Indoor and outdoor stairs with LED lighting

indoor stairs lighting LED railing glass ideas

In our article today we have prepared for you some ideas of indoor or outdoor stairs illuminated with LED lighting. It is essential to illuminate the stairs of the home both for decoration and safety. Ladder lighting is a method of decorative lighting that is increasingly widespread. The stairs are one of the most delicate places when it comes to adding lighting.

Indoor stairs with blue LED lighting

Indoor stairs lighting LED blue ideas

There are several factors that we must take into account What model of ladder do you have? linear or single-step staircases, "U" shaped stairs, "L" shaped stairs or oblique and circular staircases. What coating and structure is used for its preparation? And finally if it is a commercial or residential environment. Thus, taking into account all these factors, you can get to work, since each situation has different solutions.

Interior stairs with LED lighting under the steps

indoor stairs white LED lighting pretty ideas

It is worth reading a couple of tips and pay attention, since the function of stair lighting is to guide the way, not obscure the path of the user. The lighting / signaling of stairs should illuminate and highlight the steps sufficiently avoiding glare, as this could cause the opposite effect to the desired one.

Stairs with glass handrails and LED lighting

indoor stairs white LED lighting ideas

LED technology has greatly facilitated the installation of lighting anywhere in the interior of the house, improving its aesthetics. The idea of ​​using LED is not the only way to decorate stairs with light but are one of the best as you will see in our images. Luminaires embedded in the surface of the floor or the wall, indirect or manual are different options used both in interior projects and in exterior projects, in commercials or residences.

Lighting sources along the wall to illuminate the stairs

indoor stairs lighting pure white LED ideas

Reviewing these images you will see some examples in which you can appreciate the different techniques of integration of electrical systems, as well as the different types of colors and color temperatures that you can choose to inspire you. We let you get inspired by our interior and exterior stair lighting ideas.

Spiral stairs with LED lighting

indoor stairs LED lighting snail ideas

In practice, every use we make of LED lamps in our decoration is all advantages. These are lamps with lower consumption. It is nothing more and nothing less than 80 percent less energy compared to traditional. To direct the light bulb to an area of ​​interest and best of all is that energy is not lost in beams of light. What happens with other types of lamps.

Wooden stairs with LED lighting

indoor stairs LED lighting contemporary ideas

All the above indicates that the environments achieve a greater uniformity in terms of lighting. Avoiding common lighting losses between different light sources. The luminous efficiency in practice is much higher. Many times reaching 150 lumens per watt. This data for high efficiency lamps. Being the common in the eighty lumens per watt.

White steps with LED lighting

indoor stairs lighting LED crystal ideas

All this allows a greater advantage to be taken of all the light that is emitted. Hence, the energy consumption is lower. This directly affects any contamination damage. All this efficiency translates into savings of up to ninety percent compared to incandescents. So we will not have to wait long to receive a return on what we have invested.

Luminaires on the steps that project light upwards

indoor stairs LED lighting curved ideas

Any project such as the lighting of the stairs will be in addition to economic beauty. The useful life extends to 50,000 hours. This is especially so that there is no presence of filaments. In practice, these lamps do not cease to function, what happens is that their luminous capacity is reduced. So we must replace say 30,000 hours, according to the use to which they are subject.

Warm white color illuminating the stairs

Indoor stairs LED lighting precious detail ideas

The performance in terms of color is another very special aspect of LED lights. Known as chromatic performance rises up to ninety. What is obviously a big difference if you take into account the one of the common bulbs in forty four. All this translates into colors of greater purity and that look more alive in the spaces.

Harmonious luminous flow for your stairs

interior stairs LED lighting elegant ideas

Currently for stairs or any other space of houses there are many color options. The best thing is that filters are not necessary so that these colors can be appreciated. It is precisely the detail of color that determines that we give an application as practical as possible. Each site and need has a tonality that is recommended for different activities.

stairs interior lighting LED floating stairs crystal ideas

Starting with cold white in places where a more powerful light is needed. It may be the case of warehouses or garages in which a very functional lighting is necessary. Unlike the living room and other rooms where a warm white is recommended rather. It is the best way to create a pleasant and fresh space.

stairs interior lighting LED image close ideas

Work activities require more intense lighting in practice. Think of areas such as the kitchen, work space or the bathroom itself. There a pure white will be perfect for cooking or any other activity that requires good lighting. Beyond the stairs, if we need LEDs for other spaces, we must assess the opening angle of the light.

stairs interior lighting LED side wall ideas

It is only the angle that will be able to illuminate the bulb. Unlike in the past, this has changed significantly and there are many with a very wide angle. Many will be able to illuminate it completely according to the dimensions of the space. For example, with about forty degrees, a more focused light is achieved. In a room, for example, it would be about one hundred and twenty. Everything will depend on our needs and the intension of the decoration of the environment.

Subtle lighting of Super Modular

stairs interior lighting LED natural wood ideas

stairs interior lighting LED blue steps ideas

stairs interior lighting LED wood precious ideas

stairs interior lighting LED half stair ideas

stairs interior lighting LED wall ideas

stairs interior lighting LED wall glass ideas

stairs interior lighting LED few ideas

interior stairs LED lighting separating steps ideas

stairs interior lighting LED subtle ideas

stairs interior lighting LED green ideas

exterior stairs LED lighting wood white brown ideas

outdoor stairs LED lighting precious ideas

modern special gray finishes

beautiful staircase lights base

complete illuminated base steps

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