different measures. If your project does not warrant it avoid unnecessarily removing the nails to prevent the wood from separating. It is better to measure the dimensions well and cut it into several sections that can be adapted to what we need. For each of the ideas with pallets we will have to help ourselves with a sandpaper to eliminate chips and any asperity.

A mini creation that can be very practical as a centerpiece in decoration

ideas with special pallets-imagination-mini-colors

In this way, if it is necessary to apply a coat of paint, the wood will be ready. The first of the projects that we propose you are the cultivation tables. There are garden areas that can be better used with these cultivation tables. The best thing is that they can be used to plant all kinds of plants and they will be very resistant. The most popular ideas with pallets may be vertical gardens. They are a practical solution to take advantage of any wall.

Special furniture for vertical gardens and optimize the space of the patio or balcony

ideas with vertical pallets-concepts-patios-spaces

When you have the same amount of space, a vertical garden with pallets is another perfect outlet. The preparation of a vertical garden must begin by gathering some materials. Firstly a gardening canvas to cover the sides of the pallet. This is necessary to avoid a possible loss of the substrate. As we mentioned earlier you have to use sandpaper and some clamps.

Main entrance adorned with pallet that also serves as support for plants and lights

ideas with pallets entry-main-house-lamps

There are nurseries that can provide us with the land we need. It is important that an appropriate selection of plants be made. It is advisable to use slow-growing plants with roots that are shallow. Once they are sanded, the nails must be removed to avoid possible accidents. Then the pallet is covered with the tarpaulin starting from the rear area and three from the sides.

Idea of ​​white seat that incorporates a planter on the top ideal for flowers

ideas with pallets seat-planters-furniture-images

It is not recommended that the top be covered because it can be used for more comfortable watering. When the canvas is fixed it is best that the corners fit very well. If necessary, add several layers to make it a more stable garden. When it is finished filling with earth, the plants should be placed. It is recommended that it be done upward while the pallet is resting on the ground.

Planters around the entire platform as a terrace made with pallets

ideas with pallets edges-platform-planters-candles

This ensures that the ground is firmly fixed to the entire structure of the vertical garden. Try to leave little space between the plants to make it look more lush. For the upper part, hanging species are recommended. This similarly gives these ideas with pallets an exotic and elegant effect. If necessary, add more soil so that no plants of the pallet are detached. In essence, it's about the same pallet that acted like a pot.

Spices as an alternative to flowering plants we will have them very close to cooking

ideas with pallets kitchen-spices-materials-kitchens

Once they are all set you should start with the irrigation . It is best to keep it horizontally for one or two weeks. Thus we guarantee that the roots are fixed better, when it is verified to the stability of all the plants it will be possible to change position. Then it will be ready to decorate any area of ​​the patio, the balcony or the interior of our home.

Beautiful rustic space that will not go unnoticed by its striking colors on the wall

ideas with pallets colors-muro-diferentes-verdes

The ideas with pales have likewise a large list of furniture for the gardens. The chairs or tables are an example of projects that are not very complex. They are the best of the proposals to create an area in which we can relax outdoors. A sofa can be an incredible exit for our outdoor design in the garden. We will have the possibility to add a painting of our taste and decorate it with some cushions.

Design of a special planter used for strawberries created from recycled pallets

ideas with pallets strawberries-planter-patios-functional

The cushions are always necessary to improve comfort and can create excellent color combinations. There is a wide variety of garden seating. Variant cone to a sofa can be thought of in banks or models with some support. If you add paint, we will significantly improve its resistance outside the home. Another interesting and fun proposal is the seesaws.

The pallets are the best option for small spaces if we want a beautiful garden

ideas with fresh pallets-succulents-flowerpots

When we have a large tree in the yard it is the perfect place for our rest and place one. Without creating many complications the simplest thing is to hang a pallet for the four ends. With a bit of creativity, it can be done up to a roofed area where some luminaire can hang. There are creations that go beyond as the case of hanging lamps ideal for rustic environments.

Vegetable garden based on high recycled pallet planters with legs separated from the ground


You can not fail to mention the pots as the case of the vertical gardens that we saw. The planters can be designed as shelves to place the pots or plants directly. It is very common to find pallet shelves with aromatic herbs in which the wicker of the plant has been painted, for example.

Idea that will give our interior a nice exotic touch in any room


In the ideas with pallets we can not fail to mention the fences for the garden. Many times before without cutting them, it will be enough to put them vertically. To make the most of the whole upper area can be used as a planter. This will give a beautiful decorative touch to the entire fence. As a variant fences can be constructed simply with planks.

Great proposal for garden furniture where to store tools and place pots


For the garden to look good it is necessary that it be organized. A piece of furniture like a tool cabinet is a great option for this. A simple construction may consist of fixing them from the wall. This way small tools can be placed to avoid losing them. Otherwise you can simply support the pallet on the ground and use the spaces to locate the tools.

With a touch of color the most interesting pallet will be made for our exterior decoration


The holes in the interior are the best for shovels, rakes and other larger. The cabinets can be more useful to protect tools from the rain for example. Work stations are another idea with interesting and useful pallets. They are always necessary to do any simple work in the garden.

Bottom wall design with support for pots and that improves the privacy of the patio


With a storage space it can be ideal for storing pots or small tools. Folding options are another way to gain space when building a workstation. With a little time and creativity you can achieve wonders like these inspiring photos.

Creating trails for growth shows a small orchard in the backyard


Another variant for the creation of a small garden at home with the help of pallets


Create a beautiful and personalized garden with few elements and economically


The base of the pallet used as support for the different floors and several details in blue


Every detail of this garden belongs to a recycled element that makes it different


Idea with a small segment of the ideal pallet to decorate an area of ​​the interior of the house


Creative model for the design of planters around the edge of the terrace and with flowers


Two fresh and colorful variants to place pots and give a color finish to the pallet


The wheels give a great possibility of creating easy designs to move between spaces


Paths designed with pallet wood that is highly resistant to moisture


Environment with rustic garden and small special garden located in a pallet mason


Two systems for plants and pots in furniture that can be versatile and functional


This is another popular design that combines the beauty of plants and pallets


Support for the entrance that incorporates planter and small lamps on the sides


Beautiful environment from several pallets used in different ways in the garden


Used for a different fence that accentuates the rustic aesthetics of this beautiful garden


Variant for the creation of a vertical garden with several pieces of pallets and plants


Idea of ​​wall to separate environments and also used to plant different species


Funny composting fence with a colorful and very cool eye-catching design for the playground


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