Incredible technology applied to luxury boats

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The essence in Kormaran technology is the transformation in any situation. In it comfort is combined at a high level. At the same time as the elegance and power necessary for marine sports.

Technology is the key word in the design of the Kormaran

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The technology in the Kormaran represents a very special improvement that goes beyond driving or navigating. The options to adapt to the needs of its owner is the best of its qualities. This is an innovation that is quite a revolution. The Kormaran can change the distance between cases quickly.

Technology for incredible luxury solutions

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In addition to the height of the central cabin where passengers would be. In this way the functionality is allowed to be greater. Which also translates into better maneuverability. Traditional boats can not change their characteristics, which puts them far ahead. Even if he is in motion he is capable of doing it. its design It resembles other variations such as catamarans.

The Kormaran is a dynamic model in its configuration

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Taking the best from these is its stability, as well as the agility of the monohulls. In an agile way this technology allows us to transform it into a kind of island. Which would be very convenient if we decide to sunbathe. What is surprising in this case is that storage spaces are not altered.

The deck provides excellent options for relaxing outdoors

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According to its designers, the general intention was to mix the sensation of driving a convertible and flying a private jet. This undoubtedly can be seen in all the lines of the Kormaran design. According to Oliver Kormann, designer and owner, design is driven by functions and emotion. Obviously, in terms of technology, it is a challenge.

Detail view of the finishes in different areas of the structure of the Kormaran

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A boat so unique in engineering will always be. Perhaps this is the only watercraft that includes technology from such diverse sectors. We could cite Formula 1, aeronautical technology, Le Mans and others. All with productions of sports cars with high quality standards. In order for these standards to be met in the Kormaran there is the option to completely customize it and bring it closer to our taste in particular.

Hydrofoils guarantee excellent stability

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It is marketed in a wide variety of colors for the outside. In the case of the interior there are more than six hundred skin colors. Which in the same way gives a luxury detail to this boat. If it is not enough we can ask for patterns of embroidery or printing to our liking. The truth is that the possibilities are endless. The carbon fiber in the structure can be ordered finer and even with gold veneers.

Top view of the design that shows us the different structures

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The other details of the wooden deck can also be changed. Instead of the teak you can use a different wood and in a different tone. This makes each Kormaran different and unique. Enjoy the images and details of its design and the structure of this marvel. A beautiful sample of technology and luxury applied to the comfort of the boats. Undoubtedly a leap in innovation and style creating a different image.

Another possible configuration variant

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Undoubtedly the design brings an aggressive and modern image

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Kormaran, structures under the surface of the water

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Variant with completely folded base

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