Interior decoration for small spaces

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If you are thinking of making a change at home and do not know where to start do not miss today's post as it is dedicated to interior decoration for small spaces or loft apartments. There is a perfect design for each space so we will propose fantastic ideas that will inspire you.

Bohemian style interior decoration

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In the photograph we are shown a room that is integrated into the kitchen. For the design the white color is highlighted, in this way a feeling of greater amplitude in the environment is provoked which favors the places of smaller volume. Many structures of the house are the original ones, like the wooden beams of the ceiling or the wonderful fireplace, which have been restored with a coat of paint.

Design of living rooms and living rooms

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If we continue within this Bohemian style and something romantic, we will see that certain characteristics are repeated in several examples. Among them stands out the combination of colors along with white, prints with different motifs and finally, the most personal objects and decorative accessories that will mark the character of the place.

Interior decoration for lofts

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On the other hand, if you prefer a more contemporary and futuristic style, the idea is to choose furniture and accessories from angles and straight lines. The surfaces of the pieces should also be smooth with few adornments, and each detail will fulfill a specific function in the most effective and efficient way possible, this is the basis of minimalism.

Living room and bedroom

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Many prestigious designers opt for intelligent furniture for interior decoration. They usually choose for their designs those pieces that allow to be moved with ease, or compact furniture that gives the possibility of being extended or retracted to be saved according to the occasion. Again, it is worth mentioning the importance of adequate lighting and colors that do not diminish the amplitude of the place.

Decoration of small spaces

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In interior decoration when it comes to small spaces, the combination of colors is fundamental. Especially it is common that white is used to give life and brightness to these spaces. As we know, the color white visually improves the whole amplitude effect in the spaces. For the interior decoration in small spaces to be effective we will combine it with other tonalities.

Living room with modern furniture

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As a result we will have a cozy and full of beauty. A more traditional cut design can dedicate the white to the walls. Thus all natural lighting will be used in a better way. In the same way, artificial light will complete the effect of the environment. If we take as an example a bedroom or living room the result will be a greater sense of spaciousness. However, it is necessary to take into account the variety of white tones that exist.

Living room decoration with wall hanging

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Not all can be in line with the results we are looking for because each space has different needs. The white color can always be associated with the cleanliness and brightness of the rooms. As a variant to white in interior decoration, so-called cold colors are very useful. In small places they are a true solution.

Decoration of loft with kitchen

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Perhaps the most popular and used is blue in a great diversity and styles. Other variants that are often combined are green tones. Depending on the type of room you can even experiment with violet varieties. These are variants that make any design something attractive.

Modern style loft apartment

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If they are compared with warm tones the effect is completely different. For lovers of cold colors in decoration it is a good idea to combine them with white. There are areas like windows that are perfect for these combinations and add small color accents. If you have to look for other options in interior decoration for small environments, the neutrals are excellent.

Apartment interior design

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The lighting in these cases is accentuated with great effectiveness. Whether natural or artificial, there will be no problem in showing a perfect luminous environment. The solutions that use brown in its different variants or the case of gray are well known. According to our taste can be included in walls and ceilings in the necessary tonalities. The furniture can not be overlooked either.

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It will be better if the furniture is kept in the same neutral tone. An upholstery in these shades will always help to improve the effect of lighting. If we place a point of interest in the room, the whole aspect of interior decoration will be completely changed. A detail that is not always taken into account is the style and the way of locating the lamps in these conditions.

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When there are not many square meters to choose from, it is best to stay at a higher height. If they are too low they will have a vertical effect that will make the small space shine. In practice, the first point that must be evaluated is the use of light colors. Nor should we forget the effect that mirrors of different dimensions have.

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Almost in any area of ​​the house. The styles and framed forms are ideal to accentuate the style of our decoration. Many spaces have cases of shelves embedded in different areas. It is always necessary to illuminate these areas with an adequate light atonality.

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All the visual impact that you want in a small space will also depend on this detail. There are warm tones as the case of yellow are those that highlight the cozy part of the spaces. Unlike the cool tones that make rooms and bedrooms look fresher and wider.

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