Interior decoration and color - blue in dining rooms.

Interior decoration and color pictures curtains lamp

I do not think it's something repetitive if I said that color is life itself. A whole universe that surrounds us and that influences us with or without his permission. It can be difficult to imagine a new one but it is intensely rewarding to mix and experiment with the acquaintances. On one of my favorites we will be talking a little bit today: the blue one. We will return once again from its different tones the design from a very special space, the dining rooms.

Interior decoration and color, highlighting decoration

Interior decoration and blue color dining table

Interior decoration and color, are the concepts of today. Blue is the ideal color for reception areas. It is formal, conservative and very balanced. Like all colors it influences the mood. It usually symbolizes perseverance and seriousness. It has a calming effect depending many times on the space and the colors that accompany it. The interior decoration and color inspired by nature is an ideal choice for dining rooms.

Interior decoration and color, contrast wood and blue

Interior decoration and dark blue furniture

Blue offers a great variety of shades and nuances. An elegant blue that captures the beauty of the sky could be one of the variants. They are clear tones that can be mixed with darker tones. This last case is suitable to create a sophisticated context for a more formal dining room. It is a dark background that makes it possible to decorate walls and highlight them visually. With this decoration of interiors and color the architectural characteristics are also underlined.

Interior decoration and color, balance with white

interior decoration and natural white sky color

In the dining room we can also combine it with white. The ideal is to place the blue in an intense tone on a background wall. A greater use of white in this case breaks with the visual monotony. This blue background wall will highlight the dining room and all its furniture if it is in an open living area. We have several samples in the gallery today as ideas that we can also apply. Let's take a look!

Blue in natural tone, Gacek Design Group

Interior decoration and color natural sky chairs

Architecture highlight

Interior decoration and color tables furniture sphere

Lighting with light tones

interior decoration and color blue tone classic lighting

Combined with golds

Interior decoration and light tone color golden picture

Inclusion of blue in furniture

Interior decoration and color plants furniture decoration

Curtains and furniture in blue

golden blue design dining room warm curtains

Neutral dining room

blue neutral white space lamparas muebles

Variant with blue accessories

bright blue picture decoration lamp accessories

clear tone lamp diy wood curtains

pendant lamp golden picture white box

lamp table table center white furniture

wood warm blue picture mirror furniture

round table wood floor white

furniture blue chairs plants picture plants

furniture decoration pendant lamp dark shades

wall blue chairs shelf rustic bench

small blue furniture dining accessories

ceiling blue gray design center silver accessories

tropical style ceiling decoration lamp furniture

dining room zen warm relaxing blue box texture

golden tree malva design christmas decoration

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