Indirect lighting led living room and living rooms

led lights salon industrial style

We present our collection of ideas to place at home a indirect lighting led salon . What is clear is that these types of lights are all advantages. Its acronyms come from "Light emitting diode" which in Spanish means "diode that emits light" or emitting semiconductor diode that is crossed by an electric current.

Indirect lighting led living room in walls

led lights modern living room

First of all it is worth mentioning that it is a less polluting light than others because it does not have tungsten or mercury. In addition, its durability is much higher, we can light them eight hours a day for fifteen years. Another advantage offered by these lights is that they do not generate heat, unlike incandescent bulbs which give off a high percentage of their energy in the form of heat.

Indirect led lighting for ceilings

indirect lighting led ceiling room

It is also true that LED lamps can resist temperatures and extreme humidity without damaging them, so they are very suitable for garden lighting and outdoors. A large number of on and off cycles does not reduce their lifespan as with ordinary lights, and they offer a wide range of colors that suit every type of environment.

LED lights for living room furniture

indirect lighting led living room modern fireplace

Below, we will list some simple steps to follow for the correct placement of lamps of led light in the interior spaces of the home. If you want to replace the old bulbs with LEDs, no action is necessary except to check that the voltage of both bulbs is the same.

LED colored lights for interior

indirect lighting led wall pink salon

Another detail of great importance is the choice of the most suitable lamp for each place, this means that there are variants of LED lamps that differ in terms of Kelvin degrees; that is, those that have a higher degree are called "cold targets" and are ideal for garages and very poorly lit places that need more light intensity.

LED lights on steps of stairs

lights colors led stairs floor

In contrast, warm white light is more suitable for areas of greater daily use such as bedrooms, living rooms and living rooms. Finally, for workplaces and bathrooms, many choose the medium intensity led light called pure white. To conclude we will also mention the importance of the opening angle of the light of the bulb.

Rectangular led lamps for interiors

modern led wall led lights

If we make an analysis in figures, the potential of LED lights may be more clear. Based on its high efficiency in terms of lighting performance, energy consumption is eighty percent. This compared to traditional bulbs. According to light flow they have the advantage for indirect led lighting that can be directed towards a specific area.

Living room ceiling with integrated lights

LED lights ceiling edges

The best of all is that energy is not lost by beams of light that are directed to other directions. This does happen with ordinary light bulbs. In practice, the lighting is much more uniform. For what can be seen as a revolutionary change in terms of light efficiency. There are some figures that illustrate it better.

Inlays of led lights for living room

led lights modern living room design

For example they get up to one hundred and fifty lumens per watt in the high efficiency ones. In contrast, in currents this figure reaches 80 lumens per watt. Clearly we can see how all the light that is emitted is optimized according to these characteristics. That in the same way is what leads to a reduction in energy consumption.

Living room furniture with integrated lighting

led lights indirect lighting furniture

All the performance in terms of light is superior. Many lamps of this type for indirect lighting led salon can be used for much longer. It is nothing more and nothing less than up to fifty thousand hours of useful life. In the technical part LED lights, unlike others, do not integrate filaments or other components.

Indirect led lights for living rooms

led lights hints living room

This means that with the passage of time its intensity decreases in terms of lighting. However they keep running without problems. At this point close to fifty thousand hours of useful life we ​​will simply have to replace them with new ones. The high quality in terms of the light that is emitted is another of its positive points.

Colored lights led

led lights hints salon colors

Technically the chromatic performance is much higher reaching ninety. This is a much higher index compared to forty-four in the lamps commonly used. In practice this determines that we can enjoy better colors, greater clarity and quality in lighting. Its versatility in terms of colors is also superior.

Led lights integrated into the ceiling

integrated led lights ceiling room

What allows a much more creative and effective use in decoration. Options such as maintenance and some cost for this reason are practically nil. According to the fifty thousand hours of useful life, we will not go through moments of power outages due to any technical damage. So those constant changes of light bulbs will be a thing of the past.

Embed led lights in living room furniture

led lights integrated living room furniture

In the long run this evidently supposes a great saving for maintenance issues that we will not have to face. As we have mentioned before, your energy consumption is low. Positive for our pocket and in the same way for the environment. No bills with astronomical figures for concept especially because of lighting.

LED lights integrated into the living room wall

led lights integrated wall frames

Low consumption, durability and every aspect that we have mentioned are the ones that have that great impact in our home and in ecological matters. With bulbs that have a shorter life span, a greater amount of waste would be generated. If you analyze in details there are aspects such as security that are equally advantageous.

Vertical garden lit with Led lamps

led lights vertical garden living room

The reason is that frequently with ordinary bulbs there are possibilities of injuries or burns when replacing them. All this is avoided in the cases of indirect led room lighting and its use in homes. So in essence its impact goes from the economic to the factor of security in our home.

Integrated lights on the living room ceiling

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Technically, it is also known that LED lamps offer a reduced light aperture angle, although this has now changed. We can find light bulbs with 120 degrees opening. These will be perfect to illuminate a room, however, those lights that have a smaller opening can only illuminate a particular detail such as a piece of furniture or a picture of the wall.

Indirect lighting led living room and natural colors

led lights ceiling frame room

led lights furniture floor

led lights vertical living room furniture

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orange led salon lights

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Indirect lighting led modern living room indirect lights led

Indirect lighting led living room modern led ceiling lights

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