Incredible swings and rockers to relax in the garden

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The swings and seesaws are very special furniture to enjoy the garden. So we have proposed to bring some DIY variants to create true custom and comfortable furniture. For each patio or porch There is a great diversity of outdoor seating. However the swings lend themselves to many functions. The oscillating operation itself makes it extremely fun for children and relaxing for adults. Some blanket, your favorite book and a drink will be everything you need to spend an unforgettable afternoon. As we see in the images the swings and seesaws have very dissimilar styles.

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In addition to the diversity of materials, however, we will focus on wood. Their appearance is always very warm and look more natural in the gardens. An important point in the use of the swings is the resistance. It is advisable to hang them from a base that supports the weight as the trees or a solid structure of the house. It will be the movement itself that will guarantee a fun experience for the children at home. The design of the DIY swings should be based on use. Whether it will be simply to relax or for more active use by children.

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If you do not take this into account an excessive movement could break them. The lightest models are those recommended to be located near fire pits or the porch. Perfect for a soft swing while reading or just enjoying the scenery. In general, one of the biggest benefits of swings and seesaws is fun. Automatically it is a piece of furniture that makes any patio look more attractive and exciting. They are another detail for the entertainment of adults and children.

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The second of the benefits of building a DIY swing is the relaxing look. The very act of balancing will have a calming effect on our state of mind. However for families with children the security aspect must be very well taken care of. Whenever it is used by children it must be under supervision. Another important detail is maintenance.

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Remember that they are not static furniture so they will need periodic control. Mainly when they are under continuous use in the garden. It is an important aspect that can not be ignored to avoid any injury in the future. Prices vary depending on the materials and designs. However with pales , recycled wood or a seat in disuse can do excellent wonders. Then you only have to select a resistant tree or a beam to hang it.

Swings DIY first stage holes for the base

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The project that we take as an example is approximately one meter and twenty in width. So the poles need to be about two meters. These measures will make it more comfortable to walk between the posts and the swing. To begin with the construction, the location of our DIY swing or swing must be carefully selected. Marking the location of each post and digging a hole for each one. It is recommended that they be deep enough in this case it is about ninety centimeters deep. The most appropriate thing is to control the depth while digging so that it is not too deep.

Swings in the second phase of fixing the poles

A concrete mix is ​​made according to the manufacturer's conditions. A pole is then placed in the hole, ensuring it is stable on all its edges. The best thing is to make this deposit with the help of someone to keep it stable. Gradually begin to fill the hole with the concrete until it reaches ground level. The same process is repeated with each of the posts. It is necessary to maintain the correct leveling and the poles aligned at all times. We then let it dry for several hours.

Cutting the top of the posts

swings cutting exterior poles

When it is verified that the concrete has dried properly, use a level to determine that everything is in order. With a circular saw you can remove any excess wood that can later be used for the swing supports.

Fixing the crossbars to the support structure

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At the front of the posts, a two-by-twelve sleeper is placed. It is held temporarily with a screw at each end. The whole process is repeated again with the other beam so that the posts are similar. Another important thing is to maintain the alignment of the beams. Once the beams are in the proper position with a drill, a hole is made through them and the post. In this hole a stainless bolt is placed and tightened with a wrench for this purpose. At the other end of the transverse beams the same thing is repeated.

Adding other supports to the structure of the DIY swing

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This is the time to reuse the excess wood that we cut from the posts. Measure the width of the possible oscillation in addition to the center point of the transverse beams. For the oscillating supports to be centered, half the width of the oscillation must be measured from the center of the crosspieces. In each of these brands, pieces of six by six are placed. When everything is in place it is time to fix the pieces permanently. It is drilled through the crossbars and the supports of the structure of the swing. As we can see in the picture, the bolts, nuts and washers are fixed in the upper part. The same hole is drilled and other anchors are fixed to support the weight. Just with these anchors and the perforated bolts is where the chain will be connected for the oscillation of the furniture

Measurement and cuts of the wood for the swing seat

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A seat with curved shape is one of the most comfortable variants that can be used. The curved part is previously marked on the wood. You have to make sure that the pieces have an exact match. During the assembly, the lower part must be joined to the back. Join each side so they stay aligned with each other. For each support, screws must be used to ensure the correct stability. Just in the arms once mounted the bolts will be placed that will maintain the weight of the entire seat. Use a sander to give a nice finish to the edges of the wood. Each of the screws used during assembly must be stainless to ensure durability. In this process each hole must maintain a correct alignment with the other in the parts the seat.

swings assembled furniture systems

Assembly of the seat with the wood trimmings. Hold the two-by-four supports and screw the lower slats to the supports and to the sides. As mentioned, they must be cut in a curve for greater comfort. Then the back slats are placed. The largest of them in the upper part of the backrest.

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In the final phase of the assembly fixed the sides to the back of the furniture. Then the armrests on the rails. Later determine where the chain should be placed for weight and oscillation in these swing models. In the selected areas the holes will be made with the help of the drill for the anchor bolts. Another larger hole will be made in the armrest to pass the chain. Once the chain is installed, the swing will be ready to work and delight us.

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Once finished our project is the beginning of a long process of care and maintenance of the swings. The wooden designs, despite their beauty, require special attention. Paint, varnishes and other products are a good start to protect our furniture from the effect of moisture or fungi.

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The water and the humidity conditions of the gardens are ideal for the furniture to be attacked by insects and fungi. So it should be avoided that this constantly wet as it will end up rotting. Especially during the fall will be the period in which we must pay more attention to this detail.

Treatments and care of wooden swings

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To select products that help us combat external agents that may affect the swings, a series of considerations must be taken into account. The first one is that it must be able to be applied on any type of wood.

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Its effectiveness should cover both fungi and insects without causing environmental damage. Another important aspect is that later allow the application of varnishes or any type of painting. Neither should it imply an affectation for the properties of the wood or maintain odors. Similarly select a product that maintains the effect for a long period of time in the wood.

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In this way we can enjoy our swing for a longer period of time. Afternoons in the garden we guarantee that they will not be the same if you decide on one of these beautiful proposals. In addition to absolute relaxation for children will be very fun.

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