Ikea catalog for 2016 - fifty new ideas

retro style white bed

The Ikea catalog for the year 2016 it comes full of fantastic ideas, that's why we have chosen from him fifty fabulous examples of designs of different interior spaces of much use such as bedrooms, kitchens or bathrooms. Do not miss our selection of images, for sure they will inspire you.

Ikea catalog for 2016 - decorating ideas

bathroom azuelejos mosaic color light blue

As many will already know, Ikea is a multinational company of Swedish origin but located in the Netherlands. It is dedicated mainly to the sale of furniture of modern design and suffered its period of greater splendor already during the year 2007, because it had 238 stores in 34 countries. One of the strengths of this brand is the development of simple and appropriate furniture for apartments with limited space.

Bathroom with white furniture

white tiles staircase wood shelf

If we pay attention to some of the bathroom designs we can appreciate some of the most current trends, such as tile coverings square-shaped ceramic tiles, inspired by the coating of the UK subway as they provide a very modern urban look.

Bathroom with white tiles of square shape

white tiles towels colors

Another feature of modern bathrooms is the compact and functional furniture that saves space. The use of natural materials such as wood is also important, although we will also see that it can be replaced by laminates of imitation wood in some furniture of much use.

Yellow bathroom tiles

square tiles yellow color

Some models have designs in vibrant tones and very striking, but in general what they take are the neutral tones. The color white abounds in the bathroom and also in the kitchen, often accompanied by elements of natural wood without varnishing. But if we go to see the designs of the Ikea catalog for the bedrooms we will see even more news.

Bathroom with natural wood furniture

white bathroom furniture natural wood

The room is the place that most characterizes its occupant or occupants, so it is in this space where you can add notes of color and elements that mark a more specific style. In the photograph that we see below, the original quilted headboard of colors that contrasts in a very white environment, the result is really nice.

Bed with padded headboard in many colors

padded headboard design many colors

As we can see, white has favored the lighting of a space that is not too wide, and so that it is not an extremely white bedroom lacking in personality, elements of black color have been added to the bedding. On the other hand, in the following room model, it has been preferred to create an environment of greater tranquility.

Scandinavian style room design

white bed ikea bedroom catalog

We talk about the furniture and the light wood cladding together with the accessories of neutral tones. The Scandinavian influence in the search for the most intense lighting can be seen here, but there are also the retro style elements of the 60s and 70s, a trend that can be found in the most current designs of today.

Bathroom with white tiles and laminated wood furniture

bathroom white tiles round mirror

Bathroom with green tiles with classic motifs

green bathroom tiles classic motifs

Design of bathroom with shower cabin

white bath turquoise blue towels

White bathroom design

bathroom color white tiles metro

Bedroom with coral colored elements

headboard bed coral red

Bathroom tiles with square tiles

yellow children's bathroom ladder

Retro style metal bed design

ikea white metal bed

Bedroom with dark wood furniture

wood mattress bedspread

dark wood bed hanging curtain

bed wood bedspread flowers

ikea kitchen catalog white tiles

ikea white kitchen catalog

ikea kitchen catalog gray color

ikea kitchen catalog color brown

ikea catalog wood brown color

curtain shower color blue sky blue

black white bathroom curtain

bathroom design color light blue

black white bedroom decoration

bathroom design orange elements

design bathroom bathroom mosaic brown

ikea blue gray bedroom

ikea bedroom dark gray

wood panel headboard bedroom

black wood bedroom

ikea bedroom cushions several colors

ikea bedroom beige design

ikea bedroom wall gray color

youth bedroom blue color indigo

bedroom wall color turquoise blue

bedroom wall wood color celestial

laminated dark wood bathroom furniture

laminated wood bathroom shelves

bathroom furniture dark brown wood

white furniture beige tiles

white furniture white tiles

bathroom furniture wood white tiles

furniture wood tiles color gray

furniture wood wall color pink

wall headboard gray cement wall

wall bedroom gray color pigeon

bath towels navy blue

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